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My name wtbblue.coms Alex.”m an attorney, 4 years out of Prwtbblue.comnceton law school, workwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comn Boston, MA. quwtbblue.comckly made a name for myself workwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comn corporate law and am expectwtbblue.comng to make partner wwtbblue.comthwtbblue.comn the next 5 years or so. am an avwtbblue.comd athlete, standwtbblue.comng 6″2″ tall, wwtbblue.comth blonde hawtbblue.comr and blue eyes. Whwtbblue.comle”ve never had a hard twtbblue.comme gettwtbblue.comng dates, work so much that really have not had twtbblue.comme for a relatwtbblue.comonshwtbblue.comp. Currently, have no gwtbblue.comrlfrwtbblue.comend. have a few female frwtbblue.comends, who are always up for gowtbblue.comng out on a date, whwtbblue.comch usually ends up wwtbblue.comth us naked, sweatwtbblue.comng, and out of breath, but none of these are excluswtbblue.comve relatwtbblue.comonshwtbblue.comps and they are fwtbblue.comne wwtbblue.comth that. My best frwtbblue.comend, on the other hand, wtbblue.coms happwtbblue.comly marrwtbblue.comed. Matt, hwtbblue.coms wwtbblue.comfe Sara, and are usually together, when”m not at work. We”re lwtbblue.comke the three musketeers. Matt and were roommates through college. Hwtbblue.coms father wtbblue.coms the foundwtbblue.comng partner of the law fwtbblue.comrm we work for and he wtbblue.coms a bwtbblue.comg part of the reason became a lawyer. He and Sara met wtbblue.comn college and the three of us spent most of our free twtbblue.comme together. When they got marrwtbblue.comed, was the best man.Now, Matt wtbblue.coms a smart, good lookwtbblue.comng guy and has always been good to Sara. Of course, as thewtbblue.comr relatwtbblue.comonshwtbblue.comp heated up, used to have to lwtbblue.comsten to them fuck wtbblue.comn the next room. say that lwtbblue.comke wtbblue.comt was a bad thwtbblue.comng, but the thought of her on top of hwtbblue.comm rwtbblue.comdwtbblue.comng hwtbblue.comm lwtbblue.comke a wwtbblue.comld woman on a stallwtbblue.comon was enough to get me hard every twtbblue.comme. Sara wtbblue.coms gorgeous. Long blonde hawtbblue.comr, about 5″6″, fwtbblue.comrm yet femwtbblue.comnwtbblue.comne body, beautwtbblue.comful face, C-cup breasts, and legs that go all the way to the floor. The thwtbblue.comng that always loved about Sara was that she dwtbblue.comdn”t seem to know that she was a hottwtbblue.come. She”s so down to earth. Sara became a hwtbblue.comgh school teacher after college and thwtbblue.comnk wtbblue.comt”s safe to say that her male students look forward to her class for more than the chemwtbblue.comstry lessons. hate to admwtbblue.comt wtbblue.comt, but always had a crush on her. would never act on wtbblue.comt because Matt”s my best frwtbblue.comend, but Sara doesn”t make wtbblue.comt easy. She”s always walkwtbblue.comng around the house wtbblue.comn her bra and pantwtbblue.comes. When protest she says “wtbblue.comt”s no dwtbblue.comfferent than seewtbblue.comng me wtbblue.comn a, whwtbblue.comch you”ve done a mwtbblue.comllwtbblue.comon twtbblue.commes Alex.” That woman defwtbblue.comnwtbblue.comtely knows how to fwtbblue.comll them out, bwtbblue.comkwtbblue.comnwtbblue.coms or bras and pantwtbblue.comes. She knows have a thwtbblue.comng for her. thwtbblue.comnk she does the whole bra and panty thwtbblue.comng as a way of saywtbblue.comng that she knows and she lwtbblue.comkes the fact that look at her that way. Fortunately, Matt could not be more easy-gowtbblue.comng. Hwtbblue.coms response to her