Blackfathom Deeps ( Classic Wow Blackfathom Deeps Quests Guide

Welcome to my WoW Blackfathom Deeps Guide! In the guide below, I”ll be showing you how to make the most of your journey into Blackfathom Deeps. This guide includes all quests, bosses, and loot associated with BFD, as well as a brief dungeon overview. But let”s jump right into it!

Dungeon Overview

Blackfathom Deeps is a level 24-32 dungeon located in Ashenvale in WoW. It is accessed by a stair-lined shaft that requires one to swim through an underwater entrance. The Deeps are comprised of a series of watery caverns leading deep to a temple devoted to the hydra, Aku”mai.In keeping with Patch 1.12, groups of up to 10 players may enter Blackfathom Deeps together, although 5 is considered a typical group size.

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How To Get To Blackfathom Deeps

Entrance to Blackfathom DeepsSituated along the Zoram Strand of Ashenvale, Blackfathom Deeps can be accessible to Alliance who fly in to Astranaar can head north west along the main path to find themselves headed towards the entrance.For Horde players, you could fly in to Sun Rock Retreat in the Stonetalon Mountains, head up through the Talondeep Path into Ashenvale, then follow the main path northwest until you hit the Zoram Strand, to find the entrance of Blackfathom Deeps.

Blackfathom Deeps Recommended Classes

Dungeons are usually completed with five players, comprising the following roles:Blackfathom Deeps is not super demanding to have specific party members, although crowd control is always good to have because there are several large packs you”ll have to pull. A couple available at this level are:In addition, many packs will contain a caster. Be sure to have someone who can stun, fear or interrupt the spell casting.

Noteworthy Trash Mobs

Despite BFD being one of the longer lower level dungeons, there are no noteworthy trash mobs that deserve special recognition. As with all dungeon runs, simply make sure to pull slowly and methodically, CC extra trash mobs in larger packs, and keep an eye on the healer”s mana.



Ghamoo-Ra is a level 25 elite Turtle located in BFD. He is the first boss of the dungeon.AbilitiesStrategyGhamoo-ra is a simple tank and spank with a catch – the boss has a tremendous amount of armor and takes significantly reduced damage. Every so often, he will cast his primary ability, so make sure to stay spread out. This is a simple encounter with very little explanation required. Loot

Lady Sarevess

Lady Sarevess is a level 25 Elite Naga located in the north west cave following Ghamoo-ra. She patrols her cave with 2 other Naga. AbilitiesStrategySarevess patrols the area with 2 other Naga. Make sure to clear out the cave before pulling her and her 2 bodyguards. Make sure to CC at least one of the bodyguards before engaging her. Focus the add down, switch to Sarevess, then collect the sweet loot. Loot


Gelihast is a level 26 Murloc located in cave in BFD. He is an optional boss. AbilitiesStrategyGelihast is a straightforward encounter with a small twist – his room is packed with Murlocs. While the fight with Geli requires no explanation, you must be very careful when pulling the adds around the room prior to pulling the boss. Gelihast has a nasty net ability which can leave your tank in an awkward position to subsequently pull additional mobs, so it is crucial that you clear his room first before you pull him. Once he”s dead, click on the latar behind him for a small buff. Loot

Twilight Lord Kelris

Twilight Lord Kelris is a level 27 elite Orc located in the pen-ultimate room of BFD.AbilitiesStrategyKelris is not a particularly dangerous boss, although his sleep ability may catch your healer off guard. Make sure to keep the tank topped off in the event the healer is slept, and have all hybrid classes heal the tank if such an event happens. Loot

Event – Fire Of Aku”Mai

The Fire of Aku”mai event is a small event after Lord Kelris that is required to open the door to the final boss of BFD, Aku”Mai. At the base of the Azshara statue where Kelris channels his magic, there are four braziers positioned in each corner of the statue”s pedestal. Once Kelris is dead and the room is clear, have your tank click on ONE brazier, activating a single wave of the event. Each wave spawns a series of mobs that need to be killed. The first wave, the turtle wave, is the most difficult. The turtles do a tremendous amount of damage and require an offtank pick one of them up, otherwise your tank will die. Pet classes and rogue evasion tanks are very useful here. After a wave is complete, make sure to top off your group in health and mana before clicking the next brazier. All 4 braziers and subsequently all 4 waves must be conquered before the door to Aku”Mai”s lair opens…

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Old Serra”Kis

Old Serra”kis is a level 26 Loch Ness monster located near the end of BFD.AbilitiesNoneStrategySerra”kis is an optional loot pinata with no real abilities. The only thing you should be mindful of is your breath meter while under water. Remember, in WoW, the breath meter lasts far less. Loot


Aku”mai is the level 28 hydra located at the end of BFD. AbilitiesStrategyAku”mai is a tank and spank with massive single target damage due to his frenzy ability. Make sure to stay away from his poison cloud so the healer can focus heals on the tank. Hybrid classes should offer healing assistance here if possible, and the tank should use a health pot if he has one. Overall, this is a very simple fight.Loot

Noteworthy Blackfathom Deeps BoE Loot

While there is a large list of Bind-on-Equip items from the dungeon, one of it”s most sought after items is the Staff of the Blessed Seer, which is one of the few great healing weapons for below level 20. Please refer to the Best and Worst BoE Drops for a comprehensive list.


