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Minecraft players know the usefulness of villages while playing on survival. Gamers can find awesome loot and make great trades with villagers that can help them advance in the game.

Since most Minecraft worlds are randomly generated, sometimes players can get incredibly lucky with the generation of villages in a certain seed. Some players even share their amazing seed discoveries online for others to enjoy.

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For any Minecraft Pocket Edition players out there, here is a list of the best Minecraft seeds with villages since the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update.

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Best Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 village seeds

#5 – So many structures

SEED: 459126297

Discovered by ARMCPE TUTORIAL on YouTube, this seed that spawn players near an interestingly generated savannah biome with various lakes and waters, plus a beautiful snowy taiga mountain. There is a village conveniently located nearby that players can loot as soon as the world loads up.

In the nearby surrounding area, players can find lots of amazon structures with even more loot. This includes a shipwreck, a pillager outpost, and a ruined portal. Notable coordinates of all these locations are featured in the above video.

#4 – Stronghold spawn

SEED: -6611802429

Another great find by ARMCPE TUTORIAL on YouTube is this seed that will spawn players right at a beautifully generated, multi-layered village.

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Incredibly, directly under this village is a stronghold. It is extremely rare for a stronghold to generate at a world’s spawn point, and perhaps even more rare for that stronghold to be right under a village.

If gamers can manage to stay in the general vicinity while attempting to beat the game, this seed’s generation is more than ideal.

#3 – Two villages and a badlands

SEED: -1400348952

FryBry on YouTube found some amazing Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for gamers to check out. One of them is this seed that includes a crazy looking village that is practically in a badlands biome.

With this seed, players can loot the village then immediately head into the mineshafts within the mesa for some more loot and a plethora of gold.

What’s more, this seed has an abandoned village as well. This village is basically generated completely in the water, making for some interesting looking terrain.

Notable coordinates are once again included in the video featured above.

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#2 – Outstanding ocean

Image via FryBry on YouTube

SEED: 441426572

Another FryBry find is this seed that is perfect for water-loving Minecraft players in search of village seeds.

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This seed has a village that is completely isolated by water. The village is located on its own island in the ocean, making the generation of this world incredibly impressive.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Right next to this village is a spectacular underwater ocean monument. These are not always easy to locate in a Minecraft world, but luckily this seed eliminates that issue.

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#1 – Exposed stronghold

Image via FryBry on YouTube

SEED: -612235732

Finally, FryBry has once again found an incredible Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 village seed that players will surely need to check out for themselves.

This seed spawns players in a jungle biome which is already one of the rarest spawns in the game. The jungle biome is one of the rarest biomes, so it is always notable when gamers spawn into one at the start of a new world.

The village, however, is the most interesting part of this seed. Not only is the village near a rare jungle biome, it shockingly has an exposed stronghold right in the middle.

Most strongholds are underground, hidden away, and difficult to find. Not with this seed, however. Any player who enters this village cannot miss this incredibly lucky generation.

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