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Time to break out the Christmas crafts for kids! These ideas will keep you and your little ones in the holiday crafting mood for quite some time. Most of these are perfect for preschoolers and even the littlest of holiday crafters!

Christmas crafts for preschoolers are not too hard to find, however TRUE preschool crafts for Christmas ARE! These are crafts that 3 year olds can truly make on their own. They are meaningful to create – not just cute (though they are stinking cute as well!)

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Just before we get started, since you LOVE crafting with your little ones, please grab my FREE CRAFTS guide, full of the best 4 seasonal crafts you have ever seen, as my holiday gift to you and yours!

And since I know the holidays are a busy time of year, I won’t keep you with my joyful holiday banter. But only for today friends, tomorrow you shall hear pointless stories galore before I share with you my playful learning idea!

So enjoy these ideas Mamas, but come back tomorrow at your own discretion …

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

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Ornament Crafts

Salt dough Christmas ornaments with cloves! This is the best salt dough recipe!

Christmas Ornaments made with Salt Dough and Cloves – My kids ALL loved making these Christmas ornaments, and with a 10-year age gap between them, that isn’t always easy to accomplish!

Invitation to Create Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers – This isn’t a defined craft, per say, but an invitation to creative play that results in some uniquely beautiful ornaments. Older kids will enjoy this, too!

Christmas crafts for kids - washer snowman

Washer Snowman Craft for Kids – Grab some spare hardware to put together this snowman ornament. It’s one of the super easy Christmas crafts for kids that’s perfect for even the youngest of preschoolers.

Christmas crafts for kids - paper straw ornaments

Paper Straw Christmas Ornaments from Simple as That – What colorful trees, and I love how kids can practice sequencing with this activity. This Christmas craft for preschoolers is full of learning.

Christmas crafts for kids - pine cone reindeer

Pine Cone Reindeer from Fireflies and Mud Pies – Pick up some pine cones on a nature walk, then transform them into beautiful Christmas crafts for kids to hang on the tree.

Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Walnut Babies from Red Ted Art – Another adorable keepsake to treasure each year, how sweet are these walnut babies? You could make a whole family set to hang on your Christmas tree.

Christmas crafts for kids - washi tape Christmas Ornament

Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments from And Next Comes L – Let the kids use the tape they love to make Christmas decorations. This craft seems nice and easy, and it is, but it is also excellent for strengthening a pincer grip in preschoolers. Tearing tape is a great activity!

Christmas crafts for kids - gingerbread ornament

Gingerbread Man Ornament from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds – Kids love retelling the story of the gingerbread man, and I know they’ll love making their own version!

Christmas crafts for kids - CD snowman

CD Snowman Ornament from Happy Hooligans – These are some seriously cute snowmen! I think we all have old CDs laying around – this is a great opportunity to craft them to good use.

Christmas crafts for kids - bubble wrap tree

Easy Bubble Wrap Christmas Tree from LalyMom – Bubble wrap and markers! The kids will have such fun with this one! If only the bubble wrap lasts for this Christmas ornament!

Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas crafts for kids - name tree

Preschool Christmas Tree Name Puzzle – A fun and seasonal craft for helping kids learn their names! The glitter is the perfect added touch.

Christmas crafts for kids - paper plate Christmas tree

Paper Plate Laced Christmas Tree Craft from I Heart Crafty Things – Children lace up their trees with fun ribbon, then decorate to their hearts’ content.

Christmas crafts for kids - Shape tree craft

Paper Shape Christmas Tree from Buggy and Buddy – Preschoolers can use basic shapes as they assemble a Christmas tree. This is the perfect Christmas craft for 3 year olds.

Christmas crafts for kids - tree sewing

Fine Motor Christmas Tree Sewing Activity from Craftulate – Encourage early sewers to decorate their trees with string and such. How fabulously festive for practising fine motor skills.

Christmas crafts for kids - salt sculptures

Salt Sculpture Trees from LalyMom – What a cool combination of science and art! This craft is perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

Christmas crafts for kids - tin foil trees

Tin Foil Christmas Tree Sculptures from Reading Confetti – Kids love to scrunch up tin foil, so I’m sure these Christmas tree crafts will be a huge hit.

