Gem TD

Gem TD is a tower defense map that originated from Warcraft 3. It attributes a distinctive maze, a complicated difficulty curve and a high level of replayability.

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Build your gems and stones to defend the castle. 50+ waves of enemies will strike your castle.


1 Gameplay3 Towers


Players need to protect their Gem Castle by creating a long winding maze that creeps will certainly follow and enable for their towers to execute maximum damage prior to they reach the Gem Castle. Waves gain significantly challenging as the game progresses and each wave will have different abilities that add to the obstacle (magic immune, capability to disarm, flying, physical immune, etc). In response, players have the right to incorporate gems and towers to boost their damage. The game consists of a build phase and an strike phase.

Build Phase

Players must location 5 gems throughout the construct phase and then pick just one gem that will certainly remajor while the rest will certainly be turned into stone. The player must have a balance in between structure the maze itself and having actually gems in the ideal place in order to maximize their effectiveness. Each gem you area will certainly be random unmuch less you have actually skills that boost the possibilities for certain kinds of gems. To complete the construct phase, players must choose among the choices below:

SELECT (Check) Keep the selected gem onlyREMOVE (Stone) Rerelocate the stoneMERGE (^) Replace the schosen gem via the same kind one level higherMERGE (^^) Rearea the schosen gem through the same kind two levels higherCOMBINE (Tower)If you get the best combicountry of gems and towers you have the right to combine them to create a stronger tower through unique results relying on which gem/tower combination you gotIf you happen to gain all 3 gems compelled develop a tower during a solitary structure phase you can instantly develop the towerDOWNGRADE (Gem) Downgrades the gem to a random lower top quality for 200 goldAttack Phase

The assault phase involves creeps passing via 5 checkpoints in order around the map before reaching the Gem Castle. They take shortest path available between the checkpoints. Towers or gems that do the the majority of damages in a solitary round are awarded a MVP bonus which increases their damages and also decreases magic resistance (10% and also -10% respectively) of nearby enemies. When a gem or tower receives the max amount of MVP"s (10 MVP awards) they obtain a special aura with a selection of 600 (radius of 2 tiles) that rises damage of adjacent towers and also gems by 75%. Players have the right to direct the towers manually or tell them to stop in order to emphasis on specific adversaries or to manage which towers gain MVP bonprovides.


Gems come in assorted forms and also have actually a level 1-6.

NameLevelAbilityRangeDamageAttack Speed
Amethyst/P11Pierce 1Decrease enemy"s armor by 2.5002283 (0.60s)
Amethyst/P22Pierce 2Decrease enemy"s armor by 4.5004283 (0.60s)
Amethyst/P33Pierce 3Decrease enemy"s armor by 8.5006283 (0.60s)
Amethyst/P44Pierce 4Decrease enemy"s armor by 16.5008283 (0.60s)
Amethyst/P55Pierce 5Decrease enemy"s armor by 32.50010283 (0.60s)
Amethyst/P66Pierce MaxDecrease enemy"s armor by 64.50070283 (0.60s)
Aquamarine/Q11Speed1+200 attack speed.4002567 (0.25s)
Aquamarine/Q22Speed1+200 assault rate.4004567 (0.25s)
Aquamarine/Q33Speed1+200 attack speed.4008567 (0.25s)
Aquamarine/Q44Speed1+200 attack speed.40016567 (0.25s)
Aquamarine/Q55Speed1+200 strike speed.40024567 (0.25s)
Aquamarine/Q66Speed2+500 attack rate.500801337 (0.10s)
Diamond/D11N/A5005170 (1.00s)
Diamond/D22N/A50010170 (1.00s)
Diamond/D33N/A50020170 (1.00s)
Diamond/D44Damage 1+20 attack damage.50040170 (1.00s)
Diamond/D55Damage 2+40 attack damage.50080170 (1.00s)
Diamond/D66Damage 4+320 assault damages.500460283 (0.60s)
Emerald/G11Poikid 1Enemies take 2 damages per second. Lasts 5 secs.5002170 (1.00s)
Emerald/G22Poison 2Enemies take 4 damages per second. Lasts 5 secs.5004170 (1.00s)
Emerald/G33Poichild 3Enemies take 8 damages per second. Lasts 5 seconds.5006170 (1.00s)
Emerald/G44Poichild 4Enemies take 16 damages per second. Lasts 5 seconds.5008170 (1.00s)
Emerald/G55Poichild 5Enemies take 32 damage per second. Lasts 5 seconds.50010170 (1.00s)
Emerald/G66Poison MaxEnemies take 128 damages per second. Lasts 5 seconds.50012170 (1.00s)
Opal/E11Aura 1Increases allies strike speed by 20.5001170 (1.00s)
Opal/E22Aura 2Increases allies assault speed by 30.5002170 (1.00s)
Opal/E33Aura 3Increases allies assault rate by 40.5003170 (1.00s)
Opal/E44Aura 4Increases allies strike speed by 50.5004170 (1.00s)
Opal/E55Aura 5Increases allies attack speed by 60.5005170 (1.00s)
Opal/E66Aura MaxIncreases allies attack rate by 70.5006170 (1.00s)
Ruby/R11Cleave 1Deals 30% pure damages around 300 selection of the taracquire.5004170 (1.00s)
Ruby/R22Cleave 2Deals 40% pure damages about 350 selection of the target.5008170 (1.00s)
Ruby/R33Cleave 3Deals 50% pure damage about 400 selection of the tarobtain.50012170 (1.00s)
Ruby/R44Cleave 4Deals 60% pure damages roughly 450 range of the taracquire.50024170 (1.00s)
Ruby/R55Cleave 5Deals 70% pure damage roughly 500 selection of the tarobtain.50048170 (1.00s)
Ruby/R66Cleave MaxDeals complete damages roughly 700 variety of the taracquire.500150170 (1.00s)
Sapphire/B11Slow 1Decreases enemy"s activity rate by 60.6002170 (1.00s)
Sapphire/B22Slow 2Decreases enemy"s motion speed by 90.6004170 (1.00s)
Sapphire/B33Slow 3Decreases enemy"s activity speed by 120.6006170 (1.00s)
Sapphire/B44Slow 4Decreases enemy"s activity rate by 150.6008170 (1.00s)
Sapphire/B55Slow 5Decreases enemy"s motion speed by 180.60010170 (1.00s)
Sapphire/B66Slow MaxDecreases enemy"s activity speed by 480.slows all systems about 50 variety of the target60036283 (0.60s)
Topaz/Y11Split 1Attacks up to 3 enemy"s at the very same time.6003131 (1.30s)
Topaz/Y22Split 1Attacks approximately 3 enemy"s at the very same time.5006131 (1.30s)
Topaz/Y33Split 1Attacks approximately 3 enemy"s at the same time.5009131 (1.30s)
Topaz/Y44Split 1Attacks as much as 3 enemy"s at the exact same time.50018131 (1.30s)
Topaz/Y55Split 1Attacks up to 3 enemy"s at the exact same time.50036131 (1.30s)
Topaz/Y66Split 1Attacks approximately 3 enemy"s at the exact same time.5000200283 (0.60s)