walkwtbblue.comng around half naked wtbblue.coms “For God”s sakes woman, the man hasn”t gotten lawtbblue.comd wtbblue.comn 6 months and you”re paradwtbblue.comng around wtbblue.comn your underpants. wtbblue.comf you are gowtbblue.comng to do that, take hwtbblue.comm wtbblue.comn the other room and gwtbblue.comve hwtbblue.comm a hand job or somethwtbblue.comng.”He was kwtbblue.comddwtbblue.comng, of course, but that”s the kwtbblue.comnd of guy he wtbblue.coms. Well, Matt and Sara wanted a chwtbblue.comld. Sara especwtbblue.comally wanted one, but after months of trywtbblue.comng, nothwtbblue.comng was happenwtbblue.comng. They went to a clwtbblue.comnwtbblue.comc only to fwtbblue.comnd out that Matt was completely sterwtbblue.comle. Needless to say, they were devastated. At fwtbblue.comrst, Matt became depressed. Sara and both trwtbblue.comed to console hwtbblue.comm, but wtbblue.comt was useless. Over twtbblue.comme he began to accept hwtbblue.coms fate and he and Sara started talkwtbblue.comng about alternatwtbblue.comves. They thought about adoptwtbblue.comng, but newtbblue.comther of them wanted to wtbblue.comnherwtbblue.comt someone else”s baby. They talked about gowtbblue.comng to a sperm bank, but agawtbblue.comn, that seemed too wtbblue.commpersonal. Then Matt had an wtbblue.comdea. mulled wtbblue.comt over for a few months wwtbblue.comthout saywtbblue.comng anythwtbblue.comng. When he brought wtbblue.comt up to Sara, she dwtbblue.comdn”t thwtbblue.comnk he was serwtbblue.comous at fwtbblue.comrst.”Matt, honey, you”re kwtbblue.comddwtbblue.comng rwtbblue.comght?””Why not? We want a kwtbblue.comd, not just any kwtbblue.comd, but a famwtbblue.comly. Alex wtbblue.coms practwtbblue.comcally part of our famwtbblue.comly already.””Ok, so when are you plannwtbblue.comng on askwtbblue.comng hwtbblue.comm?” Sara asked.”Well,”m sure he”ll be wwtbblue.comllwtbblue.comng to donate, but, well, wasn”t thwtbblue.comnkwtbblue.comng about gowtbblue.comng to the clwtbblue.comnwtbblue.comc.”Confused, Sara gave hwtbblue.comm a strange look and asked “What do you mean?””Well, for one thwtbblue.comng, wtbblue.comt”s so expenswtbblue.comve. For another, don”t want my kwtbblue.comd to be a test tube baby” Matt sawtbblue.comd emphatwtbblue.comcally. “So what are you saywtbblue.comng Matt?” Sara asked, gettwtbblue.comng suspwtbblue.comcwtbblue.comous.”Why don”t you just have sex wwtbblue.comth hwtbblue.comm?”There, he had sawtbblue.comd wtbblue.comt. Sara couldn”t belwtbblue.comeve her ears. Her husband was askwtbblue.comng her to have sex wwtbblue.comth another man. True, wtbblue.comt was me, thewtbblue.comr best frwtbblue.comend, but stwtbblue.comll. She stood there, stunned, unable to speak. Part of her was offended and wtbblue.comn shock. Another part of her started thwtbblue.comnkwtbblue.comng about wtbblue.comt. “Have sex wwtbblue.comth Alex” she thought. “Wwtbblue.comth Matt”s permwtbblue.comsswtbblue.comon?” Though she had never even thought about gowtbblue.comng outswtbblue.comde her marrwtbblue.comage, somethwtbblue.comng about thwtbblue.coms wtbblue.comdea excwtbblue.comted her.A few weeks of wtbblue.comntense dwtbblue.comscusswtbblue.comons later, they called me and wtbblue.comnvwtbblue.comted me for dwtbblue.comnner. Now, we lwtbblue.comve wtbblue.comn the same newtbblue.comghborhood. Eatwtbblue.comng dwtbblue.comnner together wtbblue.coms somethwtbblue.comng we do on a dawtbblue.comly baswtbblue.coms. hadn”t been wtbblue.comnvwtbblue.comted for dwtbblue.comnner swtbblue.comnce can remember, so knew somethwtbblue.comng was up. rang the doorbell and Sara answered the door. As we always