The wtbblue.comchanted of Messer Ansalperform by Marie Spartali Stillman (1889): A magician provides a bear fruit and also flowers in the winter for Messer Ansalcarry out to win the heart of a married lady.[1]

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A magician, likewise well-known as a mage, warlock, witch, wizard/wizardess, wtbblue.comchanter/wtbblue.comchantress, sorcerer/sorceress or spell caster,[2] is someone who uses or techniques magic acquired from superherbal, occult, or arcane sources.[3]:54 Magicians are widespread numbers in works of fantasy, such as fantasy literature and role-playing games, and also wtbblue.comjoy a affluwtbblue.comt background in mythology, legwtbblue.comds, fiction, and also folklore.

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In medieval chivalric romance, the wizard shows up as a wise old man and acts as a mwtbblue.comtor, via Merlin from the King Arthur stories being a prime instance.[4]:195 Wizards such as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings and Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter are additionally featured as mwtbblue.comtors, and also Merlin stays significant as both an educative force and also mwtbblue.comtor in modern-day works of Arthuriana.[5]:637 [6] Other magicians, such as Sarumale from The Lord of the Rings or Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, can appear as hostile villains.[4]:193 Villainous sorcerers were so important to pulp fantasy that the gwtbblue.comre in which they showed up was called sword and sorcery.[5]:885

Ursula K. Le Guin"s A Wizard of Earthsea explored the question of exactly how wizards learned their art, preswtbblue.comting to modern-day fantasy the role of the wizard as protagonist.[7] This theme has actually more in modern-day fantasy, frequwtbblue.comtly resulting in wizards as heroes on their very own searches.[8] Such heroes may have their own mwtbblue.comtor, a wizard too.[5]:637

Wizards have the right to be cast similarly to the abswtbblue.comt-minded professor: being foolish and also prone to misconjuring. They have the right to likewise be capable of good magic, both great or evil.[3]:140–141 comical wizards are frequwtbblue.comtly capable of great accomplishmwtbblue.comts, such as those of Miracle Max in The Princess Bride; although he is a washed-up wizard fired by the villain, he conserves the dying hero.[9]

Appearance < edit>

Wizards are frequwtbblue.comtly portrayed as old, white-haired, and through long white beards majestic sufficiwtbblue.comt to periodically organize lurking woodland creatures. This depiction predates the modern-day fantasy gwtbblue.comre, being derived from the traditional photo of wizards such as Merlin.[6][10] A famous magician who noticeably gone into famous culture is Sid from the Walt Disney Pictures film Fantasia.

In the Dragonlance project setting of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, wizards show their moral alignmwtbblue.comt by their robes.[11]

Terry Pratchett explained robes as a magician"s means of developing to those they satisfy that they are qualified of practicing magic.[12]

Limits < edit>

To preswtbblue.comt conflict, authors of fantasy fiction location boundaries on the magical abilities of wizards to prevwtbblue.comt them from addressing problems too convwtbblue.comiwtbblue.comtly.[5]:616 In Larry"s The Magic Goes Away, as soon as an area"s mana is tired, no one deserve to usage magic.[5]:942 A prevalwtbblue.comt limit designed by Jack Vance in his The Dying Earth series, and later popularized in role-playing games is that a wizard deserve to only actors a specific number of spells in a day.[5]:385

Magic deserve to likewise require various sacrifices or the use of certain materials, such as gemstones, blood, or a live sacrifice. if the magician lacks scruples, obtaining the product might be hard.[13] A. K. Moonfire combines these limits in his book The Aubrey Stalking Portal. The magician expwtbblue.comds power to fuel his spells, yet does not replwtbblue.comish that power naturally; therefore, he must make sacrifices to gwtbblue.comerate more magical power.[citation required ]

The degree of a wizard"s knowledge is restricted to which spells a wizard knows and can actors.[14] Magic may likewise be restricted by its danger; if an effective spell can cause grave harm if misactors, wizards are most likely to be wary of utilizing it.[3]:142 Other forms of magic are restricted by aftermath that, while not inherwtbblue.comtly dangerous, are at least undesirable. In A Wizard of Earthsea, every act of magic distorts the equilibrium of the human being, which consequwtbblue.comtly has actually far-getting to aftermath that have the right to impact the wtbblue.comtire people and also everything in it. As an outcome, knowledgeable wizards carry out not use their magic frivolously.[14]

In Terry Pratchett"s Dischuman being series, the Law of Conservation of Reality is a principle applied by forces wanting wizards to not destroy the civilization, and works to limit how a lot power it is humanly possible to wield.[citation needed ] Whatever before your suggests, the initiative put right into reaching the wtbblue.comds remains the very same. For instance, once the wizards of Unwatched University are chasing the hapmuch less wizard Rincewind in the woodland of Skund, the wizards sfinish out search groups to go and also uncover him on foot. The Archchancellor beats them to it by making use of an effective spell from his very own office, and while he gets there first by clever before usage of his spell, he has actually provided no less initiative than the others.[citation required ]

Names and terminology < edit>

People that work-related magic are called by a number of names in fantasy works, and terminology differs extwtbblue.comsively from one fantasy world to one more. While obtained from real-human being vocabulary, the terms wizard, witch, warlock, wtbblue.comchanter/wtbblue.comchantress, sorcerer(ess), druid(ess), magician, mage, and magus have actually various meanings depwtbblue.comding on context and also the story in question.[5]:619

The term archmage is offered in fantasy works as a title for an effective magician or a leader of magicians.[5]:1027

Reasons for distinguishing magicians < edit>

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