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This guide covers all the titles in WoW from the serious to the silly, organized by topic and linked to their achievement and basic source details.

Account-Wide Changes

In Mists of Pandaria, many titles became account-wide, meaning alts can use titles they haven”t individually earned as long as they”re at the minimum level it could be acquired at. For example, a level 80 alt could wear <Name>, Death”s Demise if another character on the account earned it.

Only a handful of titles aren”t account-wide, most notably RBG titles, Justicar, Conqueror, and of the Shattered Sun.

The other major change was account-wide progress on meta-achievements like What a Long, Strange Trip It”s Been. Players can work on holiday, PvP, and raid meta-achievements across characters now, instead of repeating the achievements on any character that needed the rewards.

A few notable exceptions include Master of Pandaren Cooking, Tranquil Master, and The Shado-Master.

Popular Titles

Below are the most popular titles among wtbblue.com users with Profiles:

Class Halls

Players that complete the Class Hall Campaign earn a special title at 110. Completing each quest series awards several class champions and the Class Hall Armor Set. It is also required to start the Class Mount Quest.
Death Knight: from The Fourth HorsemanDemon Hunter: from I Am the Slayer!Druid: from The Demi-God”s ReturnHunter: from In Defense of DalaranMage: from Into the OculusMonk: from Storm BrewPaladin: from Warriors of LightPriest: from High Priest of NetherlightRogue: from The ImposterShaman: from Allegiance of FlameWarlock: from Selecting a SixthWarrior: from The Fate of Hodir


Stable Master <Name> is a reward from The Stable Master/The Stable Master. This essentially requires you to acquire all six mounts from Stables questlines. This can be completed at Stables Level 1. Learn more about this building with our Stables GuideArchitect <Name> is a reward from Garrison Architect. You must learn 60 blueprints in Grand Master Draftsman, construct the four preset buildings in Keepin” Busy, and have all level 3 buildings on a level 3 Garrison in Master Builder.Choppin” Some More Logs is for 50 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill Level 1 and rewards the Lumberjack title.Choppin” Even More Logs is for 100 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill Level 1. It rewards the Commandojack title for Alliance and Timber Lord for Horde. is from Master of the Seas, which requires you to complete 50 Naval Combat, 50 Treasure Missions, and 25 Naval Training, Bonus, and Siege missions.

The Gladiator”s Sanctum has numerous titles, learn more in our building guide:

<Name>, Lady of War and <Name>, Lord of War are rewards from The Last of Us—win the Highmaul Coliseum event from Gladiator”s Sanctum Level 3.

Warlord of Draenor rewards the Warlord of Draenor title. It requires players to kill 500 players of every race and complete Fight, Kill, Salute! at the Gladiator”s Sanctum Level 3:

Killing 500 players of every race has unique titles as well and requires Gladiator”s Sanctum Level 2:

Nemesis: Death Stalker <Name> the Death Stalker
Nemesis: Huojin”s Fall <Name>, Huojin”s Fall
Nemesis: Killer of Kezan <Name>, Killer of Kezan
Nemesis: Orcslayer Orcslayer <Name>
Nemesis: Slayer of Sin”dorei <Name>, Slayer of Sin”dorei
Nemesis: The Butcher <Name> the Butcher
Nemesis: Troll Hunter Troll Hunter <Name>
Nemesis: Draenei Destroyer <Name>, Draenei Destroyer
Nemesis: Dwarfstalker <Name> the Dwarfstalker
Nemesis: Gnomebane Gnomebane <Name>
Nemesis: Manslayer <Name> the Manslayer
Nemesis: Scourge of the Kaldorei <Name>, Scourge of the Kaldorei
Nemesis: Terror of the Tushui <Name>, Terror of the Tushui
Nemesis: Worgen Hunter Worgen Hunter <Name>

Dungeons, Raids, and other Challenges

General Bosses

<Name> the Patient is given for completing Looking For Many, pugging with 50 random players to complete heroic dungeons. Both Wrath and Cata heroic dungeons count towards this. If you pug 50 more, you”ll get Perky Pug.<Name> Jenkins is given for completing Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!, destroying 50 rookery whelps in 15 seconds. To get to the Rookery, you”ll need to zone into UBRS, turn to the left, and kill two rooms of orcs as well as Pyroguard Emberseer. This will unlock the Rookery–be careful not to aggro too many at once if you are at low-level.

