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seed sheetCam MacKugler invented Seed Sheet to make gardening idiot proof. While living on a friend’s farm, he loved the fresh produce, but not the complexities of managing a garden. When he envisioned Seed Sheet, he drew the prototype with a crayon. That was in 2012. In 2015, he got the business started when he raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter.

When Seed Sheet first shipped, you could buy a custom-sized sheet to fit any raised bed garden. Now the company focuses on selling small container sized garden kits. Each Seed Sheet kit comes with a variety of fruits, vegetables, or herbs. The kits come with non-GMO seeds in a biodegradable seed packet. The packets are attached to weed blocking fabric. Lay the fabric in a container with potting soil, water, and you are done.

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A Seed Sheet with up to 8 varieties costs $14.99. Cam also sells complete kits which comes with a recycled bottle fabric container, tray, soil and a seed sheet for $49.99. The new company focus on container only gardens is likely due to the ease of shipping keeping things simple on the production end.

My Take on Seed Sheet

Before I moved to Florida, I had a fairly impressive flower garden and a serviceable vegetable garden. Now, I’d rather focus on fishing than gardening for my recreation, but I do want a small vegetable and herb garden. While Seed Sheet is a tad more expensive than just buying seeds, the convenience and ease makes up the difference. I am ordering the herb garden, the Caprese garden and a custom garden for my new home!

Fresh veggies are a big part of my diet and I always go to our local farmers market to buy fresh herbs and veggies. When I had a garden, I had all these things at my back door; I’m looking forward to my new garden! I am IN.

Do Sharks Eat these Veggies?

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I smell a deal for Seed Sheet. It’s a product that makes it easy to garden. As I said at the outset of this post, it’s an idiot proof garden and there are a lot of gardening idiots out there! This would sell well at hardware stores and home centers as well as online.

The one thing that makes me think Cam gets a deal is the switch away from the large, custom gardens. That aspect of the business could confuse consumers, plus the effort of making a garden bed takes the convenience away. A Shark would suggest he focus on the easiest gardens possible because that’s the product’s appeal.

Any one of the Sharks could make a play for this. At this point, they all have the means to get a product on the shelves at major retailers. Since it’s a low-priced item, it might attract Lori. She could even sell it on QVC (especially with gardening season starting soon). I don’t know which Shark does a deal, but I think Cam will leave the Tank with some serious green from a Shark.

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