Just some things I’ve learned that when I share some people don’t seem to know yet! 

CATCH DUPLICATES. Catch them and then return them to prof willow. You can do this by clicking on the pokemon’s stats, scrolling down and hitting transfer.

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You get pokecandy for this which you can use to evolve/power up your original! 
Make sure you compare and contrast CPs of your duplicates. One pikachu might be 10cp and the other 56cp. Keep the higher one, transfer the other. EDIT NOTE: Also check the move set! Some pokemon with lower CPS still have better/different moves! So compare contrast these too!EDIT: EEVEE’S EVOLUTION IS RANDOM (and limited to vaporeon, flareon, and jolteon all of which you can catch in the wild too.) Sources say that Eevee evolves based on it’s second move! Body slam = jolteon, swift = vaporeon, dig = flareon.Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes. (SPIN the picture to get your items) You can visit them for an unlimited amount of time. I live right on top of one and check back in whenever I remember to. YOU DONT HAVE TO CLICK ON EVERY ITEM. Once they drop from the picture, press X and you will collect them all automatically. 
Leveling up will give you LURES, INCENSE AND INCUBATORS. So don’t think you NEED to buy these from the shop. 
If your wary about spending money for coins, you can GET COINS by having pokemon in gyms. This is the ‘defender bonus’ Theres a shield icon in the shop section that you can refresh every 21 hours.

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You can have up to 10 pokemon in 10 diff gyms for a total of 100 pokecoins and 5000 stardust a day.(10 Pokecoins and 500 stardust per pokemon)
Your gym alliance makes it so that ANY GYM you fight of your own alliance, your pokemon WILL NOT FAINT.  Their hp will reduce to 1 and they will need healing, but they won’t faint. You also gain gym prestige this way which helps strengthen your alliance territory. Any rival gyms however will faint your pokemon and they will need a REVIVE to keep being used. You can also transform them into candy at this point if you are a heartless monster. ๐Ÿ™ 
EDIT: A gym has a max of 3 pokemon traners/defenders. note on the gym level: you can have as many defenders as the level of the gym, three is NOT the max. so if you happen upon a full level three gym, you can train there until it levels up and then add your own defender as well. have had luck with this up to level 5 thus far! If you find a gym of your alliance with only 1 or 2 pokemon in it, you can ADD YOUR POKEMON WITHOUT FIGHTING YOUR FELLOW TEAM. Just drop a pokemon in there! (Do this by clicking the bottom left icon of ‘add pokemon’)
More than one trainer can fight one gym leader at a time. Getting a friend to fight with you is the best way to beat the gym!! You attack at the same time.ITS NOT TURN BASED ATTACKS. Its real time! Click once for a basic attack, swipe to dodge, and hold down a click for a SPECIAL ATTACK!My best method is not to dodge at all but just click forever. So long as I have a bigger CP I usually win lol. Do NOT put your best pokemon into a gym. Your second or third only. You cannot recall your pokemon once its in a gym and you will need it to fight other gyms.  (they get returned to you after they are beaten)
Everyone gets one free incubator that lasts forever. Any extras you find or receive from leveling up only last 3 hatches before breaking.
TRACKING POKEMON! Sparkling grass doesn’t guarantee a pokemon showing up. The ‘nearby’ tab is the actual tracker. It pulses to indicate it updating. The highest on the list is the closest. 3 footsteps away means THREE RINGS (the area rings around your avatar) away (or more). 2 footsteps means TWO RINGS, one footstep means one ring and NO RINGS MEANS YOU CAN CLICK ON THAT POKEMON AND IT WILL APPEAR IN 10 SECONDS.

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Battery saver mode, found in settings, works as follows: Once clicked on, if you drop your phone to your side as you walk, with the top of your phone facing the ground, the screen will dim so only the pokemon logo shows. It still tracks your steps for your eggs and it will vibrate and beep when a pokemon shows up. As soon as you lift your phone to your face (right side up) the screen will appear again as normal!The higher level you get, the more rare pokemon you come across.


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