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minecraft realms commands
minecraft realms commands

Realms are a way of hosting a server in Minecraft using a subscription method. Realms allow players to be able to create and manage their very own private server. Players also gain the ability to manage the server while playing the game. These are best used when you want a private server where all your friends can play together.

However, to properly manage a realm, players need to use different kinds of commands. These are basically a string of texts that are activated once typed in chat. Each command has a different use.

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Most Useful Realms Commands in Minecraft

There are a lot of commands used for managing a server in Minecraft. It can be hard to learn all of them at once. The problem is that you won’t even be using most of them. They are very rarely used, which is why it’s just not worth memorizing all of the commands table chart.

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most useful commands that you can use to manage realms in Minecraft. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

  1. /fill

This command is used to fill a gap or hole in a structure with a specified block. It is especially useful when you want to put plenty of blocks in a structure, without wanting to do it manually.

  1. /replaceitem

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/replaceitem is a pretty useful command that is used to replace an item, regardless of where it is stored. Simply put, this command allows you to replace any item at all, whether it is in a chest, or inside your inventory.

  1. /clone

This is another useful command that can be used to clone any selected thing into your own realm. This allows you to copy anything that you would want to have in your own server.

  1. /difficulty

Minecraft does not allow players to change the difficulty in-game. This command is pretty handy if you find yourself wanting to change the difficulty in a quick manner.

  1. /msg, /w, /tell

This command is particularly helpful when you want to send a private message to a specific friend, or friends. This lets you send them messages with complete privacy. The players not mentioned in the command won’t even know about it.

  1. /team

This command lets you assemble a team in your Minecraft realm. Players that are part of your team won’t take damage from you or other players of the team. You can also set the team name, and color according to your liking.

  1. /gamerule

/gamerule is a great command that is mainly used to disable or enable any rule in Minecraft. Using this command, you can also keep all of your items even after you die, by simply typing:

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/gamerule KeepInventory true

  1. /seed

This is possibly one of the most useful commands in Minecraft. Typing in /seed will give you the seed of your world. A seed tells you where you are spawned in Minecraft.

  1. /teleport or /tp

These two commands allow you to instantly teleport to a place of your liking. In a matter of seconds, you can go anywhere in the world of Minecraft using this command.

  1. /scoreboard

This command allows you to keep track of the current player scoreboard in your Minecraft realm. You are also able to modify the scoreboard using this command.


Although these aren’t all the commands that you can use in the Minecraft realms. But these are the 10 most useful commands that you need to use in order to manage your Minecraft realm.

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