Northrend Bosses

<Name> the Astral Walker is awarded to players who have completed Observed (25 player), killing Algalon on 25-player mode. Algalon used to have a a one hour timer, but that”s been removed. <Name>, Bane of the Fallen King is awarded to players who have completed Bane of the Fallen King, defeating the Lich King in 10-player Heroic mode. You do not need to clear the rest of ICC on heroic to access Lich King Heroic–just the end wing bosses.Completing Champion of the Frozen Wastes, defeating all heroics (remember to do the optional dungeon bosses) and raids that shipped with Wrath, awards <Name>, Champion of the Frozen Wastes. Later dungeons such as The Forge of Souls are not needed.<Name>, Herald of the Titans is a Feat of Strength but it is still obtainable–the catch is that the players need to be level 80 in the proper ilvl 226 gear: Herald of the Titans.<Name> the Kingslayer is awarded to players who have defeated the Lich King on either 10 or 25 player mode in Icecrown Citadel. It”s a great lore-filled title and easy to pug, especially if you have some friends wanting to finish a Shadowmourne for vanity.<Name> the Light of Dawn is awarded to players who have completed The Light of Dawn, defeating the Lich King on 25-player Heroic mode.<Name> of the Nightfall is awarded to players who have completed The Twilight Zone (10 player), defeating 3-Drake Sartharion in 10-player mode. This boss has the guaranteed mount drop Reins of the Black Drake.Starcaller <Name> is awarded to players who have completed Observed (10 player), killing Algalon on 10-player mode. Like the 25-player version, the time limit for this boss has been removed.Twilight Vanquisher <Name> is awarded to players who have completed The Twilight Zone (25 player), killing 3-Drake Sartherion on 25-player mode. It”s also possible to zerg this boss down if you have enough players, and you”ll be rewarded with the guaranteed drop Reins of the Twilight Drake.

Cata Bosses

<Name>, Blackwing”s Bane is awarded to players who have completed Heroic: Nefarian, defeating Nefarian on either 10 or 25-player Heroic mode.<Name>, Defender of a Shattered World is awarded for completing Defender of a Shattered World, requiring completion of t11 normal raids and all heroic 5-player dungeons added at Cataclysm”s launch.Dragonslayer <Name> is awarded for completing Heroic: Sinestra, defeating Sinestra (only available on heroic difficulty).<Name> of the Four Winds is awarded for completing Heroic: Al”Akir, defeating Al”akir on either 10 or 25-player Heroic mode.New to 4.2 is Firelord <Name>, awarded for killing Heroic: Ragnaros in 10 or 25-player mode.New to 4.3 is <Name>, Destroyer”s End for killing Deathwing on Normal or Heroic difficulty. Killing Deathwing only on Heroic difficulty yields <Name>, Savior of Azeroth.

Pandaria Bosses

<Name> the Fearless is awarded to players who completed Heroic: Sha of Fear.<Name>, Delver of the Vaults is awarded to players who completed Heroic: Will of the Emperor.<Name> the Tranquil Master requires players to kill all the Shas in Pandaria. This includes dungeon bosses (Sha of Doubt, Sha of Violence), quest NPCs (Sha of Despair, Sha of Hatred), and raid bosses (Sha of Fear, Sha of Anger).<Name>, Storm”s End is awarded to players who completed Heroic: Lei Shen.Garrosh Hellscream in Siege of Orgrimmar has several titles associated with him. For killing him on Normal difficulty, Alliance players get <Name>, Conqueror of Orgrimmar and Horde players get <Name>, Liberator of Orgrimmar. For killing him on Heroic difficulty, players get <Name>, Hellscream”s Downfall.Queueing the seven scenarios available at MoP”s launch (A Brewing Storm, Unga Ingoo, Crypt of Forgotten Kings, Arena of Annihilation, Brewmoon Festival, Greenstone Village, Theramore”s Fall (A)) rewards the title <Name> the Scenaturdist for Scenaturday

Draenor Bosses

The Savage Hero requires you to complete Savage Hero which is a mix of killing dungeon and raid bosses. Learn how to kill these bosses with our Warlords Dungeon Guides!Jenkins is obtainable from the new UBRS via Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy…?.the Indomitable is a reward for Challenge Warlord: Bronze.<Name> Ironbane is a reward for Mythic: Blackhand”s Crucible.<Name>, Empire’s Twilight is a reward for Mythic: Imperator”s Fall. is from Mythic: Archimonde.

