This is a straightforward guide and walk-via for the Dragon Soul rassist. It"s intended for players with equipment levels high sufficient to "burn "em down" while ignoring adds and a lot of encounter mechanics. If you have actually troubles killing the boss conveniently or you take most damage you deserve to still use this guide as a straightforward outline for the raid but you have to review about the mechanics of each encounter to aid you gain via the fight. This guide can be provided for solo runs or team runs, it provides a finish run-through that you can construct on to attain your objectives. You"ll have to differ your tactics if you are trying to complete particular achievements or other objectives. While this guide was created through the solo player in mind it can also be used group runs.


General Info     Why Run Dragon Soul     How Long Will It Take?     Rhelp Entrance     DifficultyWalk-Through     Morchok     Warlord Zon"ozz     Yor"sahj the Unsleeping     Hagara the Stormbinder     Ultraxion     Warunderstand Blackhorn     Spine of Deathwing     Madness of Deathwing

General Information

Why Run Dragon Soul?

Mounts:   Experiment 12-B   Life-Binder"s Handmaiden (Heroic only)   Reins of the Blazing Drake (Heroic and also Normal) &   Reins of the Twilight Harbinger (Achievement)Legendary Weapons - Fangs of the Father (Rogues Only)Cool transmog sets and items choose , Ti"tahk, the Steps of Time, Spine of the Thousand also Cuts, Imperfect Specimens 27 and also 28 & Underdweller"s SpauldersAchievements - There are 21 achievements that have the right to be earned in Dragon Soul including a meta-success that awards a mountGold - If you loot and also seller every little thing, a complete run of Dragon Soul offers substantial rewards:   25H >    10H and 25N about    10N around

How long will it take?

A Dragon Soul veteran have the right to complete a run in about one hour. Someone that has actually never before been to The Dragon Soul prior to have to offer themselves at leastern 2 hrs for a full run.

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Raid Entrance

Caverns of TimeWhile the Dragon Soul rassist starts at Wyrmremainder Temple in Northrend, the entrance to the raid is in the Caverns of Time, method dvery own in Tanaris, Kalimdor. The simplest means to gain there is to port to a convenient city in Kalimdor and take a trip route down to Gadgetzan in Tanaris. From Gadgetzan fly over to the Caverns of Time. A much faster course is obtainable if you caused the portal to Uldum from your funding city throughout Wrath or while leveling. Take that portal and from Uldum it is a brief flight to the Caverns of Time. There are two portals which will certainly take you directly to the Caverns. One is easily accessible to all players and also is discovered upstairs in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran. The various other is only for characters who are Revered with the Keepers of Time. Revered characters have the right to talk to Zephyr in the World"s End Tavern in Shattrath City and also she will port them directly to the Cavern. However you get there, fly dvery own into the Caverns and also discover the entrance to Dragon Soul on the north side of the Caverns. You can additionally identify the entrance by the burning trees flanking the area. Tbelow are 3 circumstances portals in this area, use the middle one for Dragon Soul.


The Dragon Soul has 10- and also 25-player alternatives with LFR, Regular and also Heroic-mode difficulties. Common and heroic difficulties can be accessed as usual via your character frame. For LFR challenge you have to sheight with Auridormi, an NPC right exterior the entrance to Dragon Soul.


You will port in on the Path of the Titans, a busted up road near a variety of friendly NPCs. You will certainly see Wyrmremainder Temple to the North. Travel towards the Temple until you obtain to...


Many players will not must clear any trash in this area prior to fighting Morchok. But the fight is a small less complicated if you kill the 3 mobs (2 Earthen Destroyers and also 1 Old Water Lord) just south of Morchok. Burn dvery own Morchok and continue on to the Temple.Once inside the Temple you need to take notification of the vendors, they have the right to come in handy if you must empty your bags or repair your gear (Thanks Spine!). You must additionally notice two dragons. These dragons will certainly fly you to the 2nd and 3rd bosses. It does not issue in which order you carry out the following two bosses, yet I like to execute Zon"ozz initially, so click Valeera, the dragon through the green aura roughly her feet, and she will fly you down to...

