Disney Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs

(light turns on, Rex and Ham scream and run) >> Crazy Nate: OK, OK, a lot of you keep asking
for this one, like a lot of you. So today we are talking about arguably one
of Pixar's best series ever, that's right Toy Story 3. Find these hidden easter eggs and leave a
comment saying where they are, don’t forget to include #Bart in that comment for your
chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. [intro music plays] OK, there are a lot of easter eggs in this
movie, so I’m going to do my best to go in order as to when they showed up in the
movie so I don't forget to mention any of them. In the opening scene when we find One Eye
Bart robbing a train. If you notice everyone in Barts gang has an
eye patch. >> Aliens: Ohhhhh… >> Crazy Nate: Even the Corvette has a license
plate that says 1 I BART. Why did they name him one eye Bart though? >> Woody: You've got a date with justice One
Eye Bart! >> Crazy Nate: Well, because that’s what
Andy named him in the first movie.

>> Andy: I'm here to stop you One Eye Bart. >> Crazy Nate: and in fact the entire play
time we see here has hidden references to the very fist time we ever saw Andy playing
with his toys. >> Woody: Reach for the sky. Reach for the sky. >> One Eye Bart: You can't touch me Sheriff,
I brought my attack dog, with a built in force field. >> Andy: You can't touch me Sheriff, I brought
my attack dog, with a built in force field. >> Woody: And I brought my dinosaur, who eats
force field dogs. >> Andy: Well I brought my dinosaur, who eats
force field dogs. >> Crazy Nate: The train number is also 95
referencing back to the very first Toy Story because we all know that the movie was released
in 1995. That’s not the only thing though that's
special about this train. It was also modeled after Disney’s very
first train, the Lilly Belle. (Mr. Potato Head wistles) Slinky stair stepping down the mountain is
probably a reference to Ace Ventura. >> Ace Ventura: Isn't this incredible? Everyone loves a slinky you gotta get a slinky,
slinky, slinky.

(Rex Roars) >> Crazy Nate: Does Rex’s roar sound familiar? Probably because it's Jurassic Park. (Rex Roars) (dinosaur roars) Speaking of screams, listen closely when Andy
and the toys are watching a movie. You can actually hear the welhelm scream. (guy screams) Andy’s room has an entire Toy box full of
easter eggs! On the wall we can see a PU pinnet, PU of
course stands for Pixar University. You may remember Lee Unkrich Directed Coco,
but before that he also Directed Toy Story 3. He has a lot of personal easter eggs in here
for himself. An example would be that Lee went to Charging
Falls High School when he was a kid, and their mascot is a tiger, and here’s a tiger sticker
cheering on the team! Pixar the company is located in Emeryville
California, this poster is in Emeryville California! And it’s number 95.

If you followed me long enough on this journey
then you know before Pixar was at 1200 Park Avenue it used to be on the south side of
the tracks… quite literally. It used to be on W Cutting Boulevard. Look above Andy’s closet door and you will
see it's a sign for Cutting Boulevard. Pixar also likes hiding easter eggs to their
future movies in their current movies. We all know that of course though right.

So in Toy Story 3’s case the next movie
was going to be Cars 2. If you look closer you will see the poster
on the wall for Finn McMissle in the bedroom. The famous Luxo Lamp is also in the room obviously. and if you notice that toy car in the box,
it's not just any toy car, that's from Cars. If you look closely though at the back of
Andy’s door you will see the monsters inc logo.

Our little dude Squirt is also a sticker on
the door. >> Squirt: Wow that was so cool! Hey dad, did you see that? Did you see me? Did you see what I did? >> Crush: You so totally rock Squirt, so give
me some fin, noggin, dude! >> Crazy Nate: We’re not done yet though,
recognize this jet? It's the same Jet from the Incredibles when
Elastagirl was trying to rescue Bob. Like I mentioned in everything You Missed
about Pixar’s Up, you can see the same postcard that Carl had on his mirror, now Andy has
it on the bulletin board.

And if you look at that envelope a little
bit closer you will see it's a real address! In fact it’s one of the secret entries to
Pixar. Also that poster on the wall is the mosquito
from Bugs life. >> Mosquito: Bartender! Bloody Mary O positive. >> Flick: Sir? >> Crazy Nate: Oh, what's that? You want more easter eggs? Well how about this one? There’s Nemo on the toy box.

Fun little fact, Andy was voiced by the same
person in all three Toy Stories, John Morris. >> Woody: Slink, gather everybody up. >>Slinky: We are gathered Woody. >> Crazy Nate: In fact they brought back every
original voices for the characters, except Slinky of course. Sadly because he was voiced by Jim Varney,
and Jim Varney passed away. If you don't know who Jim Varney is, you might
know him better as Earnest. >> Ernest: EWEWEWEWE! >> Crazy Nate: Looking across the hall into
Molly's room we can see Darla is some what famous, because she’s on the cover of Tween
magazine. Girl power? Wait a second, what in the world is she going
to teach, how to kill fishes? (survey time music plays) And now it’s time for Survey Time! Why do you think the caterpillar room children
are rough with the toys? They're bad kids, they're too young, they
don’t like toys or they're angry? Vote now.