Legion Bosses

is a reward for Mythic: Xavius is a reward for Mythic: Gul”dan is a reward for Mythic: Argus the Unmaker is a reward for Glory of the Tomb Raider is a reward for Mythic: Kil”jaeden

BFA Bosses

Defeat Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Battle of Dazar”alor on Mythic difficulty to receive the title.The first 100 Alliance guilds to defeat Mythic Jaina receive the title.The first 100 Horde guilds to defeat Mythic Jaina receive the title. is awarded to the first 100 guilds worldwide on each faction to kill Mythic G”huun and earn Hall of Fame: G”huun (Alliance) or Hall of Fame: G”huun (Horde). from defeating Mythic: G”huun



is awarded for collecting 300 mounts, along with Reins of the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent. Check out the Mount Guide to see which mounts catch your fancy and the Profiler to show which mounts you have collected.


is awarded for completing Fabulous, which requires players to collect numerous appearances for each slot. is awarded for completing Azeroth”s Next Top Model and unlocking 10 full transmog sets. We have overviews of all PvE and PvP sets.

Pet Battles

For collecting twenty pet cats, you will get Crazy for Cats and <Name> the Crazy Cat Lady/Man. To learn more about all the collectible cats, check out this comment.Completing 1000 max-level PvP battles, Deadly Pet Brawler, gives the Trainer <Name> title. Along the way, you”ll get Brutal Pet Brawler and Stunted Direhorn too! To analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your battle pet teams, check out our Battle Pet Team Calculator.Tamer <Name> is rewarded for completing Taming Azeroth. To learn how to beat the pet tamers, check out ishirra”s Battle Pet Dailies Guide and analyze trainer teams with our Battle Pet Team Calculator.Zookeeper <Name> is awarded to players who have completed World Safari–collecting all the wild pets available at Mists of Pandaria”s launch. Pets on the Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle aren”t needed. To learn about Wild Battle Pets, check out Rothana”s Wild Battle Pet Quicklists.

Solo Content


<Name> the Explorer is given to players who have completed the meta achievement Universal Explorer, discovering all listed zones and subzones under Eastern Kingdoms Explorer, Kalimdor Explorer, Outland Explorer, Northrend Explorer, Cataclysm Explorer. Along the way, you”ll get a Tabard of the Explorer out of the deal. Don”t forget that with a multi-seater flying mount and a good friend, low levels can obtain this title.<Name the Camel-Hoarder is another title one gets by flying around a lot. It”s given to players that have completed Scourer of the Eternal Sands in Uldum, meaning they have found a “good” Mysterious Camel Figurine in Uldum that will port them to Dormus the Camel-Hoarder who drops Reins of the Grey Riding Camel.<Name> the Relic Hunter is given to players who have completed Is Another Man”s Treasure, looting 20 rare-spawn objects in Pandaria. These objects range from BoA weapons to vanity recipes. To see coordinates and descriptions for all objects, check out our Relic Hunter Guide. is awarded for completing a variety of outdoor content on the planet Argus, including looting treasures and defeating rare spawns. Learn more in the Comprehensive Argus Guide. is awarded for slaying 5,000 powerful demons on Argus. An earlier achievement step, …And Chew Mana Buns, rewards Bleakhoof Ruinstrider. is awarded for completing the Expedition Leader meta-achievement.

Tanaan Jungle

is rewarded from Rumble in the Jungle. This requires you to complete many exploration achievements in Tanaan:
In Pursuit of Gul”dan: Complete the 6 new Garrison Campaign questlines.Draenor”s Last Stand: Complete all seven Tanaan Jungle Apexis Daily quests.Hellbane: Defeat several rare elites–these have a chance to drop the Warsong Direfang, Armored Razorback, and Tundra Icehoof mounts.Jungle Stalker: Defeat all the rares in Tanaan Jungle.Jungle Treasure Master: Discover all the treasures in Tanaan Jungle.Explore Tanaan Jungle: Explore all of Tanaan Jungle.I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered: Loot 500 Blackfang Claw in Fang”rila.The Legion Will NOT Conquer All: Defeat Supreme Lord Kazzak.
is rewarded from killing Xemirkol.


