Don’t Summon HUEGLE in Among Us, OR ELSE! ūüė®

what is up everybody and welcome back to another 
amanga's video so in a manga there are many dark   secrets and the airship is one of them the airship 
was a fourth map that was added into among us this   map has many questions that are yet to be 
answered and there is one impostor that has   been watching you the entire time and i'm talking 
about hugo which is an impostor with massive wings   who has been flying around the airship for a 
long time and i'm here to solve this mystery   and before we get any further into this video if 
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a like down below you're a legend but now let's   begin with this story video so who is hugo you may 
be asking hugo is an imposter with massive wings   that are actually quite colorful he has three eyes 
and has these massive claws which he uses to get   on the airship and also to go after his prey which 
are the crewmates it has been rumored that hugo   has been watching us the entire time and at any 
moment that you decide to go out into the viewing   deck you can go missing so the crewmates first 
encountered hugo when they were in the airship   they were just having fun doing their task and 
whenever they would go outside they would just   see a shadow and they didn't know what it was 
the shadow was coming from above the ship this   soon became a major problem because whenever hugo 
would land on the ship it would shake and whenever   a crewmate would do a test out in the viewing 
deck they would go missing never to be seen again   and according to the legend there is actually a 
way to summon hugo and i'm gonna put this to the   test so let's see what happens so in order 
to summon hugo you must be on the airship   which is the biggest map in all of among us you 
wanna make sure that you play a regular match   in order for you to see hugo hugo is an 
imposter that can see you from miles away   so as you're walking around the airship make sure 
that you're careful you want to make sure that you   spend your time doing your task and make sure 
that you walk outside as well so that way hugo   gets a better view the longer you spend on the 
airship the higher chances that hugo will appear   you will soon begin to see shadows which is hugel 
and that's because he's approaching the ship   looking for a lonely crewmate as i was 
walking around the airship began to shake   and that's because hugo was on top of it i was 
getting really scared because this creature must   be massive i've never seen the airship shake like 
this before and for the final step you want to   make sure that you have the upload task because 
that means that you'll be outside when hugo is   there since you're gonna have your phone now make 
sure that you raise it up to the sky you're gonna   hear the screams of an eagle coming closer and 
closer and that is when hugo will appear look how   massive he is no wonder he has the power to move 
the entire airship hugo then went towards me and   ate my crewmate and that was my last encounter 
with hugo so now you may be asking who is hugo   hugo is an imposter with wings who resembles 
an eagle his wings are also very colorful   which resemble a rainbow which is why his name is 
hugh and then gold comes from an eagle that's the   name the crewmates gave him and now for the second 
question where did he come from hugo is actually   from earth he was originally an eagle that was 
manipulated by dark and was soon turned into an   imposter and now all hugo does is go after the 
crewmates and spark fear amongst the entire crew   and now for the final question why did he watch 
the crewmates i know that i mentioned earlier that   hugo goes after the crewmates and eats them but 
he's also a spy and lets the imposters know about   their crewmates next move and that's the story of 
hugo i do also want to give a massive shout out to   kitty king for helping me produce this video if 
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