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Chrsitmas is still 47 sleeps away, but it’s been a weird year and I’m all for bringing the Chrsitmas cheer out early this year! I love a classic Christmas tree, but these unique Chrsitmas tree ideas will get you thinking outside of the box (or uhh… tree)! From books to cars to baking, there is something for everyone on this unique Christmas tree list. If you’re in the market for ornaments, don’t miss this post with 17 DIY Christmas ornaments.


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Modern Christmas Tree

Give the Chrsitmas tree a modern, simple twist this year with things like brown paper bags, yarn, or rainbows!

1. Brown Paper Bag Christmas Tree

2. Modern Tree

3. Crochet Christmas Tree

If you’re on the hunt for a cute Christmas tree, this is it! This adorable tree also makes me want to learn to crochet. I love the multi colored pom pom ornaments. Image via Navan History.

4. Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbows are always a good idea! I love love the addition of the sunshine bursts at the top of the tree! See the complete tutorial and tons more pictures at Inspired by Charm.Rainbow Christmas tree

5. Kids Chrsitmas Tree

State pride Christmas trees

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Do you know which state produces the most Christmas trees each year? It’s Oregon! Oregon produces nearly 5 million Christmas trees each year. If you love you’re state, here are 4 Christmas tree theme ideas you don’t want to miss.

6. Cowboy Christmas Tree

8. Patriotic Christmas Tree

9. Ohio State Christmas Tree

Most of Andy’s extended family lives in Ohio and their love for Ohio State is big. Just add a few buckeyes and this Christmas tree is perfect!

Ohio State Christmas Tree

Hobby Inspired Christmas Trees

10. School Themed Christmas Tree

11. Baking Inspired Chrsitmas Tree

12. Car Christmas Tree Theme

Black and white checkered everything plus simple red ball ornaments will make any car lovers Christmas tree dreams come true. (Image via Corvette Blog.)

Character Christmas Trees

13. Grinch Chrsitmas Tree

Stephanie turned a 5′ tall cedar hedge into this Grinch Christmas tree masterpeice! It’s perfection! For the complete tutorial, check out Garden Therapy.

14. Star Wars Christmas trees

15. Snowman Tree

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If you don’t get to make snowmen where you live, this snowman Christmas tree is perfect you!

16. Santa Tree

This is such a clever christmas tree theme idea! Simply wrap a green Chrsitmas tree in red mesh ribbon and add a black belt to the middle. Genius!

Unique Chrsitmas Trees

These clever Chrsitmas trees are my personal favorite! I love that you can make a tree out of anything, from books to

17. Book Christmas Tree

This book Christmas tree is perfect for a library, classroom, or the book lover! I would love a small version as a table top tree in my house.

Christmas tree made out of books

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18. Candy Christmas trees

21. White House Christmas Tree

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