There are 9 total quests associated with Blackfathom Deeps. 4 of them are Alliance-only, 4 of them are Horde-only, and one of them is neutral.Alliance Quests1. Knowledge in the Deeps2. Researching the Corruption3. Twilight Falls4. In Search of Thaelrid5. Blackfathom VillainyHorde Quests1. Allegiance to the Old Gods2. Amongst the Ruins3. The Essence of Aku”Mai4. Baron Aquanis5. Blackfathom VillainyEach quest is broken down below along with its prerequisites (if applicable).

Knowledge In The Deeps

Faction: AllianceRequires Level: 19Rewards:Knowledge in the Deeps is a quest that is picked up from Gerrig Bonegrip in Ironforge.Gerrig asks you to loot the Lorgalis Manuscript from Blackfathom Deeps. The manuscript is located right past the turtle room in a small lock box underwater to the right. The quest will be tagged as “Complete” when the manuscript has been looted.

Researching The Corruption

Faction: AllianceRequires Level: 18Rewards (choose one):Researching the Corruption is an 2-part quest chain that begins in the Stormwind Park. The first part, The Corruption Abroad, is picked up from Argos Nightwhisper. In the first step, Argos asks you to seek out Gershala Nightwhisper in Auberdine. Gershala will give you the next step, Researching the Corruption, which will require you to go into BFD and collected 8 Corrupted Brain Stem from the mobs in and around BFD.The quest will be tagged as “Complete” when you have looted all the brain stems.

Twilight Falls

Faction: AllianceRequires Level: 20Reeq (choose one):Twilight Falls is picked up from Argent Guard Manados in Darnassus. The objective of this quest is to loot 10 Twilight Pendant from Twilight”s Hammer cultists in BFD. They are located in the second half of the instance. The quest will be tagged as “Complete” when you have looted all 10 pendants.

Blackfathom Villainy

Faction: Both (Blackfathom Villainy / Blackfathom Villainy)Requires Level: 18Rewards (CHOOSE ONE):Blackfathom Villainy for the Alliance is a 2-part quest chain that begins with Dawnwatcher Shaedlass in Darnassus. He will give you the first part of the chain, In Search of Thaelrid, which requires you to seek out Scout Thaelrid in BFD. Thaeldrid is located in the southwest corner of the first room of BFD, just past the turtle boss. He will give you the 2nd part of the chain, Blackfathom Villainy, which requires you to loot the Head of Kelris from Twilight Lord Kelris in BFD. For the Horde, you can either loot the Head of Kelris from Twilight Lord Kelris to directly trigger the quest starting.The quest will be tagged as “Complete” once the Head of Kelris has been looted. Horde Quests

Allegiance To The Old Gods

Faction: HordeRequires Level: 17Rewards (choose one):Allegiance to the Old Gods is a Horde-exclusive, 2-part quest that begins after picking up a Damp Note which can drop off the Blackfathom Tide Priestess near the entrance of BFD. The first part of the quest asks that you deliver the note to Je”neu Sancrea in the Zoram Strand. In part 2, Je”neu asks that you slay Lorgus Jett in BFD. Lorgus is located towards the end of the instance.

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Amongst The Ruins

Faction: HordeRequires Level: 21Rewards (choose one):Silver and experienceAmongst the Ruins is a quest that”s picked up from Je”neu Sancrea in the Zoram Strand.The quest requires that you loot the Fathom Core from inside BFD.The quest will be tagged as “Complete” once the core is looted.

The Essence Of Aku”Mai

Faction: HordeRequires Level: 17Rewards:Silver and experienceThe Essence of Aku”Mai is a 2-part quest that”s picked up from Tsunaman in Stonetalon, who will give you the first part: Trouble in the Deeps.The quest requires that you to speak with Je”neu Sancrea in the Zoram Strand to pick up the final quest in the chain, The Essence of Aku”Mai.Je”neu will ask that you recover 20 Sapphire of Aku”Mai from the walls on the way to BFD. The quest will be tagged as “Complete” once the sapphires have been looted.

Baron Aquanis

Faction: HordeRequires Level: 23Rewards (choose one):Baron Aquanis is quest that is picked up by right-clicking the Strange Water Globe that drops off of Baron Aquanis in BFD. The quest requires you to return the globe to Je”neu Sancrea in the Zoram Strand.


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