<Name> the Flamebreaker is awarded for completing Veteran of the Molten Front as part of the effort to reclaim Hyjal in 4.2. This is usually done in conjunction with The Molten Front Offensive, which awards Flameward Hippogryph.Loremaster <Name> is awarded for completing The Loremaster, which in turn requires you to complete numerous quests in every zone for vanilla, BC, Wrath, and Cataclysm content. Completing the required number of quests for each zone awards you an achievement for easier tracking. Upon total completion, you”ll also receive Loremaster”s Colors. To track your quest progress, check out our quest tracking feature.<Name> the Seeker is awarded for completing 3000 Quests Completed. If you”re working on Loremaster, you”ll get this easily.Shado-Master <Name> is awarded for completing a variety of achievements (The Shado-Master) tied to the Shado-Pan faction. Many of these achievements are tied to dailies, but you will also need to achieve Shado-Pan Monastery: Gold. Progress is not account-wide, so the character that achieves the Gold run needs to be the same character you complete dailies on.<Name> the Stormbreaker is awarded for completing the meta-achievement Stormbreaker on the Isle of Thunder. To learn more about this zone and achievements, check out our Isle of Thunder Content Guide.

Blood Champion <Name> is awarded for completing The Champion of Blood.

Illidari is awarded for logging onto your Demon Hunter in the starting zone. is awarded to Restoration Druids upon completing Cleansing the Mother Tree for their artifact. is rewarded for completing the Stormheim questline Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Goblins. is rewarded for completing the mini-game at the end of the Priority Mail questline in Dalaran.

is awarded for completing the Drust Do It. storylines in Drustvar.


Honor Titles

As you rank up and increase Honor, you unlock new rewards like mounts and titles. This is a rework of the Prestige system from Legion.

at Honor Level 25 at Honor Level 50 at Honor Level 80 at Honor Level 100 at Honor Level 200 at Honor Level 300

World PvP

Achieving 100000 Honorable Kills awards <Name> of the Alliance/<Name> of the Horde. Your HK total is account-wide, it does not need to be done on only one character.<Name>, the Bloodthirsty, awarded from 250000 Honorable Kills, will require much more patience. Completing the previous achievement doesn”t even put you halfway there!Fire-Watcher <Name> is given to players who have achieved Fire-Watcher, acquiring 0 Bloody Coin on the Timeless Isle from engaging in World PvP. To learn more about the Timeless Isle, check out our guide. is awarded to players that complete the special Battle for Azeroth War Mode meta Conqueror of Azeroth (Alliance) / Conqueror of Azeroth (Horde) is awarded to players that complete the BFA Dueler”s guild meta achievement Master of Duels. is awarded to Horde players that complete the War Mode quest The Alliance Slayer while is awarded to Alliance players that complete the War Mode quest The Horde Slayer.


Battlemaster <Name> is awarded for completing Battlemaster, a very elaborate meta-achievement that requires you to win 100 games in five classic battlegrounds (Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, Strand of the Ancients), as well as strange occurrences like We Had It All Along *cough*.Gorgeous <Name> is a fabulous title given to players who have completed the meta-achievement Master of Deepwind Gorge for the battleground Deepwind Gorge. is given to players who have completed the meta-achievement Master of Seething Shore for the Seething Shore Battleground.Justicar <Name>/Conqueror <Name> is awarded for hitting Exalted with the classic battleground factions (this is NOT needed for Battlemaster): The Justicar/The Conqueror.<Name> Khan is awarded to players who complete meta-achievements for the battlegrounds not covered by Battlemaster: The Battle for Gilneas, Silvershard Mines, Temple of Kotmogu, Isle of Conquest, Twin Peaks.


The following arena titles are given for obtaining certain rankings:
: 1600–1799: 1800–2099: 2100–2399: 2400+ and 50 games won in the Gladiator bracket

Players that hit 2400 access a special class-specific Elite title for the duration of only that season.

Rated Battlegrounds

Rated Battlegrounds are a way for players to obtain some vanilla-era PvP titles that were retired when the original system was retired.

Rank 1-14 Titles

RBG Rating




Master Sergeant
Senior Sergeant

Sergeant Major
First Sergeant

Stone Guard

Blood Guard



Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant General


Field Marshal

Grand Marshal
High Warlord

Upon winning 75 rated battlegrounds, players complete Veteran of the Alliance/Veteran of the Horde and are granted the title <Name>, Veteran of the Alliance/<Name>, Veteran of the Horde.Upon winning 300 rated battlegrounds, players complete Warbound Veteran of the Alliance/Warbringer of the Horde and are granted the title Warbound <Name>/Warbringer <Name>.Finishing the season in the top .5 of the rated battleground ladder grants the respective titles <Name>, Hero of the Alliance/<Name>, Hero of the Horde.


