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Part 1 of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update has been released by Mojang on 8th June 2021. The update introduced a new ore – copper. Players can mine it using a stone pickaxe or better. The update also introduced new mobs, like axolotl, goats, and glow squid.

Many players who create new Minecraft worlds use a custom seed to generate a specific type of world. Minecraft seeds are codes that will create unique worlds depending on the seeds.

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This article dives into some of the seeds in the Minecraft world that lead to incredibly varied biomes.

These biomes of Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update are beautifully expansive

5) All biomes are 2000 blocks away from spawn

  • Seed: 1083719637794
  • Platform: Java edition

This seed spawns the player in the mushroom biome, which is a rare lush and hard-to-find non-variant biome. No hostile mobs like zombies or skeletons will spawn in the mushroom biome. Other unique passive mobs that can be found in the biome are mushroom cows.

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The seed has more than 42 biomes within a radius of 2000 blocks from the spawn, making it best for players looking to complete the “Adventure Time” advancement.

4) All Major biomes in 2300 blocks from spawn

Seed map (Image via u/SnoverMC on reddit)
  • Seed: 306959825
  • Platform: Bedrock Edition

Coordinates of biomes:

  • Mega Taiga (450,0)
  • Jungle: (0,-750)
  • Mesa: (1500,0)
  • Mushroom Island: (-2300,-900)
  • Ice Spikes: (-500,850)
  • Desert: (1100,1450)
  • Plains: (1000,1000)
  • Coral Reef: (-450,100)
  • Swamp: (500,-450)
  • Roofed Forest: (500,-250)

It has different biomes in a 2300 radius of spawn. This is a fantastic seed that is popular with pocket edition players. The popularity of this biome stems from the fact that a player can spawn into one of these rare biomes to start the journey.

3) More than two of every structure close to spawn

Seed map (Image via u/Plebian on Reddit)
  • Seed: 1191961552361
  • Platform: Java Edition

This might be the only Minecraft seed with at least two structures like the desert temple and jungle temple, within 2000 blocks of distance from spawn.

2) Spawn with a lot of biomes nearby

Minecraft biomes close to spawn (Image via u/SwartyNine2691 on Reddit)
  • Seed: 124789803
  • Platform: Bedrock edition

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Bedrock edition players looking to complete their Adventure Time achievement must consider using this seed as it spawns players near mushrooms, jungles, badlands, savannas, lukewarm oceans, cold oceans, deserts, and forest islands.

1) Snowy Village merged with ice spikes

  • Seed: 5827076749818071175
  • Platform: Java edition

This Minecraft seed spawns the player close to a beautiful snow biome village. The village is situated in a magnificently merged Snowy and Ice Spikes biome, which has never been seen before.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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