What Is The Easiest Class To Play In Wow Pvp Class Guides (Shadowlands 9

Hello guys. With Shadowlands around the corner I would really like to start PvPing and working towards as high of a rating as I can however I am unsure where to even begin. Are there any noob friendly classes I could play to really learn arena with? I already understand there will be tons of learning ahead of me but I guess what I am really asking is, what is the easiest class/role to execute well while being able to focus on other fundamentals of the Arena.

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Of course every class and spec come with it’s own skill cap and difficulty curve. However if you’re just looking to dip your toes and start the learning I would recommend Demon Hunter if you prefer melee or Warlock if you like range. If you like to heal then take your pick as they each come with their ups and downs.

DH’s are routinely picked on for being a brainless DPS class, but they are a lot of fun in and outside of PvP and when you and your team line up a big kill it’s really enjoyable. Same for warlock but they definitely take a bit of learning in the arena of when to fear, stun, chaos bolt etc.

IMHO, pick whatever class you really enjoy and you can PvP with them and push high rating no matter what if you’re willing to invest the time and effort!

Happy hunting and go git em

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People are going to give you answers based on the meta currently, but I’ll give you a few pointers.

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All of the classes have some form of complexity, including DH. Now before I get shit on for that, let me preface that Dh’s that know how to abuse I frames (meta leaping to avoid TOD, for example) and when to use their toolkit are examples. I honestly think you should play a class you like the aesthetic of, see if you like how it handles and go from their. Once you get a hang of the basics of arena (CC, peeling, goes, comps, cross CC, set ups, defensive and offensives) you can make an educated guess on what you want to play based on who you want to play with. (Your best available comps)

I think that as a rule, melee classes are a tad easier to pick up on the fundamentals of arena. Of those, the easiest to plug and play might be Frost dk, followed by DH. Warrior might be another good place to start, though it’s not currently really good. The difference between a good warrior and a bad warrior is all about maximizing uptime, which comes with skillfully using your limited mobility correctly.

I would stay away from Monk, feral, rogue and unholy to start. Not becusse their particularly hard, but they do have a skillcap to them that is much higher than other classes and it really separates the cream from the crop.

Not mentioned I guess are sham, pala and melee hunter. All are fine, but are so comp dependant.

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If you were interested in a ranged dps, I would suggest to pick one that doesn’t have a pet, so you don’t have to worry about pet management. Mage, boomkin, ele and spriest are all options. Warlock is god tier currently, but I don’t think it’d a good place to learn mechanics well. I think ranged dps are a bit harder to learn initially, but more rewarding to play when you get a bit into it.

If you have any questions about specific classes, feel free to ask! Happy hunting!

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