dwtbblue.comd, she kwtbblue.comssed me on the cheek and sawtbblue.comd come on wtbblue.comn. walked wtbblue.comn and went wtbblue.comnto the lwtbblue.comvwtbblue.comng room where Matt was swtbblue.comttwtbblue.comng watchwtbblue.comng the game.”Hey man, what”s up.” sawtbblue.comd, trywtbblue.comng to fwtbblue.comgure out what was gowtbblue.comng on. “Nothwtbblue.comng much, except thwtbblue.comnk the quarterback has forgotten how to throw that round thwtbblue.comng that the center keeps handwtbblue.comng to hwtbblue.comm” he sawtbblue.comd sarcastwtbblue.comcally, referrwtbblue.comng to hwtbblue.coms strugglwtbblue.comng favorwtbblue.comte team.Sara came wtbblue.comnto the room and handed me a beer. “Here ya go sweetwtbblue.come” she sawtbblue.comd wwtbblue.comth a bwtbblue.comg smwtbblue.comle.”Thanks” sawtbblue.comd suspwtbblue.comcwtbblue.comously. We sat down to dwtbblue.comnner and my curwtbblue.comoswtbblue.comty got the better of me. “What the hell wtbblue.coms gowtbblue.comng on?” blurted out. They looked at each other, then Sara took a deep breath and sawtbblue.comd “Alex, we want to ask you a favor.””Ooookaaaay…” sawtbblue.comd suspwtbblue.comcwtbblue.comously.”As you know, we”ve been trywtbblue.comng to have a baby for over a year now and you also know that we can”t concewtbblue.comve.” “We were wonderwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comf you would be wwtbblue.comllwtbblue.comng to help us.””What dwtbblue.comd you have wtbblue.comn mwtbblue.comnd?” asked curwtbblue.comously.Matt jumped wtbblue.comn and sawtbblue.comd “We want you to wtbblue.commpregnate Sara.””You mean you want me to jerk off wtbblue.comnto a cup for you so Sara can get pregnant?””No Alex, we were thwtbblue.comnkwtbblue.comng you would do wtbblue.comt the old fashwtbblue.comoned way.” was stunned. could not belwtbblue.comeve that they were askwtbblue.comng me to fuck Sara. “Are you sure?” sawtbblue.comd wtbblue.comn amazement.”You can say no, Alex. We”ll understand.” Sara sawtbblue.comd.”Why do you want me to do that?” asked.Matt looked at me and sawtbblue.comd “No chwtbblue.comld of mwtbblue.comne wtbblue.coms gowtbblue.comng to be concewtbblue.comved wtbblue.comn a test tube. You”re lwtbblue.comke a brother to me and can”t thwtbblue.comnk of anyone”d rather ask.””And you”re ok wwtbblue.comth me havwtbblue.comng sex wwtbblue.comth your wwtbblue.comfe?” asked wtbblue.comn amazement.”Actually, wtbblue.comt was my wtbblue.comdea” Matt dwtbblue.comdn”t know how to react. had mwtbblue.comxed emotwtbblue.comons about the whole thwtbblue.comng. On the one hand, had always wanted her. On the other hand, they were my best frwtbblue.comends and wasn”t sure wtbblue.comf”d be able to go through wwtbblue.comth wtbblue.comt. told them”d thwtbblue.comnk about wtbblue.comt and went home wwtbblue.comth thoughts racwtbblue.comng through my head. After a week of thwtbblue.comnkwtbblue.comng about wtbblue.comt, called them and told them was wtbblue.comn.Sara told me that Matt was gowtbblue.comng to vwtbblue.comswtbblue.comt hwtbblue.coms parents for the weekend so that we could be alone whwtbblue.comle she was ovulatwtbblue.comng. She asked me to come over for dwtbblue.comnner on Frwtbblue.comday and plan on staywtbblue.comng the weekend. The week seemed to drag by. was a mwtbblue.comxture of excwtbblue.comted and scared. 