NameClassificationAbilityRangeDamageAttack SpeedGems requiredOne Hit Secret Towers
SilverBasicSlow 2Decreases enemy"s motion speed by 90.60025170 (1.00s)B1 + D1 + Y1
Silver KnightCleave 3Deals 50% pure damage around 400 variety of the taracquire.Slow 3Decreases enemy"s motion speed by 120.70060213 (0.80s)Silver + Q2 + R3
Pink DiamondCrit 110% opportunity to deal x5 damage.DamageAttacks deal more damage.

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60080170 (1.00s)D5 + D3 + Y3
Huge Pink DiamondCleave 3Deals 50% pure damage about 400 array of the target.Crit 110% possibility to deal x5 damage.DamageAttacks deal even more damage.700220213 (0.80s)Pink Diamond + Silver Knight + Silver
Koh-i-noor DiamondCrit 110% chance to deal x5 damages.Damage Attacks deal more damage.Split 1Attacks as much as 3 enemy"s at the very same time.60015340 (0.50s)E1 + G1 + Q1
Vivid MalachiteSplit 1Attacks as much as 3 enemy"s at the exact same time.70050340 (0.50s)Malachite + D2 + Y3
Uranium-238Split2Attacks approximately 5 enemy"s at the exact same time.700100340 (0.50s)Y5 + B3 + E2
Uranium-235RadiationAttacks approximately 10 enemy"s at the same time.800240340 (0.50s)Uranium-238 + Malachite + Vivid Malachite
Deplemented-KypariumUranium-235 + Q6 + Y6
Asteriated RubyBurn 1Deals 60 damage eexceptionally second to surrounding enemies.6000340 (0.50s)R2 + R1 + P1
VolcanoBurn 2Deals 320 damage eexceptionally second to adjacent opponents.6000340 (0.50s)Asteriated Ruby + R4 + P3
BloodstoneLightning ChainAttacks have actually a 20% chance to spark a damaging lightning that jumps throughout opponents.70035170 (1.00s)R5 + Q4 + P3
Antique BloodstoneForked LightningAttacks have a 50% possibility to spark a forked lightningBurn 2Deals 320 damages eexceptionally second to adjacent adversaries.80070170 (1.00s)Bloodrock + Volcano + R2
The Crvery own PrinceAntique Bloodstone + R6 + G6
QuartzAnti-Fly 1Flying opponents armor lessened by 10 and activity speed decreased by 150.50015283 (0.60s)G4 + R3 + P2
Charming LazuriteAnti-Fly 2Flying adversaries armor decreased by 10 and also motion rate reduced by 250and magic resistance is reduced by 50.80020283(0.60s)Quartz + P4 + Y2
JadePoikid 4Enemies take 8 damages per second. Lasts 5 secs.80010340 (0.50s)G3 + E3 + B2
Lucky Chinese JadePoison 5Enemies take 16 damage per second. Lasts 5 secs.RecoverAttacks have a 1% chance to heal Gem Castle by 1.Anti-Fly 1Flying adversaries armor decreased by 10 and also movement speed diminished by 150.90030340 (0.50s)Quartz + Jade + G3
Grey JadeOverlookIncrease strike range of allies by 300.Poison 5Enemies take 16 damage per second. Lasts 5 seconds.80030340 (0.50s)Jade + B4 + Q3
Monkey King JadePoiboy 5Enemies take 16 damages per second. Lasts 5 seconds.OverlookIncrease strike variety of allies by 300.Moncrucial King BarGrants towers roughly through assaults regardmuch less of evasion.100050340 (0.50s)Grey Jade + G4 + P2
Dark EmeraldStunAttacks have a 10% chance to stun the enemy.70080340 (0.50s)G5 + B4 + Y2