Christmas crafts for kids - ribbon tree

Ribbon Christmas Tree Craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning – This easy Christmas craft for kids could be done with all kinds of festive ribbons!

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Christmas crafts for kids - tree hats

Christmas Tree Hats from Kids Play Box – What a creative idea for Christmas hats – I bet the kids love decorating themselves like trees. And let’s be honest, preschoolers are ALL about the hats.

Christmas crafts for kids - tree art

Christmas Tree Craft from Meet the Dubiens [post no longer available] – An open-ended Christmas tree craft the kids can really delve into, creating just how they want to.

Christmas crafts for kids - hand print tree

Hand Print Christmas Tree from Fun Handprint Art – Turn a child’s hand print into a beautiful work of art for Christmas! This is the perfect keepsake Christmas project, or even a gift for Grandma!

Christmas Art Projects

I just love these creative Christmas cards. You can tell so much love and hard work went into them. Who wouldn’t love to receive one of these beautiful handmade Christmas cards from kids?

Christmas crafts for kids - Nativity sun catcher

Nativity Craft for Kids from No Time for Flash Cards – Using simple shapes and glitter, kids can create a Nativity scene for the window.

Christmas crafts for kids - winter wonderland painting

Winter Wonderland Tape Resist Painting from Meri Cherry – Explore resist painting while creating a beautiful winter scene for the holidays.

Christmas crafts for kids - lights chalk art

Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Art from Buggy and Buddy – Explore negative space while making a beautiful string of lights.

Christmas crafts for kids - reindeer hand print frame

Reindeer Craft Frame from The Educators’ Spin On It – What an amazing keepsake for the family, especially once you add a child’s photo! This reindeer Christmas craft for preschoolers might just be my favourite.

Christmas crafts for kids - stacking reindeer

Stacking Shapes Reindeer Craft from Housing a Forest – How can you look at these shape reindeer and not smile? This art project is another one that is full of learning.

Christmas crafts for kids - gingerbread house cards

Gingerbread House Cards from Hands-On: As We Grow – Let the kids create their own gingerbread houses out of paper!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas crafts for kids - pipe cleaner garland

Pipe Cleaner Garlands from Powerful Mothering – A simple and sparkly idea for the kids using fun pipe cleaners! This one will make a fabulous Quiet Time bin.

Christmas crafts for kids - paper plate wreath

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath from Crafts on Sea – Use construction paper to recreate holly and berries for a door decoration.

Christmas crafts for kids - string ornaments

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments for the Window from Hands-On: As We Grow – Just two materials are needed to make these window ornaments.

Christmas crafts for kids - scented wreath

Scented Wreath Craft for Kids from My Nearest and Dearest [post no longer available] – Beautifully scented spices are combined when making a mini wreath for Christmas.

Christmas crafts for kids - stringing pompoms

Stringing Pompoms from 3 Dinosaurs – Teach children how to string pompoms together to make a garland! It sounds tricky, but it is not so. And it is great for strengthening fine motor skills too.

Christmas crafts for kids - stained glass window ornaments

Stained Glass Window Ornaments from ABC Creative Learning – Add some color to the windows with these “ornaments.”

Christmas crafts for kids - fusible bead ornament

Fusible Bead Christmas Decorations from Picklebums – Just one “ingredient” for these decorations, but they turn out a little differently each time.

Christmas crafts for kids - tree sun catcher

Christmas Tree Sun Catchers from Where Imagination Grows – Love the technique used to make these sun catchers! A great way to brighter a window that is otherwise white, white, white with snow!

Christmas crafts for kids - stocking craft

Kids Stocking Craft from In the Playroom – I love how this kids’ Christmas craft is inspired by a children’s book!

Christmas crafts for kids - nature wreath

Christmas Nature Wreath from wtbblue.coma – What a beautiful way to decorate for the holidays! I absolutely love when art that is meaningful for preschoolers to make turns out so beautiful.

Christmas crafts for kids - snow globe snowman

Snowglobe Snowman Craft from No Time for Flash Cards – What a great idea to include a snow globe as part of the snowman!

Candy Cane Crafts

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putting playdough stripes on candy canes!

Christmas-y Playdough Candy Cane – I covered the paper with contact paper, so this craft can be repeated over and over again as inspiration strikes!