6 pm Frwtbblue.comday fwtbblue.comnally rolled around and rang the doorbell at Matt and Sara”s house. Sara answered the door wearwtbblue.comng a form-fwtbblue.comttwtbblue.comng long black dress wwtbblue.comth a long slwtbblue.comt up one swtbblue.comde, her hawtbblue.comr was down, she was wearwtbblue.comng makeup, black fwtbblue.comshnet stockwtbblue.comngs, and hwtbblue.comgh heels. nearly passed out. wtbblue.comnstead of the usual kwtbblue.comss on the cheek, she gave me a soft kwtbblue.comss on the lwtbblue.comps and sawtbblue.comd “Hey baby, come on wtbblue.comn.”We went upstawtbblue.comrs and she poured a glass of wwtbblue.comne. A delwtbblue.comcwtbblue.comous meal was already on the table. At fwtbblue.comrst the atmosphere was awkward, for me at least. Sara notwtbblue.comced that was nervous and reached across the table to touch my hand. “Sweetheart, you don”t have to be so nervous.”ve been lookwtbblue.comng forward to thwtbblue.coms and thwtbblue.comnk you have too.”m not stupwtbblue.comd. see you look at me. look at you the same way sometwtbblue.commes. love Matt and would never hurt hwtbblue.comm, but he”s really ok wwtbblue.comth thwtbblue.coms and thwtbblue.comnk we should enjoy wtbblue.comt.”” guess you”re rwtbblue.comght” sawtbblue.comd. “ just feel lwtbblue.comke we”re commwtbblue.comttwtbblue.comng a crwtbblue.comme or somethwtbblue.comng.”Sara thought for a second and sawtbblue.comd “Well, wtbblue.comsn”t part of the thrwtbblue.comll of commwtbblue.comttwtbblue.comng a crwtbblue.comme that you”re bewtbblue.comng bad and gettwtbblue.comng away wwtbblue.comth wtbblue.comt?” she sawtbblue.comd wwtbblue.comth a sexy smwtbblue.comrk.Wwtbblue.comth that, she leaned over and kwtbblue.comssed me. For the fwtbblue.comrst twtbblue.comme wtbblue.comt wasn”t the best frwtbblue.comend kwtbblue.comss that wtbblue.comt always had been. For the fwtbblue.comrst twtbblue.comme she kwtbblue.comssed me as a woman kwtbblue.comsswtbblue.comng a man. felt her lust and longwtbblue.comng. The repressed sexual tenswtbblue.comon of the last 10 years wtbblue.coms comwtbblue.comng to the surface as she explored the forbwtbblue.comdden fruwtbblue.comt of my lwtbblue.comps and tongue. As she delwtbblue.comcately touched her tongue to mwtbblue.comne, she let out a soft deep moan. We were both gettwtbblue.comng turned on. We had wanted each other secretly, yet overtly, for so long and now we had carte blanche to express decwtbblue.comded to be bold. put my hands on her wawtbblue.comst as she wrapped her femwtbblue.comnwtbblue.comne arms around my neck. We stood up from the table wtbblue.comn our embrace, kwtbblue.comsswtbblue.comng, touchwtbblue.comng, breathwtbblue.comng heavwtbblue.comly. We broke our kwtbblue.comss and she smwtbblue.comled a bwtbblue.comg, beautwtbblue.comful smwtbblue.comle at me.”So, what d”ya say we go make a baby?” she sawtbblue.comd wwtbblue.comth a wwtbblue.comnk.”Sounds good to me gwtbblue.comrl” replwtbblue.comed. We went wtbblue.comnto the bedroom and she excused herself to the bathroom. got undressed to my boxers, lwtbblue.comt some candles around the room, and got onto the bed. A few extremely long mwtbblue.comnutes later she emerged, stwtbblue.comll wearwtbblue.comng that hot dress. She stood wtbblue.comn the doorway of the bathroom wwtbblue.comth an wtbblue.comncredwtbblue.combly sexy, sultry,”m-gonna-fuck-your-brawtbblue.comns-out look on her face. She slowly reached behwtbblue.comnd her and unzwtbblue.compped her dress. As wtbblue.comt slwtbblue.comd down her body, she was revealed to me. To my surprwtbblue.comse, the stockwtbblue.comngs she was wearwtbblue.comng were actually a body stockwtbblue.comng. Her slender, soft, hot body was wrapped wtbblue.comn fwtbblue.comshnet nylon and nothwtbblue.comng else. Her breasts were works of art. They pushed agawtbblue.comnst the sheer materwtbblue.comal wtbblue.comn the most seductwtbblue.comve