Cheap Laptop To Play Wow – Best Laptops For World Of Warcraft

I'm sure you've read that virtually any laptop can “run” WoW.

That may be true if you want a low detail torture gaming experience but not if you want the best gaming experience with WoW: decent fps(~60FPS), the graphic settings you want and a high render distance.

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All of that it's possible with WoW even if you are on a budget but you are going to need to do a lil' research before wasting your on overpriced machines from sneaky goblin vendors.

The truth is…

Those “any laptop can run WoW” comments are not that innacurate: to have fun with the game or even to have all settings maxed out with +100FPS, you don't have to go for pricey 3000$ laptops or resort to desktops either.

By the way…

Aren't you tired of these guys with their “desktop or nothing” “PC master race” thing going around and not just in the game(see the screenshot) but also on forums, reddit, etc.

It's just old school though, laptops are INSANE these days especially with the release of Ryzen Processors and the 10th generation or RTX NVIDIA GPUs.


And they weren't too bad in the past.

I've used a laptop to play World of Warcraft from the glorious days of Vanilla (that's the oldest achievement you can get by the way /flex )

All the way to the current expansion Battle For Azeroth/Classic and plan to do so in Shadowlands too.

And to be honest…

I rarely had issues with lag/FPS when raiding, BGing or doing arena as I long as I tweaked my settings accordingly: low settings when raiding/PVPing, high render distance when trying to catch stealthy rogues in orgrimmar but not much I could do in Tarren Mill, Tol Barad or any other area with +40 players fighting at once though; no settings or rig will save you from that.


To have a sweet gaming experience, satisfy the minimum requirements I will show you in this post and you'll be okay.

Yeah yeah, I am aware there are people reading this stacking papers to the ceilings and don't mind paying for beast machine to play WoW at “beast settings”.

Don't worry I've got all of you…

In this post we'll go through every type of laptop from the most budget friendly to the uggliest beast and tell you what settings you can expect to play at (low, medium, high or ultra settings ) etc and what framerates you're going to get.

Recommended Specs for World Of Warcraft

Before that I'll briefly go over a few tips/facts you need to know about WoW's hardware usage and the specs you need for the game.

I've added more details at the end of the post if you're interested in the technical jargon or don't understand this summary.

CPUWOW is one of the most, if not the most , CPU bound games on the market.This means you should prioritize on CPU power.

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You need to get the highest clock frequency(measured in Hz) you can afford if you want to push framerates at high,ultra settings beyond 80FPS or if you just want to get high framerates at the highest settings.

Intel: Try to get an 9th or 10th generation CPU or an 8th generation if you are on a low budget. Core i5 and Core i7 for high and ultra settings. Core i3 for low-medium settings.

Ex: Core i7-10750H best for Ultra, Core i3-81300/1005G1for low.

AMD:Nothing less than a Ryzen processor. High to ultra: Ryzen 5 or 7 with an “H” letter. Ryzen 3.Ryzen 5 U for low to medium.

Ex:AMD Ryzen 5 3500U AMD Ryzen 3 3300U for medium to low.AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS/AMD Ryzen 5 4600H/AMD Ryzen 7 3750H for ultra/high.

GPUWoW is pretty CPU constrained no matter how much you spend on a GPU if you're CPU isn't good enough you're not going to get high framerates at high/ultra settings.

So if you want Azeroth to look pretty with high/ultra settings grab any non-blue GPU.The blue ones are for Medium Settings.The higher the settings, the more you're going to go higher in this ranking.

NVIDIA: MX150,MX250,1050,1050Ti,1650,1060,1660Ti,2060RTX.AMD:Radeon Pro RX 555X, RX540, RX550, RX 560X, RX 580, RX5550M

Going for high end GPUs(2070,2080,1080,1070..) will not impact your FPS much if you've already got a high end processor so limit yourself to 2060RTX & RX5550M.

*same color means they're equivalanet, no color no equivalents (RX540,RX550 are weaker than 1050GTX though).

RAMWindows 10 take 2GB. Wow Takes 2GB. Discord takes something…so 4GB is not enough.You need at least 8GB-16GB to provide headroom for other stuff.

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StorageWow takes ~100GB with Shadowlands. Win 10 takes 32GB. At least 256GB. Type doesn't matter. SSDs are prefered due reduce loading screens(this includes switching between Worlds or entering a raid/PvP instance).

DisplayIPS+FHD displays are almost universal on all laptops above 500$.Make sure you get at least 120Hz if you're getting anything equal or higher than a 1660Ti. Some sneaky manufacturers try to give you 60Hz with a powerful GPU. what's the point if you're not going to see those framerates through your display?

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