Warlord Zon"ozz

Killing the tentacles prior to beginning the fight through Zon"ozz will certainly prevent them from keeping you in combat after you have actually downed Zon"ozz. Burn down Zon"ozz. Take the portal earlier to the holy place.Take the various other dragon, Eiendormi to...

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Yor"sahj the Unsleeping

First kill the Globules and also then burn Yor"sahj dvery own.Take the portal earlier to the TempleA third dragon will certainly have spawned, Nethestrasz. At this suggest she will be the just one via an aura about her feet. Take Nethestrasz as much as Wyrmremainder Summit. Thrall and his buddies are standing approximately talking. While they are talking notice the portal to Wyrmrest Base, check out the flying ship, admire the check out... you"ll have actually time. Eventually Kalecgos will certainly summon a second portal. Take that portal to the Eye of Eternity where you will enrespond to...

Hagara the Stormbinder

To begin the enrespond to click on the Orb in the middle of the Platform. A few waves of trash will generate, clear them out and Hagara will certainly spawn. The fight will not begin till you strike her. You will certainly want to kill her conveniently prior to she starts the 4 minute long Frost phase. If despite your ideal efforts she manages to start the Frost phase, just run around and also avoid damage till the phase ends. Finish burning her dvery own.Take the portal ago to the Summit.Back at the summit talk to Kalecgos and also let him recognize of your success. A ritual starts. Thrall says a couple of things and then invites you to talk to him as soon as you are all set. Talk to Thrall and also the routine continues. Eventually Twilight Assaulters show up and also spray the summit through purple fire. You have to kill them. In basic you need to usage some type of ranged spell to kill them or pull them to the ground. Once the Twilight Assualters are dead Deathwing will certainly appear and also then leave. Finally Ultraxion will certainly fly in.


Ultraxion is a full out DPS race and also a fun fight to solo. Just stand in front of him and also burn him dvery own prior to he casts Hour of Twilight. If he casts it you will die. You should recognize that Ultraxion is hovering in the air beside the Temple, so abilities that put you behind the boss, like Shadowaction, will certainly pull you off the edge and you will certainly fall to your death.Once Ultraxion is dead, you acquire a fun reduced scene and then a flying ship, the Skyfire, docks in front of you. Board the Skyfire and tell Sky Captain Swayze that you are ready. Once you get airborne you"ll must talk to him aget to begin the enrespond to through...

Wargrasp Blackhorn

This is a two-phase fight. In the initially phase you should kill six Twilight Assault Drakes while protecting the ship from damages. If you do not defend the ship it will be destroyed and also the encounter will certainly end. You must execute two things to defend the ship:Stand also in the Twilight Onslaught - Periodically Goriona will cast Twilight Onslaught on the ship, you need to stand in the ground result to soak up the damageKill the Twilight Sappers - The Sappers are dropped onto the ship. They need to be killed before they reach the cabin and damage the ship. They will stealth as soon as they land also but are still targetable. A macro works well here:/cleartarget/tar Twilight Sapper/cast Once you have actually killed 6 Twilight Assault Drakes Phase Two starts. Wargrasp Blackhorn will certainly drop to the deck. Burn him down till Goriona lands on the deck. Kill her, then end up off the Warunderstand.When you are ready for the next enrespond to, talk to Sky Captain Swayze again.

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Spine of Deathwing

Spine of Deathwing is more facility than the other encounters in Dragon Soul. My strategy is listed below. Tbelow are other means to complete this fight, but this is what works for me.The goal of Spine of Deathwing is to loosen three scales on Deathwing"s back so he will certainly stop flying and also land also, making it possible to kill him in the next enrespond to. You loosen his scales by making Hideous Amalgamations explode on his earlier.

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