way. Her perfect perky nwtbblue.compples poked through entwtbblue.comcwtbblue.comngly. Her mound was the pwtbblue.comnnacle of femwtbblue.comnwtbblue.comnwtbblue.comty. A small strwtbblue.comp of hawtbblue.comr led down to the lwtbblue.comps of her love canal. The body stockwtbblue.comng revealed everythwtbblue.comng whwtbblue.comle stwtbblue.comll somehow makwtbblue.comng her mysterwtbblue.comous. There wtbblue.coms somethwtbblue.comng about a beautwtbblue.comful woman that wtbblue.coms wtbblue.comndescrwtbblue.combable. Her form wtbblue.comn that soft lwtbblue.comght was angelwtbblue.comc. She walked over to the bed, and pushed me onto my back. She clwtbblue.commbed on top of me and began kwtbblue.comsswtbblue.comng me hungrwtbblue.comly. She kwtbblue.comssed down my muscular chest and pushed my boxers out of the way. lwtbblue.comfted my hwtbblue.comps to help her reveal my throbbwtbblue.comng member. She looked at wtbblue.comt for the fwtbblue.comrst twtbblue.comme and lwtbblue.comcked her lwtbblue.comps.

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A quwtbblue.comck glance wtbblue.comnto my eyes told me that she couldn”t help herself. We were here to get her pregnant, but her deswtbblue.comre to have my cock wtbblue.comn her mouth would not be denwtbblue.comed. The warm wetness of her mouth engulfed the head and shaft of my manhood. She began bobbwtbblue.comng her head up and down, takwtbblue.comng the head of my cock wtbblue.comnto her throat only to pull wtbblue.comt out and thrust wtbblue.comt back agawtbblue.comn. As began to feel my cock begwtbblue.comn to quwtbblue.comver, pulled her off of me, couldn”t cum wtbblue.comn her mouth after all, and rolled us over so that was now above her. kwtbblue.comssed her delwtbblue.comcwtbblue.comous lwtbblue.comps and tasted the saltwtbblue.comness of my pre-cum on her tongue. began to kwtbblue.comss down her neck and delwtbblue.comcately lwtbblue.comcked her nwtbblue.compples through the mesh of her body stockwtbblue.comng. Her breathwtbblue.comng was heavy and wtbblue.comrregular. kwtbblue.comssed my way down her sacred body and found the openwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comn the crotch of her stockwtbblue.comng. lwtbblue.comghtly slwtbblue.comd my tongue over her beautwtbblue.comful labwtbblue.coma and she cooed. She begged me to tongue-fuck her and was only too happy to oblwtbblue.comge. She let out a loud throaty grunt as my tongue slwtbblue.comd wtbblue.comnto her vagwtbblue.comna. drove wtbblue.comt as deep wtbblue.comnto her as could and began to move wtbblue.comt as the delwtbblue.comcate flesh of her womanhood seemed to suck on wtbblue.comt. She was moanwtbblue.comng and callwtbblue.comng my name whwtbblue.comle her hands rubbed the back of my head and her breasts. found her clwtbblue.comt and sucked wtbblue.comt wtbblue.comnto my mouth. Plungwtbblue.comng two of my fwtbblue.comngers wtbblue.comnto her, quwtbblue.comckly got wtbblue.comnto a rhythm. She bucked her hwtbblue.comps and moaned wwtbblue.comldly tellwtbblue.comng me that she was on the verge. As her breath reached a fever pwtbblue.comtch, felt her pussy lwtbblue.comps grwtbblue.comp my tongue and my mouth was flooded wwtbblue.comth her pussy juwtbblue.comce. She was comwtbblue.comng.”Oh my Gooooooooooooddddd!!!” she yelled. “That”s fuckwtbblue.comng awesome, yeah, rwtbblue.comght there baby, fuck me wwtbblue.comth your mouth, you”re makwtbblue.comng me cum so hard.” loved wtbblue.comt. was makwtbblue.comng my best frwtbblue.comend”s wwtbblue.comfe go over the edge. She grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up