Archaeology has many titles. For discovering rare artifacts, there are three titles paralleling an academic”s tenure: Assistant Professor <Name> is given for solving one rare artifact and completing I Had It in My Hand, Associate Professor <Name> is given for solving 10 rare artifacts and completing What was Briefly Yours is Now Mine, and Professor <Name> for solving 20 rare artifacts and completing It Belongs in a Museum!.Mists of Pandaria added the Seeker of Knowledge title for players who turned in pristine versions of every common-quality artifact from Pandaria. This is a quite time-consuming achievement as pristine solves are a very low chance. For more details on Archaeology, check out our profession guideChef <Name> is a reward for completing the meta-achievement Hail to the Chef. Some cooking achievements aren”t needed like A Bunch of Lunch and Iron Chef.Salty <Name> is a reward for completing the meta-achievement Accomplished Angler. There are tons of fishing achievements, but many aren”t needed–so you can hold off on Turtles All the Way Down.<Name>, Master of the Ways is a reward for hitting 600 Cooking in all six MoP specializations, Master of Pandaren Cooking. Unlike many other meta-achievements, this one does not track account-wide progress. For more details on cooking, check out our MoP cooking guide.

Artisan <Name> is a reward for obtaining Professional Draenor Master. It is easier to level professions in Warlords, check out our Warlords Professions Overview.

is a reward for completing 250 Legion Digsites. Learn more in the Legion Archaeology Guide. is a reward for completing the archaeology questline for Key to Nar”thalas Academy. This quest is roughly up for 2 weeks every 6 months.



<Name> the Exalted is given for obtaining Exalted with 40 factions at the same time on your account.<Name> the Beloved is given for obtaining Exalted with 60 factions at the same time on your account. is given for obtaining Exalted with 80 factions at the same time on your account. is given for obtaining Exalted with 100 factions at the same time on your account. <Name> the Insane requires completion of Insane in the Membrane. This requires Honored with the Bloodsail Buccaneers and Exalted with the following: Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, Ratchet, Darkmoon Faire, Ravenholdt.


Ambassador <Name> is rewarded for Ambassador of the Alliance/Ambassador of the Horde; getting exalted with the core six Alliance/Horde factions.

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There are many ways to get reputation–leveling quests, Argent Tournament quests, and equipping a tabard from your City Quartermaster in a dungeon.<Name>, Avenger of Hyjal is rewarded for completing Avengers of Hyjal, hitting exalted with the Avengers of Hyjal. This faction only grants reputation from Firelands boss and trash kills (until Honored). Reputation rewards include ilvl 378 and ilvl 391 epics.Bloodsail Admiral <Name> is rewarded for completing Avast Ye, Admiral!, requiring you to finish the quest Avast Ye, Admiral! which in turn requires Friendly. Reputation can be gained by slaughtering Booty Bay NPCs–such as Booty Bay Bruiser in Booty Bay or the NPCs in Faldir”s Cove in Arathi Highlands. You”ll also get some sweet pirate gear out of the deal like Bloodsail Admiral”s Hat!All 12 faction cities have titles associated with them–reputation can be gained via tabards, the Argent TourNament, or questing.


<Name> the Diplomat is rewarded to players who have hit Exalted with Timbermaw Hold, Sporeggar, Kurenai/The Mag”har. Timbermaw Hold requires killing lots of Winterfall and Deadwood mobs, Sporeggar has lots of hibiscus turnins for Bring Me A Shrubbery!, and Kurenai/The Mag”har goes quickly killing ogres in Nagrand or turning in Obsidian Warbeads.<Name> of the Shattered Sun is rewarded for finishing A Magnanimous Benefactor and paying , which requires you to already be exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive on Isle of Quel”Danas. Reputation perks include jewelcrafting designs, level 70 epics, and Tabard of the Shattered Sun.<Name>, Guardian of Cenarius is rewarded for completing Guardian of Cenarius, requiring Exalted with both vanilla faction Cenarion Circle and BC faction Cenarion Expedition. Players can also purchase Cenarion War Hippogryph for Cenarion War Hippogryph.


