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Mojang released one of the most awaited Minecraft updates on June 8th. It brought many new features, changes, and three new mobs to the game, making players all across the globe excited to start their new survival world in the latest 1.17 version of the game.

Minecraft seeds are codes on which the world generation depends. They work specifically on the platform they are made for, so if a seed is for the Bedrock Edition, it won't generate the same world in the Java Edition.

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Many players like to start their survival world using custom seeds. These can help them in the early phase of their survival journey by spawning them close to structures like villages to get useful items like iron, hay bales, and other resources to get a small headstart.

Most useful Minecraft survival seeds for 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

A village with a ruined portal (Image via Minecraft)

5) Two villages with ruined portals near spawn

  • Seed: 3444202850832351
  • Platform: Java Edition
  • Coordinates of first village: 0, 65, 0
  • Coordinates of the other village: 275, 71, -325

This seed will spawn players in a Taiga biome, close to two different villages, and both of them have their own ruined portal.

These villages have valuable items in their chests, like the golden apple. Combining them with the items in the chest of the ruined portal, players can get a good advantage in their early survival world.

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They can also find hay bales and other food in the villages, which can be a good food source for the initial phase of a survival world.

4) Jungle temple and Ruined Portal close to spawn

A jungle temple (Image via Minecraft)
  • Seed: 2027137130838960293
  • Platform: Java Edition
  • Coordinates of Jungle Temple: -200, 67, 100
  • Coordinates of Ruined Portal: -250, 98, 32

This seed spawns players in the jungle biome right next to a jungle temple. These structures contain chests with valuable items that can be helpful in the early phase of their survival world.

This seed has a ruined portal close to spawn and a ravine as well. Gamers can get resources like iron, copper, and even a Dripstone block and pointed dripstone from the ravine.

3) Village island next to ocean monument with stronghold

An island village next to an ocean monument (Image via Minecraft)
  • Seed: -1522202706
  • Platform: Bedrock Edition
  • Coordinates of Village Island: 1822, 64, 122
  • Coordinates of End Portal in Stronghold: 1876, 22, 92

This Bedrock Edition seed spawns players in a plains biome with a village and ruined portal, but that isn't all.

The world generated by this seed has a village island with an ocean monument next to it. A stronghold is also situated right under the village island with five ender eyes in the end portal.

2) Spawn above an Amethyst Geode

An Amethyst Geode in a Ravine (Image via Minecraft)
  • Seed: 439591311
  • Platform: Bedrock Edition

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Players who create a new world using this seed will spawn above an Amethyst Geode inside a ravine.

Amethyst Geodes have been added to the game in the new Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. From these minerals, players can get resources like Calcite, Smooth Basalt, and Amethyst items.

1) Village with Woodland Mansion

A Woodland Mansion next to a village (Image via Minecraft)
  • Seed: 834769748139291188
  • Platform: Java Edition
  • Coordinates of the village: 250, 64, 250

Players spawn in a plains biome village, surrounded by a dark forest with a Woodland Mansion with a part of the village that has generated inside the cobblestone foundation of the mansion.

This seed is excellent for starting a survival world as players can get items quickly from villages and trade with villagers.

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