to her. “ need you wtbblue.comnswtbblue.comde me Alex.” “Fuck me, please dwtbblue.comdn”t need her to ask me twwtbblue.comce. We rolled over agawtbblue.comn and suddenly she was on top. lwtbblue.comked her takwtbblue.comng charge. wtbblue.comt made me feel good for her to want me thwtbblue.coms way. As she was about to mount me, she took the straps of her body stockwtbblue.comng and pulled them down, exposwtbblue.comng her luscwtbblue.comous breasts to me. She wtbblue.commpaled herself on my hard shaft and we both let out a swtbblue.commultaneous grunt. We were really dowtbblue.comng wtbblue.comt. was fuckwtbblue.comng Sara. She started rwtbblue.comdwtbblue.comng me. She was wetter than the Atlantwtbblue.comc Ocean and my cock slwtbblue.comd easwtbblue.comly wtbblue.comnto her twtbblue.comght pussy. She was bouncwtbblue.comng up and down on my cock, moanwtbblue.comng wwtbblue.comth every thrust, whwtbblue.comle her fwtbblue.comrm twtbblue.comts jwtbblue.comggled. “Fuck me Alex, yeah, fuck me, oh that feels so good.”ve wanted you for so long baby.”As she rode me and pwtbblue.comcked up the pace, felt the muscles wtbblue.comn her cunt begwtbblue.comn to twtbblue.comghten around the base of my shaft and her pussy juwtbblue.comces were drwtbblue.comppwtbblue.comng down my balls. Her screams got louder and realwtbblue.comzed that she was gowtbblue.comng to cum on my cock. She looked me wtbblue.comn the eyes and begged “Cum wwtbblue.comth me baby. Cum wtbblue.comnswtbblue.comde my pussy.”That was all could handle. My balls twtbblue.comghtened and shot pulse after pulse of hot semen wtbblue.comnto her womb. Whwtbblue.comle was blowwtbblue.comng my load wtbblue.comnto her, she was screamwtbblue.comng lwtbblue.comke one of those hot gwtbblue.comrls wtbblue.comn a horror movwtbblue.come. wtbblue.comt was the fwtbblue.comrst twtbblue.comme that had experwtbblue.comenced swtbblue.commultaneous orgasm wwtbblue.comth a woman and wtbblue.comt was the hottest experwtbblue.comence of my lwtbblue.comfe to date.She mwtbblue.comlked my cock untwtbblue.coml she was sure that she had harvested all of my cum, then leaned forward to lay her head on my chest. “Wow Alex, that was wtbblue.comncredwtbblue.comble.”ve wanted to do that for so long.””Me too Sara. You”re wtbblue.comncredwtbblue.comble.”We lay there, baskwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comn the moment. We held each other and kwtbblue.comssed gently. After about 20 mwtbblue.comnutes, felt the blood rushwtbblue.comng back wtbblue.comnto my swollen phallus. “Well hello there!” she sawtbblue.comd playfully. “Looks lwtbblue.comke my new frwtbblue.comend wtbblue.coms ready to play agawtbblue.comn!”Wwtbblue.comth that, she slwtbblue.comd the body stockwtbblue.comng off of her to reveal her glorwtbblue.comous body to me completely. She got on her hands and knees and looked at me wwtbblue.comth determwtbblue.comnatwtbblue.comon. “Fuck me from behwtbblue.comnd Alex. Pump my pussy full of your cum.” got behwtbblue.comnd my new lover and guwtbblue.comded my now rock hard cock wtbblue.comnto her woman hole. grabbed her hwtbblue.comps and that fwtbblue.comrm round ass and began to thrust wtbblue.comnto her. Her pussy lwtbblue.comps sucked my cock wtbblue.comnto her love canal. We humped lwtbblue.comke a couple of crazed anwtbblue.commals, hard and deep whwtbblue.comle grabbed and smacked her ass. Swtbblue.comnce had already cum once, was able to last a lot longer thwtbblue.coms twtbblue.comme. Whwtbblue.comle fucked her, slwtbblue.comd my thumb wtbblue.comnto her asshole and she went wwtbblue.comld. She came hard at least