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Mojang released the first part of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition a few days back. It brings many exciting new changes to the game, and players have been introduced to three new mobs, the goat, axolotl, and the glow squid!

Minecraft seeds, meanwhile, are codes that players can use to generate a specific world they want to play in. They can create a new world using custom seeds and have a unique experience in the early part of the game by having structures like villages, strongholds, and diamonds close to their spawn location.

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Gamers can play on these custom seeds to have a different experience and progress faster while playing the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliff update seeds for Pocket Edition

5) Two amethyst geodes close to spawn

An amethyst geode (Image via Minecraft)


Coordinates of first geode: 821, 58, 17

Coordinates of second geode 900, 43, -69

Amethyst geodes can be found underground in any overworld biome. They contain smooth basalt, calcite, and amethyst blocks.

This Minecraft seed has two amethyst geodes close to its spawn location. It also offers a mushroom biome close to spawn, which is one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft.

4) Many biomes close to spawn

Many biomes in one frame (Image via u/SwartyNine2691, Reddit)

Seed: 124789803

Often players try different seeds to get different biomes as their spawn point, making the early game experience varied.

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This specific seed has a mushroom, jungle, badlands, savanna, lukewarm ocean, cold ocean, forest island, and desert near the spawn point.

3) Tall woodland mansion

An unusually tall woodland mansion (Image via Minecraft)

Seed: -1081192041

Coordinates of mansion: 756, 100, -1221

Woodland mansions are large structures generated naturally in Minecraft worlds in dark forests. Vindicators and Evokers are two mobs seen in such structures.

These mobs will attack any player in their sights to defend the mansion, where gamers can obtain the Totem of Undying.

This Minecraft seed contains an oddly tall woodland mansion and a ruined portal right before its entrance.

2) Rare village in mixed biome

A village surrounded by three biomes (Image via Minecrqft)

Seed: 1690483439

Coordinates of village: 101, 68, 97

Villages in Minecraft are easy to find as they generate naturally in every world. Players can be lucky enough to find rare and valuable resources like diamonds and emeralds in the cheats of villages. Looting a village is a great way to start any Minecraft world.

In this Minecraft seed, they can find an unusual generation of mesa, mushroom, and desert biome mixed with a village in it.

1) Double end portals

Two end portals in one Stronghold (Image via Minecraft)

Seed: 630641423

Coordinates of end portals: -1587, 45, -891

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End portals are the only gateway for brave players willing to step into the world of Enderman and take on The Ender Dragon.

This mysterious Minecraft seed spawns gamers on the cold and beautiful mountains of snowy biome, where they can find the newly added mischievous mobs, which are the goats.

The main focus of this seed is the weird double-end portal generation. Usually, the players can easily locate the stronghold by using ender pearls, completing the end portal, and going through it.

But in this specific seed, the player can find two different end portals in the same stronghold, one below the other.

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