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I bought entire market of Oily Blackmouth (was really cheap) and listed it at 3g per stack, I bought everythink lower then my price and repost it. Now I have 10 stacks of Oily blackmouth and no more gold. Stack it for later when economy will be better or just sell it all as current price to get at least some gold back. Do Oily blackmouth price will raise? I remember it was quite pricy back in og vanilla.

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Edit to make profit I need to sell 2.2g per stackMaybe I should post less numbers for example 1 per 50 silver not 20 in stacks?


You’ll be fine if you hold.

Stick them on an alt and forget about them for 6 months.

The question is “will level 60s with 100s-1000s of gold rather pay 50 silver for some free action pots or haul ass out into the world and fish.”

From personal experience, anything for 50s is like a convenience store purchase. My ass is not farming low level shit. Why Farm oily blackmouth to save 5-10g when I can farm a level 60 zone for 20-40g in the same time.

Beside swim speed, Water breath, which is kinda useless. You only use it for Free action pots. Pvp consume, will be a market in phase 3 first. U gamled the wrong item, if u hoped for short money

I just gave example I meant that I should post for current prices which Cause me to lose about 5 g to not lose more

Blackmouth fish have been going for 50c each on my server. Free action potions 10s. Fire protection potions 35s. Stonescale eel 10s. I’m not sure what to think of it all.

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The worst part about long term investing without an emergency fund – you have to suffer the short term pain of being broke WITHOUT dipping into your investments.

Ignore this at your financial peril.

I caught a bunch of them while leveling fishing and shipped them off to my auction/bank alt. My recollection was that there were so many of them for sale and for so cheap on my server that it wasn't even worth the trouble to try and sell them right now. I had even contemplated leveling fishing for awhile by farming blackmouth pools along the Silverpine coast and I gave up on that idea as soon as I saw how low the market for them was.

My recollection from vanilla (which may admittedly be cloudy) was that they were not especially profitable even then.

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