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and what happens crafters we are here in a new video for this channel and well guys and girls this time today I bring you this and that this is a package of textures that allows you to have animated skins eye you will only be able to see what you and the others People are going to see you with the normal skin is the only thing I say so that they do not cross me out that this is fake and 100% click so it is good once down to the description I will leave you the link of this texture as well as the credits of the creators obviously give credits to the creators well let's go to some that already have their texture installed plus go to adjustments in the texture pack and where they have it, I have it, you can put it on top of whatever you want here is a tool that they click on it and these are the only skins that it has for the moment that you can that are animated by simply baby breaks we are going to try the one of among gus, it seems to them we are going to put out here and as you will see this is the animated skin what the person It can move we are going to go to a server for example we are going to go to this one to never so that they see something curious about this texture it can be put on all servers of course it can because it is a texture the curious thing is that well if you put this texture of The other skins turn this color and well, the truth is quite great and even imagine they can do it because where there is like this and you know who is who we would not be the track's account and that's it and well let's go some sky games wars so we are back, well, we are going to start the first game, who are we going to see that we are also going alone in one person since there are not many people right now on the server at this time, well this map if it has a lot of bugs the maps of never but a very good server if you want me to bring this texture 30 likes it was quite great I like literal beauty the mcpe looks much more colorful like this fast bridge and it will not throw me there as I do it is that they do not have I impulse the potions before they had them and I was going to make a video of that what but hey hey and well and in the second game we are going to continue it hit me, that of continuing in the game stuck to me, the truth is we are going to look here, Oops I must remember that I remove ah now if more people joined here than satisfactory it is listened to and u and u and I almost apply it ees android I do not care but here the problem is that it does not have much to get me up so I do not know good the clicks or still good game and good we are going to put on a skin that for sure you will like a lot and we are back here and well the skin of zero two I really liked how it is that dance that they had done the same all people have it what is I'm pretty crazy playing in hyperlands, down in the description I leave the ip and the port already has a lot that I don't play in hyperlands but hey I hope you liked the video guys and so on remind me to leave your like and share these skins that the truth and They are quite epic if you want the texture remember 30 likes if I see support in this video it is literally crazy this texture well see you in a next video goodbye

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