Anti-Mage has always been a staple of pub Dota, much like a Pudge in the mid lane and un-bought couriers and wards. Conversely his priority in competitive has never been high, at least recently, but he continues to be drafted by an intrepid (or stubborn) few, such as Team Faceless” Black^ and EHOME”s Cty.

Đang xem: Dota 2 anti mage guide

Patch 7.00 introduced a number of sweeping changes that have disrupted Anti-Mage”s way of life, but they”ve also opened up some new possibilities, such as building Mjollnir instead of a Battle Fury.

Here”s a quick guide on hating magic and playing a classic Dota hero, Magina, the Anti-Mage.


Anti-Mage”s short cooldown Blink gives him a lot of mobility, and when it”s combined with an early Battle Fury he becomes one of the fastest farmers in the game. However, patch 7.00 introduced a number of sweeping changes that have disrupted Anti-Mage”s way of life and may encourage a more “fighting Anti-Mage” style, but the classic style of flash farming is still heavily favored.

One of the 7.00 changes that affects Anti-Mage is the jungle respawn timer and now creeps respawn every even minute instead of every minute. This means an efficient route through the jungle for Anti-Mage often involves him delving into enemy territory or farming a lane, both not particularly safe options.

He is a carry hero by definition, but he may struggle going toe-to-toe with harder carries in the late game, such as Phantom Assassin or Spectre. Anti-Mage”s strength comes from his ability to farm quickly, effectively getting six-slotted faster than any other hero and keeping that momentum going.

Anti-Mage stays relevant in games by keeping a comfortable net worth lead over the enemy carries and does so by soaking up the jungle, split pushing lanes and hit-and-run ganks. You stay elusive in fights, going in when you can to blow someone up and pulling back when you get focused.

Skill Build

Another way that Anti-Mage has been affected by 7.00 is the inclusion of the talent tree system and by effect the removal of the stat leveling system. He was one of many heroes that benefited from taking early levels in stats depending on the situation and so his early game is hampered a little. But even without this, Anti-Mage”s skill priority is still pretty situational.

Leveling your ultimate ability Mana Void at Level 6 is solely dependent on whether you intend to be aggressive early on, which you should in this current meta, but AM thrives on being greedy and your ult does nothing for your early game farm. It”s also does pretty low damage at Level 1.

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Maxing Blink and Mana Break is what allows you to farm quickly. Generally the best path is maxing Mana Break first, but if your lane opponent opts for aggression in the lane the lower cooldown from higher levels of Blink could save your life.

Generally speaking, though, you”re pretty safe with taking an early value point in Spell Shield and maxing it last. Some players get two early levels, but the skill scales terribly as you gain 24% bonus magic resistance at level one, then an additional 8% magic res for subsequent levels. One early level is the most efficient path.


The itemization for Anti-Mage has largely been static throughout the multiple changes in the Dota 2 meta, but that could be changing in 7.00. The standard Battle Fury build up is still very much the go-to method, but with the changes to illusions and Maelstrom and Mjollnir, a new build is surfacing.

The long-short of these changes is that illusions are now affected by raw attack speed buffs, while the Mael/Mjoll procs are no longer Unique Attack Modifiers (which means Mana Break still procs when Chain Lightning procs).

Because of Anti-Mage”s 1.45s Base Attack Time, he benefits more from attack speed than heroes with lower BATs (default is 1.7s). Only Juggernaut, Oracle and Alchemist with Chemical Rage have faster BATs. But now that illusions benefit from attack speed, it”s worth exploring a Mjollnir route for Anti-Mage.

Starting and Early Game

A standard start is two Tangos, Stout Shield, Healing Salve and an Iron Branch, which is the same opener Black^ and Team Liquid”s Miracle- use. Cty often rushes his Poor Man”s Shield and picks up a single Tango, which is far greedier, especially against early magic damage, but if you can get away with it, all the better.

From here you”ll eventually pick up a Quelling Blade and a PMS, if you didn”t open with one, and this is where your build will split.

If you intend to go Battlefury, this is where you pick up a Ring of Health for the lane sustain, grab Boots of Speed and complete a Perseverance. However if you”re building towards a Mjollnir, get a Ring of Regen, then Boots of Speed, then a Headdress for an eventual Helm of the Dominator. Regardless of your path, complete your Power Treads afterwards.

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Sustain is your main tool to stay in the lane and find last hits. Battlefury has built-in sustain, making the stat a natural build-up, whereas a Maelstrom doesn”t offer the same thing, forcing you to find sustain elsewhere, which is where an HotD comes in.

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