I can"t predict or wager in Dota 2. How to permit wagering? So I have the right to predict and also win wagering points.

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This is something that deserve to only be done through the Winter Battle Pass.

This allows players to bet, using tokens*, at the beginning of games. If they go on to win the game they will obtain battle points, which level up the Winter Battle Pass.

*Players obtain given 1000 tokens each week to bet via.


Tbelow are currently two ways players can make predictions on games:

* From some cdamages it was possible to obtain Arcanas or coins, however are no longer obtainable.



Wagering is somepoint which compendium owner deserve to carry out. Compendium permits a perchild to bet and win points alengthy the game. These points level up your compendium and you get your awards appropriately. Current compendium in dota 2 is winter fight pass.

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Predictions is somepoint which a gem owners can carry out. Valve frequently releases prediction gems in which once you win 3 times you obtain a treacertain.

Make certain you buy compendium or gems to permit wagering or prediction.

Note:- gems deserve to likewise be derived once s perchild recycles 10 items.


About wagering, you need to very own the battle pass in order to wage your points. Then, you deserve to wage after hero selection.

About predict, you need to recycle a couple of of your items to attain a things that will allow you to predict, or you can buy the item at the store.

Just buy the compendium, and you deserve to wager eexceptionally week 1000 :).The predition is one more thing.You deserve to buy compendium below :http://www.dota2.com/international/battlepass

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