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Dropper Minecraft servers typically involve dropper maps in which players spawn upon a ledge and must jump down into the water below without hitting any obstacles on the path down.

This might sound easy, but dropper maps are designed to include many different obstacles that will kill the player if they touch them. Players must use their skills to carefully avoid any blocks on their descent downwards into the water.

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The best Minecraft servers to play dropper have been listed below. All of these Minecraft servers have lots of exciting dropper maps and can be joined 24/7. They are also 100% free to play, so why not give them a try?

Most suitable Minecraft servers for dropper game mode

1) Purple Prison

IP Address:

Purple Prison is a hugely popular server and has an assortment of custom made dropper maps to play

Although primarily a Minecraft prison server, Purple Prison is a very popular server with a few different game modes. One such game mode is dropper, and Purple Prison offers a large assortment of beautiful custom-built dropper maps for players to enjoy.

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There are several different dropper maps of varying difficulty on the server, and players are rewarded for completing each map with rare items and tags.

To play dropper, players can simply join the server and type: /warp dropper

2) Advancius Network

IP Address:

Advancius Network offers 24 unique dropper maps to play

Advancius Network is a relatively new Minecraft server and isn't as popular as Purple Prison but offers a huge selection of different game modes, including dropper.

With 24 unique dropper maps of varying difficulty to choose from, there's enough dropper fun to keep one entertained for hours on end.

Dropper maps on the Advancius Network Minecraft server vary in difficulty from easy to expert

3) TallCraft

IP Address:

TallCraft is a dropper server with 37 unique maps to choose from

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Tallcraft is an OG Minecraft server that's been around since 2011. The server offers three main game modes: Survival, Hunger Games, and of course, dropper.

While there isn't much data available to confirm the matter, TallCraft might just be one of the first Minecraft dropper servers to ever be created. With such a long uptime and vast history, the server naturally has a tight-knit community feel to it.

Boasting 37 unique maps created by the players themselves, TallCraft also takes the cake on this list for the widest variety of playable dropper maps.

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