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Welcome to Qojqva”s Book of the Death Prophet, a hero guide part of the Book of Dota series!

Here you will find all the information you need to learn to play DP on a high level – from drafting and builds to the optimal playstyle in different lanes and situations. We hope you’ll enjoy this guide and find it useful!

Draft: DP is one of the few cores who are a safe pick early in the draft. She is very hard to counter both in the lanes and in the mid-late game, which makes her a very reliable hero, albeit predictable in terms of tactical playstyle.

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Early Game: In the early laning stage bully your opponent with Spirit Syphon and attacks to create some space for yourself to get last hits and denies. In the later laning stage start playing a bit more carefully and use Crypt Swarm to out-push the wave and speed up your farm. Decide when to get your ultimate and when you have it – try to claim objectives with your team.

Mid & Late Game: Use the timing of your ultimate and important defensive items to push and force favorable fights. When your ultimate is down – use the space you’ve created and simply farm. Ideally, you will be able to get all outer towers in the mid game, which will allow you to out-farm your opponents, get Rosh and break their base in the late game.

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Death calls your name!

Death Prophet is an intelligence core hero ableto deal a lot of sustained physicaldamage while also being extremely hard to kill. Her signature ability, Exorcism,makes her a monster in team fights and allows her to push towers like abulldozer. This makes her one of the best cores for 5-man pushing strategies. Sheis also a strong laner thanks to her AoE nuke and Spirit Siphon which slows anddrains HP from opponents and is very useful both offensively and defensively.


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Powerful pusher:Exorcism is one of the best pushing abilities in the game – it lasts for 35seconds and deals large amounts of damage to both units and towers.

Reliable laner:Death Prophet isnot afraid of any mid lane match-up as she can hold her ground against prettymuch anybody. Spirit Siphon is a very nice ability for lane harassment, HP sustain and even surviving bad situations andCrypt Swarm is very useful for securing farm, pushing-out the lane, and harassing.


Pretty hardto kill:Thestrength of the hero in fights comes fromher abilities – they stay strong even in the later stages of the game and scalevery well without items. This is why DP can invest all of her income intomobility and survivability items, making the hero extremely hard to killcombined with the heal from Siphon and even her silence.

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Good stats:Death Prophet has one of the highest STR gains of all intelligence heroes andher INT and INT gain is also pretty good.Starting MS is also above average.



Very dependent on her ultimate:Exorcism is an extremely powerful ability which lasts long and deals greatdamage, but when it ends, the impact of DP is greatly reduced. The problem isthat it has a very long CD. This is why you have to be careful when you use itand you want to make sure you achieve something with it before it ends as theenemies will be able to play aggressively when they know it’s down.

Level-dependent:While she can beuseful without that much farm, Death Prophet is dependent on her levels as sheuses mostly her abilities to deal damage. They all scale pretty well and shewants Exorcism level 3 as soon as possible.


No disables:Aside froma weak slow and a silence, Death Prophet cannot easily stick to her target.This is a problem because she needs time to kill people with Exorcism.

Slowcasting animations:Aside from Spirit Siphon which is almost instant (0.1s), Crypt Swarm, Silenceand Exorcism have 0.5s casting time which is pretty long.



MATCH ID: 3930084254Replay

CCnC has avery good performance on DP. His team is facing a Brood Mother mid and Opticmake the smart decision to send DP + Chen into the offlane while Morph + Rubickgo mid against the Brood. The reason is that Morph has a strong AoE and moreimportantly – a mobility skill that can help him survive versus the Broodspiders much more easily.

As a resultof this decision, both DP and Morph havea good start in the game and they are able to keep up in farm to the extremelyfast farming Brood. This allows them to win mid game fights and secure avictory in 35 minutes. Notice that CnCC goes for a fast BKB to maximize hisimpact in those mid game fights and secure the game.


MATCH ID: 3928462587Replay

Armeldoesn’t get the best start in this game – he dies to QoP on the 7th,11th and 16th minute and he doesn’t get that much farmfrom the lane. Despite this he has a very high impact in the game and helps TNCsecure the victory – he does the most hero damage on his team, more even thanhis very farmed Gyro.

Notice hisskill build – the fast Aeon Disk allows him to survive versus the burst damageof QoP and to start winning mid-game fights and taking objectives.

This is agreat replay to watch if you want to learn how to come back into the game aftera bad start and start winning fights and taking map control.


DP forces fights and pushes when her ultimate is up andfarms when her ultimate is down. This pretty much determines her playstyle. Consequently,she fits best 5-man Dota pushing strategies. Nonetheless, the fact that she isa reliable laner and that she scales very well into the mid and late game makesher useful in a lot of situations and allows you to draft creatively.

She isusually picked as a position 2 hero – you typically want another carry in yourlineup because even though DP scales well, she is not a hard carry and she isCD reliant.

DP is oneof the most stable and reliable laners – tough to kill, close to impossible toharass or zone out unless multiple heroes focus her. She’s also able to standher ground in any match-up and possibly even swap lanes. This means you canpick her early in the draft without revealing your pos. 1 hero and your overallstrategy. It’s not a surprise that DP is one of the most popular pos. 2 heroeswhen the metagame is focused on fighting and pushing.

Lastly butequally importantly – unlike many heroes that scale well into the late game DPis a space creator, not just a space taker. She can start playing aggressivelyand pushing as soon as she has her ultimate and a couple of cheap survivabilityitems.

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DP is arelatively flexible laner and Siphon is a pretty strong skill in combinationwith heroes with good harass and killpotential. This means that she can be used in the side lanes:

In the safe lane, she can usually deal with theofflaner on her own, which frees up the supports to Zona Industrială, Iași,Romaniaroam and be active around the map. Being alone in the lane most of theitem also means she will get close to solo XP.

In the offlane,she is usually apart of an offensive dual lane. This is possible mainly thanks to Spirit Siphon– the spell lets you trade harass favorably and when combined with a supportwith good kill potential it can help you net kills. (Building an offensive lane withDP is a good idea only when the enemy safe lane is relatively weak. Facing avery strong dual or trilane is usually a bad idea because you are squishy earlyon in the game.)

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