10 of the Best Blue Christmas Tree Ideas for 2020

Often associated with a sense of peace and tranquility, the color blue has found its way into people’s homes throughout the centuries. It is one of the most beloved cold colors and one of the three primary ones, which makes it even more special and filled with meaning. Today, we wanted to show you how easy it is to integrate blue in your Christmas decor, especially when it comes to one of the most important symbols of this holiday: the Christmas tree.

Baby Blue Christmas Tree Ideas

Go Blue, Baby

blue xmas tree ideas baby blue
Credit: Beth Woods

This baby blue Christmas tree caught our attention not just because of its beautiful color, but also because its richness. Compatible with a variety of different Christmas themes, this tree is nothing short of a home winter wonderland. It will brighten up the room wherever you place it. If you can find an artificial model like this one, with integrated Christmas lights, then you’ll take one weight off your shoulders and all you have to add is that magical and personal touch consisting of your favorite tree ornaments and decorations.

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Baby Blue on Green or White Trees

blue xmas tree ideas baby blue decor

If you can’t manage to buy an artificial baby blue Christmas tree, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the color! This shade of blue can still be predominant if you decorate your tree wisely. For instance, you can cover the tree in baby blue Christmas lights that will hide most of the tree’s original color. The light coming from the LEDs will create the optical illusion of a blue tree. You can also opt for ornaments in shades of pale, icy blues and silver, which work with blue lights or white on any color of tree.

Navy Blue Christmas Tree Ideas

Navy & Gold

blue xmas tree ideas navy gold
Credit: wtbblue.com

Blue and gold Christmas trees are probably one of the easier combinations to achieve because even if you lack the given golden ornaments, you can always opt for simple warm Christmas tree lights to achieve the contrasting effect. You can also invest in something like gold ribbon or even spray paint some of your favorite tree ornaments and give them a nice golden finish.

In the Navy

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navy tinsel tree with blue decorations closeup blue christmas tree ideas

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy navy blue Christmas tree decorations. If you already know that this is the color theme you’ll be using for many Christmases to come, why not just buy a tree that’s navy blue at its very core? This way, you can always achieve that chromatic perfection in a beautiful deep shade of blue and you won’t have to worry about further investing in ornaments. That does, however, tie you down to a blue tree for the upcoming years.

Blue and Gold Christmas Tree Ideas

Eclectic Mix

blue gold xmas balls in basket and on tree mixed styles and shapes

There is something about the combination of blue and gold that makes a Christmas tree shine with good taste and finesse. Whatever the case, it’s easy to find Christmas tree ornaments in different shades of blue and combine them with golden globes and other tree trinkets to decorate a tree in one of the most popular color combinations for Christmas.

Play with Tone & Texture

blue xmas tree ideas blue gold tonal
Credit: Fine Art America, Blue Gray Gal, Blah Blah Blahg

The blue I think of when I hear “blue and gold” is probably different from the blue you think of. Same for gold! It’s easy to change the mood of an established color pairing by tinkering with the intensity. Do you want a deep bronze set off with bright teal and turquoise, or maybe an icy blue with a pale vintage glimmer, or a deep and rustic nature-inspired assortment of dusty blues and muted earth tones? They’re all gorgeous options, and they’re not the only ones. Play with your favorite shades and see what strikes your fancy.

Adding texture is also a great way to work different shades of blue and gold together. Matte ornaments with shimmery ribbon, or icicle ornaments with rustic glittered jute, for example, will help add depth to your decor. Try tinsel garland, straw ornaments, geometric ornaments, or even feathers to add interest and texture.

Royal Blue Christmas Tree Ideas

Clean Slate

blue xmas tree ideas royal and white
Credit: WeddingFlowers

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Some of the most beautiful Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments in shades of royal blue. The deep, intense hue plays well with all neutrals, but particularly with white to create a crisp, elegant palette. This example is a Christmas tree that combines a bold white and silver backdrop (courtesy of a flocked tree and assorted white and silver ornaments) for an abundance of royal blue globes. You aren’t limited to round ornaments, of course! This tree would be equally (or dare we say, even more) gorgeous with royal glittered poinsettias.

Blue Light Special

royal blue led lighting on green christmas tree

Alternatively, you can opt for LED string lights available in a royal blue color. These lights aren’t just suitable for the tree. When Christmas is over and you’re still longing for that wonderful ambiance that royal blue Christmas lights brought upon your home, you can easily hang them around the room and be able to enjoy that feeling of coziness throughout the entire year.

Blue and Red Christmas Tree Ideas

Cherry on Top

blue xmas tree ideas blue and red (1)
Credit: Southern Blue Celebrations

Truth be told, you’re not going to come across a lot of blue and red Christmas trees. For one, it’s less Christmassy than it is patriotic, and both blue and red are most often paired with neutrals or metallics (and red-and-green is quite traditional). But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Red and blue colors schemes are ideal for nautical trees, for example, or fresh palettes of bright turquoise or aqua and cherry red for a contemporary feel.

Merry Christmas, America

independence day tree decorating ideas fireworks flags picnic
Credit: USA Today, Confessions of a Holiday Junkie, Ivan Carlson

Blue and red Christmas trees aren’t just about the decorations. If you are a true patriot, then you’ll surely love the idea of buying an artificial Christmas three that proudly wears the colors of the American flag. The red, white, and blue branches of these trees are so vivid and pleasant to the eye, the tree almost eliminates the need for any additional ornaments. This one stands five feet tall and comes prelit with white lights.

Bottom Line

Blue is one of the most popular colors for decorating Christmas trees. Not only is the color beautiful to look at in itself, but it can easily be combines with a variety of other colors, from red to shiny silver. When you add blue to your Christmas decorations, you’re setting up the tone for a relaxing and peaceful Christmas, but you’re also avoiding the headache of having to think about what colors you’re going to choose for this year’s Christmas tree.

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