Cannot Load Efi/Drivers/Testsupport.Efi, Can&#39T Load Apple Hardware Test

I copied the DMG for the Macbook 5,1 Air to a USB stick and blessed with the label matching the name of the disk. It shows up under the option key, briefly displays some white on black text scrolling by too fast to read and then proceeds to boot OS and not the stick.

Đang xem: Cannot load efi/drivers/testsupport.efi

I was able to video the white on black text and see the error Cannot Load EFI/Drivers/TestSupport.efi twice at the beginning.



My imac”s model is 13,2 .Imac27inch 2012. and i got error cant load efi drive …. and cant inistall any macos.dmg from boot ,, and hardware test cant load too please check your file for this model is thinks is empty or corrupted please help me


* file corrupted on macos High Sierra… and nothing in folders (no files)


I just clicked on the appropriate link for my 2012 Mac Pro (MacBookPro9,2 Mac-6F01561E16C75D06). When the .dmg downloaded I clicked to open it but all that happened was Finder opened a window with a single “System” folder in it. Inside this there is another single folder called “Library”, and inside that there is another single folder called “Core Services”. Inside “Core Services” there is absolutely nothing.

I expected a new install of the AHT to begin, but instead nothing. Anyone know what is wrong with the links given in this solution?

I have a Macbook Pro A1387 (retina mid 2012) running latest OS Catalina 10.15.2 clean install.

I used this image: MacBookPro10,1 Mac-C3EC7CD22292981FWhich is the same as the one I got from the command in docs here.

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How can I access AHT?

I made the bootable USB, and I get a yellow icon with EFI-BOOT.Did not show up as AHT label.I ran it and it flashed briefly some errors I could not read before it booted to OS.

I”ve created bootable usb and tried to run it but 15 seconds after it asks for my password my mac starts normally.I tried to copy the .diagnostics however my mac still trying to start it over internet recovery, when it tries to download over internet an errors occures and says cannot load efi drivers test support.efi.My device info is MacBookAir5,2 – Mac-2E6FAB96566FE58C – Mid 2012 mba

I don’t know if this is an actual issue per se. I have an iMac 11,1 and the only AHT link you have is the third-party bundle hosted on

That one successfully boots up my iMac, but the version number is 3A178. MacTracker says the version should be 3A202. My applications DVD says the version should be 3A190.

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Does this matter? Do you know why there are version number discrepancies? Would you like to add the official AHT from the applications DVD to the repository here?

This particular MacMini 4,1 can boot with Opt-D from a AHT dowloaded via internet recovery, but after selecting the language it comes up with a panel that it is not possible to run the AHT on the machine.On this GitHub site there are two MacMini 4,1 images, the second one containing the entire AHT. I tried both. The simple one does not work, the MacMini says it is cannot boot from it. I tried creating a bootable USB with it, but failed. That is, the installer package (EFI) works fine, but the resulting USB disk is not bootable. I”d like to find out if there is some bless command I can do on the final volume to make it be recognized as a bootable disk. If I find out what the trouble is, the information could be added to the information.

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