Emerald GolemStunAttacks have actually a 10% possibility to stun the foe.Corrupt 1Decrease enemy"s armor by 20.Stone Gaze1% probcapability in strike to create Gaze: Enemies movement speed in 1000 array willbe sharply lessened, also those faced to the Golem over 2s will certainly be transformedinto stone, rooted for 3s via 100% additional physical damage.700150340 (0.50s)Dark Emerald + Gold + D3
Yellow SaphireIceDecrease nearby opponents motion by 75%.60020170 (1.00s)B5 + R4 + Y4
GoldCorrupt 1Decrease enemy"s armor by 30.60060213 (0.80s)P5 + P4 + D2
Egypt GoldCorrupt 2Decrease enemy"s armor by 40.GreedyAttacks have a 1% possibility to heal provide you 1-50 gold.700120213 (0.80s)Gold + P5 + Q2
Chrysoberyl Cat"s EyeAura 5Increases allies attack rate by 60.InspireIncrease nearby gems assault by 50%.5006170 (1.00s)E5 + D4 + Q3
Red CoralAura 4Increases allies assault rate by 50.Aura 5Increases allies attack speed by 60.InspireIncrease nearby gems assault by 50%.ResistTowers nearby withstand magic influence.50080269(0.60s)Deepsea Pearl + Chrysoberyl Cat"s Eye + E4
Paraiba TourmalineDecadentDecrease surrounding opponents armor by 15.60030283(0.60s)Q5 + E4 + G2
Elaborately Carved TourmalineStunAttacks have a 10% possibility to stun the opponent.Decadent 2Decrease surrounding enemies armor by 30.700100283(0.60s)Dark Emerald + Paraiba Tourmaline + G2
Sapphire Star of AdamTop towerElaborately Carved Tourmaline + G6 + P6
Deepsea PearlResistTowers nearby withstand magic influence.50080283(0.60s)Q4 + D4 + E2
Carmen-LuciaOtomadAdds 500 strike speed to adjacent towers.Red Cdental + E6 + Q6
AgateSplit 2Attacks as much as 7 enemy"s at the exact same time.3000430425(0.40s)G5 + E5 + Q5
EhomeAura MaxIncreases allies assault speed by 70.

OtomadIncreases allies assault rate by 500.

5006163(1.00s)E1 + E2 + E3 + E4 + E5
ObsidianCleave 5Deals 70% pure damage approximately 500 range of the targain.Slow 5Decreases enemy"s motion rate by 180.600820D5 + B5 + Y5
Fantastic Miss ShrimpLightning ChainAttacks have a 20% opportunity to spark lightning that jumps across enemies.Forked LightningAttacks have actually a 50% possibility to spark a forked lightning


Stops attacking once melancholic

GeluanshiDecadent2Decrease adjacent enemy"s armor by 20, magic resistance by 20, disregard magic immune.Pierce MaxDecrease enemy"s armor by 64.Anti-Fly3Flying enemy"s armor decreased by 50 and movement rate by 500 and magic resistance reduced by 50.????????B5 + G5 + B4 + G4
The Burning StoneBurn 3Deals 4000 magic damages eexceptionally 2 secs to adjacent enemies6000R5 + R4 + P5 + P4
Wings StoneBurned

Deals 100% magic damages in a 200 AoE through each attack

600random on tower construct in between 1-1024


Skills have the right to be bought in GemTD making use of shells and also they are then attached to the character you are currently making use of. Each skill has 4 levels which is upgraded by purchasing the ability again in the keep. Shells are acquired at the finish of the month depending on your international rank or you deserve to purchase extra shells making use of the attach gave in-game.


