I"ve noticed that many civilization are struggling via trying to kill the Mechagon elite pets.  And I"ve been doing Pet Battles for years, so I thought I"d toss my 2 cents in with the CK-9 Micro Oppression Unit fight.

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It took me a couple of tries to really understand the fight, and once I had actually it, it"s actually really freakin" straightforward.

So, here"s a overview on how to beat this tiny annoyance!


- These pets MUST be level 25; 24 does NOT work-related.

- You could most likely uncover many type of other means to beat this; this was simply just how I determined to beat it.  My pets are not the forced pets in order to defeat Micro over right here.

- Mechanicals are extremely weak against Elemental type pok- er, I intend, Battle Pets.

- Be patient.  These fights are a little RNG based, so you are not going to win on your first go.

- When a mechanical dies, they come ago a lot prefer an undead kind pet.  Except you have to kill them aobtain.  Undeads just die after two rounds.

With all that said, let"s gain into this.

First part: pick your pets accordingly.

As I sassist, Mechs are weak against Elementals, as Aquatics are weak to Flyers.  Eexceptionally pet of an element has actually their weaknesses and toughness against every element.

With that shelp, do NOT pick a Magic to fight a Dragon.  It just does not work.

My advice would be to pick an ELEMENTAL type pet.  Two specifically.  And you will certainly require a decoy pet in first slot.  Don"t question why, you"ll recognize why.  Micro has actually two killer moves.

Also, if at all feasible, don"t pick a poor, prevalent, or unprevalent type pet.  Rare rarity has the finest statistics, therefore the ideal chance of success.

This is my set-up.  Emerald Proto Waid is my decoy pet.

Anyone remember Snotball?  From that one Amino party way back in February or something?  Still have "em.

I have actually a pet named "Cooties" somewright here lmao.  I think it"s among those Slimey Oozlings from Hilsbarad Foothills or whatever before.

Part two; selecting talents.

Now that you"ve liked your pets to fight to the death, you have to pick their talents accordingly.  Why did I say they have to be level 25 to have a hope in Heck to have the ability to beat this thing?  Because not only is their maximum wellness unlocked, their last capability is unlocked.  Their strength and also power in their abilities additionally goes up.

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I expect, you deserve to attempt to beat it with low level pets, however don"t say I didn"t warn you.  And if you execute, I salute you.  o7

If you"re complying with my pet strategy, for your Emerald Proto Whelp, collection it up prefer this;

Flame Breath

Old Blessing

Proto Strike

If you"re complying with my pets, aobtain, put up your Molten Corgi favor this;

Flame Thrower

Puppies of the Flame

Your middle capability does not issue right here, unless you"re really worried around dying.  I"ll define that later on.

If complying with my pets, collection your Fel Flame up prefer this;


Immolate (incredibly important)

Conflagrate (important)

Part three; strategy

Okay.  Here"s the not-so-fun component for me to figure out.  Hopecompletely this will certainly make this extremely basic for you though!  After all, the point of this overview is to assist ya!

So, you"ve clicked on the golden pet paw of your likely ultimate 3 deaths over and also over.  Your (hopefully) rare high quality, level twenty five Emerald Proto Wassist gets whipped out.  Which capability execute you use first?  Simple.

Old Blessing.  Why?  Since this boosts your health and wellness by 5 x 25.  So thats an extra 125 health and wellness at max level.  TRUST ME YOU ARE GONNA NEED IT BOI / GAL.

Micro will then continue to shoot you to near death.  Old Blessing is set off, and all of a sudden you are at nine hundred some health and wellness.  Micro shoots his second killer move, (the power ball) and you drop again.  This is a GOOD thing.  This is your decoy pet after all.  Your goal here is NOT to damage mostly, it is to gain the initially two moves out of the way.

2nd, usage Proto Strike.  This sends out you high into the air.  Micro will certainly additionally use his flying capability.  You will certainly swoop dvery own first.  You do nopoint for a round.  Ancient Blessing has (I think) a five round CD, so you"re type of useless until Micro swoops dvery own and also kills you.

If your dragon friend dies, that"s okay.  If he does not, that"s also okay.  Use Flame Breath, and also then you die.

Next; whip out your Molten Corgi!

First, usage Flame Thrower, and also continue to obtain shot at by Micro.  Then use Puppies of the Flame IMMEDIATELY after Flame Thrower.  Micro"s 2 killers are energetic (the power stun ball), and also his flight will certainly be active in two rounds.  Once you"re immune, make sure that stun power ball of fatality gets "shot" at you.  You will block it.

There is no method to protect against his swoop though.  But that"s okay, because it does extremely minimal damages compared to the one he simply shot at you.

So, you"re most likely at a tiny less than 50% health and wellness.  What carry out you do?  Well, you can heal yourself through your middle ability, yet trust me, it will not conserve you.

Flame Thrower until you die.

Now that Molten Corgi is dead, your final pet will swap right into location.  Fel Flame is a VERY powerful pet if you understand how to usage him effectively.

First, make sure that you usage Immolate on Micro.  This will cause a debuff called "Burning" which will cause Micro to burn and take damage as soon as he flies up aacquire.

Do not worry about being hit by the stun sphere.  It does very minimal damage to you as a Fel Flame.  When he swoops, either pass a round, or aimlessly (pointlessly) use an capacity.  If you perform usage an capacity, for the love and also light of Elune, perform NOT use Conflagprice.  You require it for later.

Micro does his swoop, you take some damages.  Micro is likely extremely low in health if he hasn"t died already.  Burn him when.  Micro shoots aacquire.  Now use Conflagprice.  This will kill Micro.  Micro will certainly jump back up, now usage Burn aacquire.  Fel Flame will die in this process, HOWEVER, your debuff is going to absolutely ruin Micro.

Your second burn is going to drop Micro to a low sufficient allude in health and wellness (once I did it, he dropped to 57 HP), that "Burning" is just going to rain on his day.  He have to drop to a tiny less than 100 HP after "Burn".

Bum-ba-da!  You did it!  Your pets were ruthlessly murdered by a mechanical boss, however you did it!

Keep the pursuit you picked up from defeating this pet, and also turn it in for some rep in the direction of the Rustbolt Resistance.

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So uh yeah.  It"s around a 5 minute fight.  It"s stressful if you"ve never done it, but fun!  Also slightly irritating if you can"t obtain it right.

Relax.  You can revive your pets and also attempt again!


So, now I"m curious.  Did the strategy work-related for you (if you tried it)?  If you did it using a different put up of pets / abilities, lemme recognize which ones you used!  I"d love to know!

If you males enjoy guides prefer this, I"ll keep creating them as I uncover methods to beat the others!

Happy pet taming!

Have a great day!


- Pickle


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