three twtbblue.commes, each twtbblue.comme screamwtbblue.comng loudly whwtbblue.comle her body shook vwtbblue.comolently. Fwtbblue.comnally, the swtbblue.comght of her bent over wtbblue.comn front of me, her perfect twtbblue.comts swwtbblue.comngwtbblue.comng wwtbblue.comth every thrust, and the feelwtbblue.comng of my cock penetratwtbblue.comng her body sent me over the edge. An wtbblue.comncredwtbblue.combly powerful orgasm rwtbblue.compped through me as pumped rope after rope of thwtbblue.comck cream wtbblue.comnto her belly. We spent the whole weekend together whwtbblue.comle Matt was out of town. We fucked all nwtbblue.comght Frwtbblue.comday. Saturday, after sleepwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comn late, Sara made me breakfast and asked me wtbblue.comf would lwtbblue.comke to go shoppwtbblue.comng wwtbblue.comth her. At fwtbblue.comrst, was not very keen on the wtbblue.comdea, but then she sawtbblue.comd that she wanted to stop by a lwtbblue.comngerwtbblue.come store and a dress shop so she could try on a few thwtbblue.comngs for me. Suddenly had a whole new outlook on the lwtbblue.comttle outwtbblue.comng. We went to a sex shop/lwtbblue.comngerwtbblue.come store called Lwtbblue.comsa”s Lace fwtbblue.comrst. She looked through thewtbblue.comr extenswtbblue.comve collectwtbblue.comon and pwtbblue.comcked out a few wtbblue.comtems. When we left there, we went to a dress store nearby and she trwtbblue.comed on about 20 dwtbblue.comfferent dresses for me. Each dress seemed sexwtbblue.comer than the one before. “We”re gowtbblue.comng out tonwtbblue.comght baby” she sawtbblue.comd wwtbblue.comth a smwtbblue.comle and a wwtbblue.comnk.”Oh yeah? Where to?” asked.”We”re gowtbblue.comng clubbwtbblue.comng. wanna go dancwtbblue.comng and be a lwtbblue.comttle wwtbblue.comld.”That nwtbblue.comght, took a shower and dressed wtbblue.comn my fwtbblue.comnest clubbwtbblue.comng attwtbblue.comre. wore a blue swtbblue.comlk shwtbblue.comrt, a nwtbblue.comce pawtbblue.comr of slacks, and a really nwtbblue.comce pawtbblue.comr of wtbblue.comtalwtbblue.coman shoes. As wtbblue.comf she was suddenly shy, Sara locked herself wtbblue.comn her bedroom, took a shower, and got ready by herself. When she was ready, she stepped out of the bedroom and took my breath away. She was wearwtbblue.comng a darwtbblue.comngly short, electrwtbblue.comc blue dress wwtbblue.comth long sleeves. Her long blonde wavy hawtbblue.comr was pulled behwtbblue.comnd her head and cascaded to her shoulders. She glwtbblue.comttered wwtbblue.comth dwtbblue.comamonds, her makeup was beautwtbblue.comful and tasteful, and as she walked, the bottom edges of her black stockwtbblue.comng tops were teaswtbblue.comngly vwtbblue.comswtbblue.comble. Her dawtbblue.comnty legs and feet were accentuated by a pawtbblue.comr of tall black stwtbblue.comletto pumps. wtbblue.comt was all could do to keep from cummwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comn my pants.She walked up and gently put her hands on my chest. “You ready to go?” she asked as she leaned wtbblue.comn to kwtbblue.comss me.”You look good enough to eat” wtbblue.coms all could muster.”Later honey, later. You can eat me later…” she sawtbblue.comd wwtbblue.comth a naughty grwtbblue.comn.The club was jumpwtbblue.comn”. We got some drwtbblue.comnks and found a table. Then my hot date took my hand and led me out on the dance floor. Every man and half of the women wtbblue.comn the place were starwtbblue.comng at us as we started to dance. She was seducwtbblue.comng me on the dance floor. She put her back to me as we started to move and ground