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Additional uses for copper are minimal at this time, but players can do more than just make copper ingots now! In this new update, players can craft copper into blocks for constructing buildings and crafting stairs and slabs.

On June 8, 2021, Mojang released part one of a massive update that includes new copper uses. If you want to make the most of your copper, check out some of these Minecraft 1.17 copper uses and get busy crafting.

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New Copper Uses

Copper is not a new addition to the game, but the Minecraft 1.17 copper uses include pretty awesome updates. Players can use copper to craft copper blocks.

Copper blocks can be used for constructing buildings that have a cool industrialized look. To craft copper blocks, players need nine copper ingots to make one copper block.

minecraft block of copper

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Adding to the already awesome look of the copper, game designers have added a feature that allows copper to act like copper in real life.

When copper blocks are exposed to rain or weather over time, they will gradually change from their natural copper color to a green color because of oxidization.

On top of constructing blocks for building, players can also use copper to make stairs and slabs to further add to their industrialized structures.

Copper slabs require three copper blocks for six copper slabs.

minecraft cut copper slab

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Copper blocks can also be used to make copper stairs. Six copper blocks in the shape of stairs will produce four copper stairs.

New Copper Tools

In addition to copper blocks & building materials some new copper & amethyst tools have been introduced.

minecraft copper spyglass lightning rod recipe
  • Lightning Rod – The Lightning Rod is a new addition to Minecraft that will attract lightning bolts & guide them away from areas where they may cause a lot of damage. They also emit a redstone signal when struck.
  • Spyglass – Combined with amethyst the spyglass is used to zoom in on players, mobs & terrain from great distances. Useful for adventuring & spotting danger on the horizon.

Where to Find Copper

The copper that is most easily accessible can be found in copper ore veins underground. You will need a stone pickaxe to mine copper from underground veins, but higher-level pickaxes will increase mining time significantly.

Players can also find copper in deepslate copper ore, but it is much harder to mine. You can use a stone pickaxe, but it will take much longer than regular copper.

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