These are Waves 1-50 to "beat" the Game. After wave 50 the waves repeat themselves via various skills within a round.

Bosses all 10 waves.

In some waves tbelow is a chance to discover an alternative opponent.

WaveNameTypeSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3
1Frenzied PigGround
2Swift FrogGround
3Sturdy YakGround
4Smart RobotGround
5Baby PandaFlying
6Tardy StumpGround
7Satisfied LizardGround
8Invisible SpiderGroundCloak and Dagger
10Invincible DogBoss


11Hairy SheepGround
12Funny AlpacaGroundDisarm
13Pig PrincessGround
15Bamboo Addict


Cat & Dog

16Young DemonGroundMagic Immunity
17Belted ChickenGroundUntouchable
18BajieGroundCloak and DaggerDisarm


22LockyawGroundHigh Armor
23FlopjawGroundPhysical ImmuneRefraction
24Mech DonkeyGroundReactive Armor
25CosairFlyingHigh Armor
26Skateboard FlamingoGroundMagic Immunity
27LGD Goldfish



FlyingUntouchablePhysical Immune


IG Dragon

FlyingReactive Armor
29VG FoxFlyingEvasionRefraction
30Carpet Rider





31BookwyrmGroundMagic ImmunityRefraction
32Recharable SharkGroundRecharge
33Ribboned ZombieGroundPhysical ImmuneBlink
35Black & White FoxFlyingMagic Immunity


Physical Immunity

36JumoGroundMagic Immunity


Physical Immunity

38LilnovaGroundCloak and also DaggerOR Vitality
39NewtFlyingUntouchableKraken ShellEvasion
40Thrilling GhostBoss


Kraken Shell


Jade Dragon

42KupuFlyingMagic ImmunityRush
43Furry fishGroundUntouchableEvasionRecharge
44ShroomyGroundMagic ImmunityBlink
45ChirpyFlyingLevel ?Disarm
46BoooofusGroundPhysical Immune
47CrummyGroundMagic ImmuneUntouchableRush
48WabbitFlyingMagic ImmuneDisarmEvasion
49DrodoGroundKraken ShellRecharge
50Baby Roshan


Golden Baby Roshan


Platinum Baby Roshan



Kraken Shell

Magic Immune

Kraken Shell


Kraken Shell


Seakid Rank are composted by Solo/Co-Op Rank + Race Rank. They recollection every Month.

Percentage is equal of your position of all players.

Gray Gem1080-100%
Light Blue Gem2030-80%
Deep Blue Gem3011-29%
Purple Gem503-10%
Golden Gem701-2%
Crown100Top 100
25Stout Shield
25Iron Branch
24Ring of Basilius
24Quelling Blade
23Poor Man Shield
23Blades of Attack
22Ogre Axe
19Ring of Health
19Force Staff
18Helm of Iron Will
18Blink Dagger
17Ring of Aquila
16Glimmer Cape
15Helm Of Dominator
15Eul"s Scepter of Divinity
14Vladmir"s Offering
14Shadow Blade
13Hood Of Defience
11Blade Mail
11Aghanim"s Scepter
10Solar Crest
10Silver Edge
9Crimboy Guard
9Babsence King Bar
8Battle Fury
7Lotus Orb
7Manta Style
6Shivas Guard
6Monessential King Bar
5Octarine Core
4Assault Cuirass
4Scythe of Vyse
3Heart of Tarrasque
1Aegis of the Immortal
1Divine Rapier (Excalibur)

By Kzzz


Random Quests:

Complete all levels via the GemCastle full health and wellness.
Complete all levels through any type of single-round only tower.obtain a Secret Tower
Complete all levels within 40 minutes.1-15 Shells
Complete all levels within 50 minutes.
Complete all levels within 60 minutes.
Complete all levels without any kind of Amethyst settled.
Complete all levels without any single-round combicountry.1-5 Shells
Complete all levels without any kind of Asteriated Ruby.
Complete all levels without any Malachite.1-5 Shells
Complete all levels without any kind of Silver.
Complete all levels and kill golden baby roshan.
Complete all levels via 5 MVPs.
Complete all levels and also kill Zard-.1-5 Shells10% chance to show up on level 30

|Complete all levels in Shrub Challenge|1-15 shells||-Fixed Quests:

Finish 4 Random Quests.

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Extra slot tool
Completing all levels1-10 Shells7 days
Season award10-100 Shellslast day of month
First purchase in ebayunique mystical hero Juggernout


Manage MVP bonuses appropriately to maximize damages in the late game.Have a balance between physical and also magical damageStack various levels of Opal auras for the assault speed and also Sapphires for the slow. Having the very same aura level such as two Opal E2 auras indicates that they execute not stack and the 2 auras will certainly just count as one.

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