Remember Sid from Toy Story? (Sid laughs evil laugh) >> Buzz Lightyear: You mean that happy child? >> Crazy Nate: If you look at the trash man
you may notice that shirt. Speaking of shirts, you can get this shirt
at CrazyNate.com! HAHA Shameless plug. But any who, his shirt is the same shirt that
Sid wore in Toy Story. That’s not all though. The voice of the trash man is Erik von Detten,
and Erik is also the voice of Sid from Toy Story One. That’s right Gents and Gentlets, the trash
man is Sid. in Toy Story 3 we finally get to see the Garage
door open, and do you see that bicycle up there? It’s the same bicycle from Ratatouille. If you remember from the first Toy Story,
Andy’s mom’s license plate says A113, but this time it has a license plate frame
around it also advertising Tiger Pride, again this is a reference to Lee’s High School. Now let’s dive into Sunny Side Day care. Before we even make it in the front door we
see an easter egg. The kids of the Pixar staff all painted the
tiles in the front of the daycare.

One tile stands out though. If you look closely you will see the Pixar
ball. Remember the plane in Up that a lot of people
think is from Toy Story even though it's not? Well we can see that plane getting donated
here in the box, or is it this one over here? Either way, remember the plane in Up has two
wings, and the plane in Toy Story only had one wing. No cow tipping going on here, but this cow
right here, is probably from Cars. (Mater scares a tractor) >> Mater: I don't care who you are, that's
funny right there. >> Crazy Nate: We do get a chance to see Lightning
Mcqueen in a wooden car form with his signature kachow lightning bolt! This car also looks more like Lightning Mcqueen
only it doesn't have any stickers on it. >> Lightning McQueen: Lightning, kabam! Kapow! >> Crazy Nate: Remember Princess Atta from
Bugs life? >> Dr. Flora: Princess Atta, the poor dear. >> Crazy Nate: Here’s her name on the wall.

But no, don’t believe the lies on the internet
that this is Flick, it's not, it’s just a random blue bunny. Ant ears don’t look like that. One you can believe though is Ray from Finding
Nemo is on the shelf. I wonder if this is where he got his education. Watch when Woody's walking by you can see
For the Birds board game right there. That’s a reference to the short of course,
For the Birds. The first time we ever saw Toy Story 3 we
thought that this phone right here was just being cute saying hi. The second time around though we make the
connection that the phone was actually trying to warn them that they're walking right into
a trap! When it finally does get to warn Woody though,
look above him and you will see not just a painting but the actual Luxo ball.

This clock is one of the toys that hide for
cover with its friends, but if you look close you might recognize that that’s not just
any random pile of toys. That’s actually the group of toys from Pixars
short Tin Toy. (baby falls down) This little monster is wearing a Cars shirt
withthe number 95 on it. Pixar has A little inside joke in Kens house,
and that's this hat.

Why? Because Michael Arndt who did the Screenplay
for Toy Story 3 always wears this hat. The adventures of Andre and Wally B was made
before Pixar was even named Pixar. If you look on Bonnie Andersons backpack you
can see Wally B. Also later on in the film she has Wally B
stamped on the back of her hand. Pixar’s actually really good friends with
Hayao Miyazaki, I'm sorry I probably said that wrong, this guy. So they paid tribute to them by putting Totoro
in the Toy Story 3 as one of Bonnies toys. Fun little fact, the Jack in the box saying
new toys… >> Jack in the box: New Toys! >> Crazy Nate: and the monkey screaming… (monkey screams) are both voiced by the Director Lee Unkrich.

Now let’s have a little bit of fun in the
Vending machine. How can the snack machine be fun? Trust me. If you look close at the candy in the machine
you will see a few easter eggs. They don’t have Doritos in there, but they
do have Incr-edibles. Or look at this, Granny Unkrich’s down home
style fudge. Unkrich is the director Lees last name, and
that old lady granny is the lady from Ratatouille. Inside the vending machine the fun doesn’t

We see one of the batteries is made by “Happy
Power” and most batteries have a positive and a negative,
but if you’re happy theirs no negative, that’s right this battery has two positives. Another battery is made by Revolting which
is a company from Cars 2. Now Buzz Lightyears batteries are made by
Buy n Large which is the same company from Wall-e that took over the world then destroyed
it. We learn that Ken is actually lacking in the
brains category, and doesn’t even know how to say Library. >> Ken: Take him to the Library. >> Crazy Nate: Barbie on the other hand turns
out to be really smart.

Smarter than me. >> Barbie: The athority should derive from
the consent of the governed, not from threat of force. >> Crazy Nate: I don’t even know what that
means. When she takes off her space helmet though
that’s actually a reference to Charlies Angels. One more hidden easter egg per Lee’s request
is the lunchbox Buzz grabs onto at the dump to avoid getting shredded by the machine.

It was actually his favorite lunch box as
a child, 6 Million Dollar Man. We know the Toy Story franchise loves the
movie the Shinning for some reason. Like a lot… so they had to sneak it in to this movie too
of course. If you look at the trash truck you will see
the license plate says RM 237. RM stands for Room number, and 237 obviously
is the creepy hotel room you don’t ever want to go into. We see 237 show up again when Woody is trying
to find his home on the computer. Finally I saved my favorite easter egg in
the movie for last, the Pizza Plannet Truck. When Lotso and his gang become homeless we
see them hitching a ride on the back of the Pizza Planet Truck. OK, I lied, one more easter egg. The Pixar ball can be seen in the sand pit
at the end of the movie being used like a beach ball.

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