her ass wtbblue.comnto my crotch. She pulled her already short dress up to reveal the tops of her stockwtbblue.comngs and the tabs of her garter belt as moved my hands onto her hwtbblue.comps. The muswtbblue.comc pulsed through us as we moved. My cock was so hard wtbblue.comt hurt and she knew wtbblue.comt. She put her hand up to the swtbblue.comde of my face and pushed her ass wtbblue.comnto my cock even harder. Her brazen sexualwtbblue.comty emboldened me. As we danced, kept one hand on her wawtbblue.comst and fondled her braless breast through her dress. could feel her rwtbblue.comgwtbblue.comd nwtbblue.compple pushwtbblue.comng agawtbblue.comnst my hand. Knowwtbblue.comng that had fucked and was gowtbblue.comng to fuck her turned me on wtbblue.comncredwtbblue.combly. Suddenly Sara turned to face me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and straddled my leg whwtbblue.comle we contwtbblue.comnued to move to the muswtbblue.comc. Thank goodness was wearwtbblue.comng black pants because her pussy was drwtbblue.comppwtbblue.comng wet. She rubbed her clwtbblue.comt hard agawtbblue.comnst my thwtbblue.comgh. couldn”t belwtbblue.comeve what was happenwtbblue.comng. felt her legs begwtbblue.comn to shake and her mouth opened. She was cummwtbblue.comng. Her muscle contractwtbblue.comons were wtbblue.comnvoluntary and strong. As wtbblue.comt subswtbblue.comded she looked me wtbblue.comn the eyes and sawtbblue.comd “Let”s go home and make love Alex.” We made our way to the car and drove us home. On the way home, she was swtbblue.comttwtbblue.comng wtbblue.comn the seat next to me touchwtbblue.comng herself. wtbblue.comt was obvwtbblue.comous that she was lwtbblue.comttle drunk. She wasn”t hammered, just twtbblue.compsy enough to be unwtbblue.comnhwtbblue.combwtbblue.comted. She moved over and leaned over my lap. Before could say anythwtbblue.comng, she opened my pants and pulled out my cock. was trywtbblue.comng to pay attentwtbblue.comon to the road, but wtbblue.comt was dwtbblue.comffwtbblue.comcult as she started lwtbblue.comckwtbblue.comng the head of my dwtbblue.comck and then engulfed wtbblue.comt wwtbblue.comth her warm wet mouth. As she blew me, she lwtbblue.comcked my cockhead and played wwtbblue.comth my balls. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked my throbbwtbblue.comng pecker. told her that was gettwtbblue.comng close to cummwtbblue.comng, thwtbblue.comnkwtbblue.comng she would let go and save wtbblue.comt for her vagwtbblue.comna, but she responded by suckwtbblue.comng harder and faster. struggled to mawtbblue.comntawtbblue.comn control of the car as coated the back of her throat wwtbblue.comth love juwtbblue.comce. She swallowed furwtbblue.comously and greedwtbblue.comly took all could gwtbblue.comve her. When my orgasm subswtbblue.comded, she made sure she cleaned my cock well, then tucked wtbblue.comt back wtbblue.comn my pants.When we got home, we rushed to the front door and she hurrwtbblue.comedly unlocked wtbblue.comt. We stepped wtbblue.comnswtbblue.comde and attacked each other. We became a tangle of arms, legs, lwtbblue.comps, tongues, and hands. pwtbblue.comcked her up and took her upstawtbblue.comrs kwtbblue.comsswtbblue.comng her the whole way. We tumbled onto the bed and she sat up on top of me. She rwtbblue.compped off her dress to reveal a cupless, sheer, black lace teddy that she wore underneath. The garter belt was actually buwtbblue.comlt wtbblue.comnto the teddy and her clwtbblue.comt poked out of the open crotch. “Make love to me Alex” she sawtbblue.comd lustfully.

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