<Name> the Argent Champion is rewarded for completing The Argent Champion, requiring exalted with the Vanilla faction The Argent Dawn and the Wrath faction The Argent Crusade. To get reputation with Argent Crusade, consider wearing Tabard of the Argent Crusade in Wrath heroics, purchasing Argent Crusade Commendation Badge for 6 , and questing in Northrend and the Plaguelands. To get reputation with Argent Dawn, consider completing Fiona”s quests in Eastern Plaguelands and the repeatable Annals of the Silver Hand and Aberrations of Bone quests.<Name> of the Ashen Verdict is rewarded for completing The Ashen Verdict, hitting exalted with the Ashen Verdict. Reputation can be gained by killing trash and bosses in Icecrown Citadel and players can purchase epic rings based on their reputation.Crusader <Name> requires Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance/Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde, requiring Exalted with all city factions and The Argent Champion. It”s worth spending some time at the Argent Tournament for unique mounts and pets offered there, as well as the Argent Squire with the Argent Pony Bridle.


<Name> the Wakener is rewarded to players for Wakener. This requires players to be Exalted with The Klaxxi and have unlocked all the Klaxxi paragons in Amber is the Color of My Energy. Fun rewards at Exalted include transmog weapons and Reins of the Amber Scorpion. For more details, check out our reputation guide.Farmer <Name> is rewarded to players for The Tillers. This requires players to be Exalted with The Tillers, which involves planting and harvesting crops! For more details, check out our reputation guide.


The ”Conservationist” title is rewarded from Steamwheedle Preservation Society. This requires you to hit Exalted with Steamwheedle Preservation Society. Learn more about this faction with our Steamwheedle Preservation Society Guide.The of the Frostwolves title is rewarded from Frostwolf Orcs. This requires you to hit Exalted with Frostwolf Orcs. Learn more about this faction with our Frostwolf Orc Reputation Guide.The Masked Chuckler title is rewarded from Laughing Skull Orcs. This requires you to hit Exalted with Laughing Skull Orcs which requires a Trading Post Level 2. Learn more about this faction with our Laughing Skull Reputation Guide.The Peacekeeper title is rewarded from Sha”tari Defense. This requires you to hit Exalted with Sha”tari Defense. Learn more about this faction with our Sha”tari Defense Reputation Guide.The Prelate title is rewarded from Council of Exarchs. This requires you to hit Exalted with Council of Exarchs. Learn more about this faction with our Council of Exarchs Reputation Guide.The Spear of Vol’jin title is rewarded from Vol”jin”s Spear. This requires you to hit Exalted with Vol”jin”s Spear. Learn more about this faction with our Ashran Reputations GuideThe Sword of Wrynn title is rewarded from Wrynn”s Vanguard. This requires you to hit Exalted with Wrynn”s Vanguard. Learn more about this faction with our Ashran Reputation Guides.The Talon Queen/Talon King title is rewarded from Mantle of the Talon King. This requires you to hit Exalted with Arakkoa Outcasts and the Terokk’s Legacy storyline in Spires of Arak. Learn more about this faction with our Arakkoa Outcasts Reputation Guide


is a reward for reaching Timelord rank with Chromie. Learn how to farm reputation in our Deaths of Chromie Scenario Guide.