Candy cane Christmas craft for kids to make

Burlap Candy Cane Decoration – This is a great Christmas craft for kids to make because it is simple, messy, and they can do it on their own!

Christmas crafts for kids - name candy cane craft

Name Candy Cane Ornament from Fun-A-Day – Beading, names, and Christmas – a super fun combination for the kids! Love the addition of the letter beads.

Christmas crafts for kids - egg-carton-candy-cane

Candy Cane Egg Carton Craft from Meaningful Mama – What a clever way to use egg cartons into a candy cane! This one would ALSO make a great quiet time activity.

Christmas crafts for kids - scrunched paper candy cane

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane from Crafty Journal – I think these would make a fun wreath alternative on the front door! Tissue paper is such a fun crafting material.

Recycled Christmas Crafts

Christmas mason jar crafts for kids

Fuzzy Santa Mason Jars – These little guys were very easy to make, and filled with good sensory exploration, too! They are great as gifts or just adorable around your house.

crafts for two year olds

Simple Paper Plate Christmas Craft – Another easy Christmas craft that will be a hit for the whole family. Adjust it to use whatever you have on hand!

This snowman craft makes for a great winter STEM challenge! Perfect for learning about balance and stability and super cute too! #wintercrafts #winterart #papercrafts #preschoolcrafts #preschoolactivities #kidsactivities #scienceactivities #homeschool #scienceprojects

A STEM Snowman Craft – This little guy is fun to make, and tons of fun for pretend play afterwards. Not to mention he is also an awesome STEM challenge for kids to create!

Christmas crafts for kids - cardboard roll tree

Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree from Mess for Less – A perfect Christmas craft for kids! A 3D Christmas tree that uses basic craft items like pom poms and yields a spiral result.

Christmas crafts for kids - colorful snowflake garland

Colorful Popsicle Stick Snowflakes from Fun-A-Day – Add some sparkle to the winter months with these colorful snowflakes.

Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Button Snowflakes from Red Ted Art – Or check out this adorable version of button snowflakes! Think of all the varieties that could be made and hung around the house to decorate for Christmas.

Christmas crafts for kids - button snowman

Button Snowman Ornament from One Artsy Mama – Grab some spare buttons to make a dapper snowman for the tree! It’s another of the Christmas crafts for kids that your little ones can help with or make themselves.

Christmas crafts for kids - cardboard tube angel

Christmas Angel Craft for Kids from NurtureStore – Kids will have way too much fun making angelic versions of themselves!

Christmas crafts for kids - cupcake liner reindeer

Reindeer Cupcake Liner Craft from Love and Marriage – How fun is this cupcake liner Christmas activity!? It would be great for little ones to create while waiting for some Christmas cupcakes to come out of the oven!

Christmas crafts for kids - Santa craft

Paper Plate Santa Craft from Craftulate – The materials for Santa are perfect, especially his beard! Paper plate Christmas crafts are so much fun! In fact, I have a WHOLE Post on Paper Plate Christmas Crafts:

15 Paper Plate Christmas Crafts:

paper plate Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts for kids - Grinch

Cardboard Tube Grinch and Max from Cutting Tiny Bites – These would be great for retelling the story of the Grinch!

Christmas crafts for kids - cotton ball Santa

Cotton Ball Santa from Love Play Learn [post no longer available] – There’s just something about the traditional cotton ball Santa that children always seem to enjoy.

Fine Motor Christmas CraftsChristmas crafts for kids - snip Santa

Snip Santa’s Beard – Kids love using scissors, so let them give Santa’s beard a trim with this Christmas craft. This one is always a huge hit with the 3 year olds in my life!

Christmas crafts for kids - fine motor garland

Fine Motor Skills Christmas Garland from A Little Pinch of Perfect [post no longer available] – This is a wonderful idea for younger children who might have a harder time stringing a garland.

There you have it – loads of ideas to get you and your little ones crafting away the holidays! Christmas crafts for preschoolers are such a joyous thing. These are the crafts that memories are made of friends.

I hope you have a lovely start to your week. Thank you for reading!

There are so many simple, cute, easy, and fun ideas for Christmas crafts for preschoolers here. #preschool #Christmas #crafts #easy #cute


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