Display Low Level Quests Wow, Any Way To Show Low Level Quests

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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.3.9-classic release 9.83 MB Feb 22, 2020 1.13.3 26,337 Download
v1.3.8-classic release 9.78 MB Feb 16, 2020 1.13.3 5,034 Download
v1.3.7-classic release 9.78 MB Jan 1, 2020 1.13.3 11,153 Download
v1.3.6-classic release 9.68 MB Dec 4, 2019 1.13.2 9,955 Download
v1.3.5-classic release 9.68 MB Dec 4, 2019 1.13.2 130 Download
v1.3.4-classic release 9.68 MB Nov 28, 2019 1.13.2 2,731 Download
v1.3.3-classic release 9.68 MB Nov 16, 2019 1.13.2 4,423 Download
v1.3.2-classic release 9.68 MB Nov 15, 2019 1.13.2 840 Download
v1.3.1-classic release 9.68 MB Nov 14, 2019 1.13.2 880 Download
ClassicCodex-v1.3.0.zip release 8.01 MB Nov 12, 2019 1.13.2 1,221 Download




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This is a partial rewrite of pfQuest/ShaguDB. It is an addon to show you where you can pickup quests, where to turn in quests, where to find mobs / items required for quests, etc.

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Reminder to auto-updater users

If you are using a auto-updater (likes twitch app) and you have a version less than v1.3.0, You may not be able to automatically update to v1.3.0 or later.

Because the original author (pgarneau) has deleted his project, and now you are seeing a new project with a different id but the same name. For auto-updaters, they are two different projects, so it cannot automatically update ClassicCodex to the version I uploaded.

Please remove ClassicCodex from the auto-updater and add it again to get the version I uploaded.

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Display available quests on your map and minimapDisplay active quests on your map and minimapDisplay spawn markers on your map and minimap that show exact spawn locations for mobs/npcs/objects needed for your questsUpdated tooltips to display quest progress when hovering over mobs/npcs/objectsAuto-accept quests (can be disabled by holding control)Auto-turnin quests (can be disabled by holding control)Quest icon above enemy nameplates that are required for your questsShift-clicking markers on the map will hide them (read the following to find out how to restore)Clicking spawn markers on the map will change the color of the markersQuestlog buttons to show/hide/reset markersDatabase Browser window to search for items/npcs/quests/objectsChat commands




Toggle auto-acceptToggle auto-turninToggle quest icon above enemy nameplatesToggle showing questgiversToggle showing questgives for active questsShow/hide low-level questsShow/hide high-level questsShow/hide seasonal/PVP/misc questsColor spawn markers by spawn type or by questAdjust the size of quest markers (pickup / turnin)Adjust the size of spawn markersDisplay a larger icon for the boss or a single target to help you find itControl what to display on your map/minimap


Control what to display on your map/minimap

When you press M to open the world map, you can find a drop-down box in its upper right corner with the following options:

Show all questsShow only tracked questsOnly show things manually addedHide everything

The option will apply to both world map and minimap. If you want to hide one of them, please visit interface options, ClassicCodex provides the following options:

Show Markers on Continent MapsShow Markers on Zone MapsShow Markers on the Minimap


Terrible layout!

Unfortunately, wtbblue.com's Markdown engine does not support tables, so you will see a messy layout.

Go to Github to see a beautiful layout of the documentation.

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Chat Commands


Accessed through /codex

|        Command         | Description

| ————————————————————– | —————–

| /codex show             | Show database browser interface

| /codex unit {unit}          | Search for an npc/mob by name and display best location on map

| /codex object {gameObject}      | Seach for an object by name and display location on map. (ex /codex object copper vein)

| /codex item {item}          | Search for an item and display location of mobs that drop it

| /codex vendor {item}         | Search for an item and display location of vendors that sell it

| /codex quest {questName}       | Search for a specific quest by name

| /codex quests            | Show all quests on the map

| /codex meta {relation} {min} {max}  | Search for objects with relations on the map. (ex /codex meta mines 50 175 will display ores mineable with from skill 50 to 175 in mining). Available relations: chests, herbs, mines

| /codex clean             | Clean the map

| /codex reset             | Reset the map and display only current quests

| /codex {something}          | Will attempt to search through the database browser


Accessed through /codexcfg

|        Command         | Description

| ————————————————————– | —————–

| /codexcfg              | Show options

| /codexcfg {optionName}        | Toggle option

| /codexcfg {optionName} {value}    | Set option



You can search for the following keywords in the Codex browser, or use the /codex {keyword} command.

|    Keyword    |    Example    | Description

| ——————————– | ——————————– | ——————

| {partial name}   | riverpaw      | Search the unit/object/item/quest with the name/title

| #{full name}    | #Harvest Reaper  | Search the unit/object/item/quest with the name/title (exact match)

| {partial id}    | 8746        | Search the unit/object/item/quest with the id

| #{full id}     | #8746       | Search the unit/object/item/quest with the id (exact match)

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