How To: The New Ping Wheels?? :: Dota 2 How To Ping ' Can You Change The Hotkey For Pinging In Dota 2

Ping is a helping feature in Dota 2 as it helps players to help their teammates by pinging on the map. If any team player sees any danger or any enemy close to them, he can alert their other teammates by pinging on the map. Ping is of two types, i.e., the cross ping and the exclamation ping. Cross ping is used to tell your teammates to retreat your enemies, whereas exclamation pings help to say to your teammates to go somewhere.

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There are various ways to help you with ping in Dota 2 and allow you to help your teammates. All the players need to know about this ping feature so that they can grab benefits from it. Before playing any game, you should try to gather all the related information so that you won't face any problem in the future. If you tend to learn about this feature, then you don't have to face this problem now.


But no need to worry, here are some points available which can help you to learn how to ping in Dota 2 and also helps you to enhance your knowledge.

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Ways to Ping

The first thing you need to consider is that you have to perform an exclamation ping to tell your players to move from one place to another. It can help the other teammates to remain safe from any danger or misfortune. With this help, you can attack your enemies or defend yourself by hiding from that area or unit. You need to press Alt with the mouse's left-click; it will help you get a sword icon which you can grab to kill your enemy in their areas.You can also perform the cross ping if you want your teammates to know that they have any danger in that particular area. It will help them to retreat rather than going to that particular area. You have to press ctrl+alt with left click on anywhere on the screen. This kind of ping will have a different sound effect and so no need to get panic.You can also opt for drawing a path for your teammates to show them a safe route. For guiding your teammates, you need to hold the ctrl button and the left click of the mouse on the minimap and have to draw the lines around the mini-map. It will help you to draw some lines on those areas of the plan were feel any danger. Try to draw the lines when you feel any danger or when you want to initiate the fight with your enemies.You can ping anywhere on the map, especially when you find any danger, and want to help your teammates. Ping can be clicked on the mini-map and in the game, but lines can only be drawn on the mini-map.

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Final Verdict

With the help of the above points, you can learn how to ping in Dota 2, especially for Defense of the Ancients. It will also help you to know about various new aspects that you don't know before. You have to pay proper attention while considering the information so that you won't face any problem and understand it well.

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