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Welcome to Qojqva”s Book of Leshrac, a hero guide part of the Book of Dota series!

Here you will find all the information you need to learn to play Lesh on a high level – from drafting and builds to the optimal playstyle in different lanes and situations. We hope you’ll enjoy this guide and find it useful!


Draft: Lesh is very flexible in terms of roles and lanes, so picking him early on isn’t going to give out a lot of info to the enemy team. Having allies that can set up for your stun in the lane is great. You usually want to pick Lesh in a 5-man pushing draft.

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Early Game: Use your early game kill and pushing potential to win the laning stage and claim objectives early in the game. If you are a core you should flash farm as much as possible – push out the wave, stack and farm camps. If you are a support – prioritize zoning out and rotating for kill attempts.

Mid & Late Game: In the ideal scenario you will finish the game by pushing the enemy base with a resource advantage in the mid game before your opponents have BKBs and before their carries deal very high physical damage. Nonetheless, if this is not possible continue flash farming and don’t be afraid to take it late – you scale well with farm. You can even anti-push and split-push if you want to buy time.

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Stronger than the Brittle Earth

Leshrac isone of the more versatile heroes in Dota. He can easily fit in differentsituations and contribute thanks to his skill set. He is a great pusher and flash-farmerand unlike most spellcasters in Dota 2,he scales well with items. Nevertheless, Lesh is one of the easier heroes tokill in the game, which is even a bigger drawback bearing in mind that in orderto maximize the efficiency of his skills, he needs to be in the middle of thefight.

Picking himas a support allows you to exploit his pushing and early game killing potentialwithout relying on him to carry the game in its later stage. However, thismeans that he will most likely lack sufficient farm to allow him to scale wellin the mid/late game.

Picking him as a core (most likely solo mid or safe lane) will allow you to get the needed resources to flash farm and dominate team fights in the mid and late game with your powerful AoE potential.


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Flexible: He fits in different lineups as he is good in diverse situations: pushing,ganking, team-fighting or counter-pushing.He also could go to virtually any lane.

One of the best pushers: Diabolic Edict allows him to take down towersreally quickly even early on in the game.

Damage: While Split Earth and Lightning Storm allowLeshrac to nuke enemies down, Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova provide goodsustained magical damage.

Control: Split Earth is a very potent AOE stun which provides Leshwith decent control from the start of the game.

Fast farmer: His two nukes have low cooldowns, which allows him to spam them and take multiple creeps at once – veryuseful for flash-farming, along with his ultimate.

Scales well with farm: When Leshrac hasstrong items to compensate for his natural squishiness, he excels in teamfights.

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Fast: As most four-leggedor mounted heroes in the game, he has above average movement speed.

Anti-push: Lightning Storm is a good spell for taking the creepaggro away from towers without exposing oneself to danger.

Good range and attack animation: This allows him toharass easily and helps at last-hitting.

Good mana pool: He is very manaintensive, so the good mana pool helps a lot


Weak Survivability: Low base STR andSTR gain, in addition to no escape mechanism meanshe is easy to kill.

Countered by magic immunity: Magic immunitynegates almost all of his DPS output and all of his control. BKB’s or spellsthat provide immunity could make Leshrac virtually useless in a fight.


Cast animation: He has a very slowcast animation on all of his spells. In addition, Split Earth has a furtherdelay. In order to be certain of landing Split Earth, Lesh usually needs setup fromanother hero (even though the mini-slow from Lightning Storm can help).

Level and farm dependent: To use his Pulse Nova to its full potential he usually needs a very big mana pool and the ability to survive among multiple enemies.

OG vs Team Moriarty, Mars Dota 2 League

MATCH ID: 3782320158Replay

S4 plays amid Lesh in a 5-man pushing draft – the other cores of OG are Terrorblade andDragon Knight, so the team has the potential to push down towers in mereseconds. He demonstrates the very high kill potential of the hero by killingthe enemy Zeus (among other heroes) multiple times. Both of his supports cansetup for his stun – Bane with Nightmare and ET with Stomp, which makes stayingin the lane vs Lesh almost impossible.

Afterlosing the laning stage very heavily, the Dire team has no means to stop thepush and taps out in 17 minutes.

Double Dimension vs Alliance

Match ID: 3720693563Replay

Team DD is using a hard support (pos.5) Lesh in anaggressive 5-man pushing strategy and manage to beat Alliance in 20 minutes.

Lesh + SKis a potent combo – SK can Burrowstrike to setup for Lesh’s Split Earth, whichallows them to pressure the lanes. In this game the laning stage is not whatdetermined the outcome, however – it was the strength of DD’s 5-man death-ball.

Notice theability build That J4 (who is playing Lesh) goes for: even though he is playingin a 5-man push strat, he goes for theSplit Earth + Lightning Storm build. The reason is that he knows that he willnot need to deal the dower damage, as they have Lycan on their team. He decidesthat as a pos. 5 he will have a bigger impact if he stays in the back lines tospam his spells.

It is very hard to say with certainty in what situation the hero shouldbe picked (or drafted) because as we already said, he is very versatile,especially in the support role. One thing to always bear in mind should be hisearly-mid game kill potential and his amazing ability to push. Whatever yourgame plan, you should accommodate these two abilities and aim to accomplishsomething with them.

When you draft Leshrac in a strategy, it is usually to utilize his pushing ability. How you do this depends on what role you give to the hero. A support Lesh will not scale well into the later stages of the game but can give you the opportunity to be very aggressive (with ganks and pushing) in the early game. A farming Lesh, on the other hand, could help you dominate the mid-game with his team-fight presence.

Usually, the mainidea of drafting Lesh as a defensive 3-lane support is to push the enemy towersquickly. Otherwise, Lesh is played as atraditional support at that position – providing vision, babysitting the carry,pulling for levels and farm or initiating ganks.

Partneredwith another support with disable, Leshcan be part of a very strong roaming and ganking support duo in the early gameas the two heroes should have very heavy kill potential.

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Finally,since Lesh scales well with farm, he could benefit a lot from stacking andpulling the jungle as he could farm rather efficiently this way and be aformidable team fight presence in the mid stages of the game.

Hence, thegeneral idea behind drafting Lesh in a defensive 3-lane is:

To pushdown towers in the early game and provide map controlTo be a part of a roaming support duo in order to gank enemies in the lanesTo pull and farm the jungle, getting enough farm and levels to have a significant impact in fights

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