How To Clean A Glass Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean A Bong

If you love your pipe or bong (and honestly, who doesn’t love their smoking piece) then you want to keep it in as good of condition as possible like these ones below.

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But to keep them looking brand new, that means every once and awhile, you need to take a break from your all the bowls you're hitting and give the thing a good cleaning and rub down.

It’s pretty simple: when you smoke the flower the leafy greenness of it all burns away, it tends to leave behind this black, tacky tar-like substance that can be hard to remove.

Besides it looking gnarly and disgusting, resin clog up your pipes making them effectively useless. The last thing you want is to pack a nice bowl, only to have it fizzle out because you’ve been sloppy with your housekeeping.

There is a glorious amount of diversity in the world of glassware from bongs and bubblers to pipes and chillums.

Each piece suffers the same problem (build up from your gross tar and resin) but most importantly, they all can be kept in premium condition through the same solution: basic upkeep.

Though all pipes have their similarities, they have all are effectively used in a different way and have different points of vulnerability. This means that some of them might require a little bit more TLC than others when it comes time for a cleaning.

Today we highlight how to clean up after yourself, and keep your pipe collection firing on all cylinders. That in mind, read on for a guide on how to clean your glassware.

Cleaning Solutions for Glass Bongs & Pipes

If you’re like most people, your bong has probably been through the wringer. It’s a fan favorite for good reason, but as a result, it accumulates lots and lots of gunk. Below we have some homemade remedies, as well as some more targeted ways that you can get your waterpipe looking good as new.

Cleaning Solutions Made at Home

If you have a home stocked with basic everyday essentials, you may already have the means to clean out your bong sitting within the cabinet beneath your sink. Here are a few common products that may (or may not) be great for cleaning out your water pipe.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Ah, hydrogen peroxide. Also known as bleach. A particularly potent chemical that is great for laundry, dishes, so on and so forth.

Can you clean a bong with hydrogen peroxide? Technically yes you can. It will effectively erode the build-up of harsh resin within the water pipe. The only problem is that unless you are extremely cautious, it can leave a pretty nasty after taste.

Considering the fact that most waterpipe people are looking for something that produces the best taste possible, this might be a no-no. Can you use bleach to clean bong? It might work in a jam, but consider it a back up plan.

Rubbing Alcohol


Don’t be pouring a bottle of jack down your bong. We mean cleaning alcohol. So, can you clean a glass bong with alcohol? Yep! In fact, this is one of the most popular means of doing so. Some people aren’t even sure you can clean a glass bong without alcohol. Typically, it’s done with a combination of salt and alcohol.

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Most do this by pouring the alcohol and salt into the pipe (and percolators if you’ve got them) then covering all the holes, and shaking the pipe violently. This probably isn’t something you will want to try immediately after having used your pipe.

The alcohol serves to loosen the resin while the salt effectively scratches it off the surface that it is stuck to. In fact, the salt can scratch so effectively that it will tarnish the surface of an acrylic bong if you aren’t careful.

Dish Soap


Credit: WikiHow

Can you clean a glass bong with dish soap? Yeah, kind of. Your standard degreaser that tidies up yesterday's macaroni and cheese isn’t terrible but it just doesn’t quite have what it takes to naturally remove resin.

Plus, it leaves a distinct soapy aftertaste that most people won’t be extremely keen on.

Nail Polish Remover or Acetone

Acetone (also known as nail polish remover) is a powerful cleaning agent. Something that is powerful enough to remove nail polish shouldn’t have any trouble working through some tar, right?

So, can you clean a glass bong with acetone? Yes! Acetone is a pretty effective means of removing nail polish. It does release a potent smell though, so be wary of that.

Baking Soda


Is it possible to clean glass bong with baking soda? You can actually. First, clean glass bong with boiling water, then, when some of the resin has been loosened, apply the baking soda.

After that, let it sit overnight. After a few hours, you shouldn’t have any problem removing the rest of the resin.

Store-bought Cleaning Solutions

If you’re finding that the home remedies don’t work, there are also some more industrialized options available. Products that are commercially marketed specifically with cleaning glassware in mind.

420 Solutions, Grunge Off, and Piece Water all make products that are deliberately designed to remove bong resin. Each works a little bit differently to ensure a clean pipe.

Piece Water


This isn’t actually a cleaning agent so much as it is a bong water alternative. Fill up your favorite pipe with Piece Water, and enjoy less resin than you are used to experiencing.

420 Solution

420 Solution is a bong and pipe fast acting cleaning agent and marketed as the first on the market. The manufacturer advertises that it starts working within one minute which is substantially faster than most home remedies. To use this product, pour it into the pipe and let it do its magic!

Grunge Off


Grunge off is another cleaner made to eliminate build-up from “tobacco and other herbal blends.” This is the solution you will want to use for the heavy use areas or pieces that have major resin build up.

Fill a plastic tub with Grunge off and let your pieces soak for a few hours. Rinse and repeat, but soon you'll find that this solution with get your pieces squeaky clean.

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How to Clean a Glass Bong Fast & Easy

Now that we’ve looked at the tools required for cleaning a bong, it’s time to get right down to the nitty-gritty details of what the process entails. However, you’re probably still wondering how to clean a glass bong properly. Understandable.

No one wants to be the goofy smoker that shatters their favorite pipe while clumsily trying to clean it. Read on to learn how to clean glass bong.

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