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KINDNESS COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS FOR CHILDREN: A random acts of kindness paper chain to help children have giving hearts at Christmas; twelve days of christmas for children from Busy Toddler How can make the countdown to Christmas even more fun? Add in some kindness.

Paper chains are one of my favorite parenting “tricks” – they do a whole lot of good for kids (and I’m going to explain all that just not in the introduction). This holiday twist to make a Kindness Countdown to Christmas is changing everything for my kids and the way they’re giving back this year.

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My plug for why you need to do paper chain countdowns with kids

Time is a hard concept for young children. It’s abstract and basically meaningless to them. They can’t touch it or quantify it.

It’s why when we tell them “Five more minutes of play,” they still have a meltdown five minutes later. Five minutes, five days, five months – it’s all the same to a child.

We see this so much when we have important events, visitors, holidays, vacations and birthdays coming up. “Two weeks to Grandma’s visit!” results in 549 questions over the next 14 days about when Grandma will arrive.

I know you feel this.

The answer to solve this abstract-time-issue is simple: make a paper chain countdown.

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The paper chain changed EVERYTHING

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Once I started making these with my children, suddenly time became concrete.

They could SEE time.

They could TOUCH time.

They could find their own answer to WHEN an event was going to happen. Time actually makes sense when you are looking at a paper chain.

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Let’s make it a Kindness Countdown to Christmas this year…

As I was getting ready to make my kids’ paper chain to countdown to Christmas, I was wishing for a little more.

At Thanksgiving, we spend the whole month talking about being thankful and grateful – in part from this activity here. I missed having that conversation with my children each day.

I decide to turn our regular paper chain in to a Kindness Countdown and filled it full of random acts of kindness.

Just a little bit of kindness goes a long way

My goal was simple: have an open conversation about kindness with my children and teach them about kindness by modeling and doing kind acts with them all December.

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Not a bad way to countdown to Christmas.

It didn’t take me long to come up with 25 random acts of kindness that could be easily applied and understood for kids ages 6 and under.

I wrote each act on a link of the paper chain and there it went.

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Real quick: you know how to make a paper chain right?

Super simple: cut strips of paper about 1 inch long (from the short side of the construction paper). Make a loop and staple it. Then add additional chain links be looping through the previous one.

Feel free to borrow my kindness countdown random acts!

This is what I came up with but by all means, make some random acts that fit with your family and vibe.

The more personal – the better – in my humblest opinion!


It’s not too late to make a countdown to Christmas…

Whether its 25 days to Christmas or 12 days to Christmas or a week!

Making a paper chain does wonders for kids – and adding this kindness twist is EVERYTHING.

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Will you make a paper chain this year?

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