Minecraft Crazy Craft 3 Crashes When Loading World On My Pc, It Crashes

I cant play any of the mod packs on this launcher unless I use my friends gaming computer, and I cant afford a 4000$ gaming computer just to play a mod pack, the launcher was a complete waste of space on my computer an waste of time to download I”ve had it for half a year now and this problem still exists I will consider donating as soon as this problem is fixed

Đang xem: Crazy craft 3 crashes when loading world

I have been trying to play Crazy Craft 3 for the past day but i keep getting error messages that say there is an unknown error while logging in and says I can only play offline. If I click yes, a new message appears saying I need a Minecraft account, which I have. It also says I need to login succesfully once on this computer to play and then redirects me to the Minecraft store.
When ever i play crazy craft and play on a single player game it lags up really badly it never does that to me on normal mine-craft with mods on 1.7.10. Can someone tell me how to get rid of the lag completely please.
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I load the launcher fine. I play normal minecraft fine with a bunch of mods. I try crazy Craft and it loads up all the way but as soon as the actual world opens it lags immediately and after a minute it says shutting down internal servers then that screen never goes away. Using Macbook Pro.
The Crusader Craft modpack formerly known as the Fellowship Mod pack is a based around medieval times and loosely off lord of the rings. This pack is not modded minecraft, it is minecraft re imagined. There are generating structures that are simply breath taking and the terrain is that of cube world stature. We take our previous packs and put them to shame. The pack is nothing like we have ever done before it overhauls your game and engulfs you into something totally new.
Okay, so I have a windows 10 64bit and java 8. Whenever i try to load up a single player world,it crashes. I have removed maze mod,decocraft, and all youtuber mods. This is my second post about this problem and I really wanna play,so it would be great if someone could please help ASAP. Here is my paste-bin thingy.Also here is a little screenshot thingy of my memory size thing if that helps.
i´m trying to log in so i can play jurassic craft but it does not work even if i´m typing the right password and username it does not work.
Can somebody help me first, remove the youtuber + and the Youtuber Structure mods. As well as add optifine to Crazy Craft 3.0!? Please help me!
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So i go into launcher, put in username and password, then i click start on crazycraft 3.02, ao all goes well then, i get into crazycraft where it says single player multiplayer etc. so i look in bottem left corner and it says 65 mods loaded 64 mods active, i have a feeling that thats causeing problems, becuase it always just says loading world, building terrain or whatever, please reply, i need help

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So, I”ve been trying to get this to work for a pretty long time and recently void has been “voiding” my accounts. It says to login, the login space at the bottom obviously doesn”t do anything, so I click on the little face thing, it takes me to the minecraft site and I type in my account info, its all correct and I would like it to be known my accounts are all legit and up to date with everything. They”re not cracked or anything like that. Well after entering the account information in, the…Login Troubles Causing Account Issues.
I cant open the launcher and I have tried reinstalling it, I use Java 8, I have the correct amount of ram and am meeting all of the requirements. Can someone please help? I want to play crazy craft…
i open crazy craft from the launcher and then it opens starts to load and then i go away for abit and then i came back and it crashes
Hi Crazy Craft 3.0.2 wont load my singleplayer worlds and keeps crashing when i try to here is my console log





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