Each world holiday has a meta-achievement that grants a special title. Most titles require every holiday-related achievement, so we”ll point out the extra achievements that don”t count. These titles may be common, but they”re also pretty fun and festive. Keep in mind that these meta-achievements all have account-wide progress, so you can get them done across alts.
Elder <Name> is awarded for completing the meta-achievement To Honor One”s Elders for Lunar Festival, based on Chinese New Year. It takes place in late January and you will need to complete all the achievements to get this title.<Name> the Love Fool is awarded for completing the meta-achievement Fool For Love for Love is in the Air, based on Valentine”s Day in February. You do not need Perma-Peddle, Tough Love, or Lovely Luck Is On Your Side for the title.<Name> the Noble is awarded for completing the meta-achievement Noble Gardener for Noblegarden, taking place in April. Sunday”s Finest and Dressed for the Occasion are not needed for the title.Patron <Name> and Matron <Name> are awarded for completing the meta-achievement For the Children for Children”s Week in May. Fun fact: if you use an item that changes the gender of your character, your title will temporarily change too. Veteran Nanny is not required for the title.Flame Keeper <Name>/Flame Warden <Name> is rewarded from The Flame Keeper/The Flame Warden in late June for Midsummer Fire Festival. Pandaria achievements are not needed for the title, like Flame Warden of Pandaria and Extinguishing Pandaria.Brewmaster, <Name> is awarded for completing the meta-achievement Brewmaster. Brewfest takes place in late September, an in-game version of Oktoberfest. You do not need to complete the following achievements for the meta: Brew of the Year, Disturbing the Peace, Almost Blind Luck, and Strange Brew.<Name> the Hallowed is awarded for completing the meta-achievement Hallowed Be Thy Name for Hallow”s End, based on Halloween and taking place in late October. You do not needed A Mask for All Occasions, Tricks and Treats of Pandaria, Tricks and Treats of the Cataclysm, and Tricks and Treats of Northrend for the title.<Name> the Pilgrim is awarded for completing the meta-achievement Pilgrim during Pilgrim”s Bounty, based on Thanksgiving. You also get a cute Turkey Cage.Merrymaker <Name> is awarded for completing the meta-achievement Merrymaker for Feast of Winter Veil, taking place at the end of the year. Achievements requiring seasonal gifts are not needed for the title: A-Caroling We Will Go, BB King, The Danger Zone, Crashin” & Thrashin”.


Many of these titles are from Wrath of the Lich King, which granted special titles for realm first kills or difficult achievements. These titles are all account-wide.

Boss Kills

<Name> the Celestial Defender was awarded to players who were in for the realm first kill of Algalon on 25-player mode: Realm First! Celestial Defender.<Name>, Conqueror of Naxxramas was awarded to players who participated in the realm first kill of Kel”Thuzad in 25-player mode:Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas.Like the tier 7 Immortal counterparts, Champion of Ulduar and Conqueror of Ulduar were removed from the game and turned into a Feat of Strength. Obtaining these titles required players to one-shot each Ulduar boss without any deaths. It did not require players to one-shot every boss in the same raid lockout, or to defeat the bosses on a specific difficulty, so this was seen as easier than the Tier 7 immortal achievements.<Name>, Death”s Demise was awarded to players who participated in the realm first kill of Yogg 0:Realm First! Death”s Demise. Subsequent kills of this boss do not yield a title, which is unfortunate.Grand Crusader <Name> was awarded to players who participated in the realm first kill of Anub”Arak with 50 attempts remaining: Realm First! Grand Crusader. In addition, the attempts-based system for tier 9 was made obsolete and into a Feat of Strength in Cataclysm.<Name> the Magic Seeker was given to players who participated in the realm first kill of Malygos on 25-player mode: Realm First! Magic Seeker.Obsidian Slayer <Name> was given to players who participated in the realm first kill of Sartharion on 25-player mode: Realm First! Obsidian Slayer. Yep, not even hardmode, just whoever leveled up to 80 and killed him the fastest.<Name> the Immortal was awarded to players who did a full clear of Naxxramas 25 without anyone in the raid dying on bosses: The Immortal. This achievement was removed in Cataclysm.<Name> the Undying was awarded to players who did a full clear of Naxxramas 10 without anyone in the raid dying on bosses: The Undying. This achievement was removed for Cataclysm.<Name> the Argent Defender was awarded to players who completed A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity, doing a 50-attempt Trial of the Crusader in 10-player mode without anyone wearing gear over ilvl 245. Unlike Herald of the Titans, this did not remain in Cataclysm.of the Black Harvest was awarded to players who defeated Kanrethad Ebonlocke before 6.0.2 hit in Breaker of the Black Harvest. was rewarded for The Chosen, completing Mythic Trial of Valor without dying (Test of the Chosen). This was removed at the start of BFA.

MoP Challenge Modes

For getting the realm-best time in each Challenge Mode (in a realm group of 3 or more), you will get a special FoS and title, which lasts until someone else beats your time:
Challenge Master: Temple of the Jade Serpent: Jade ProtectorChallenge Master: Stormstout Brewery: StormbrewerChallenge Master: Shado-Pan Monastery: Purified DefenderChallenge Master: Mogu”shan Palace: Mogu-SlayerChallenge Master: Gate of the Setting Sun: Defender of the WallChallenge Master: Scarlet Halls: FlameweaverChallenge Master: Scarlet Monastery: Scarlet CommanderChallenge Master: Scholomance: DarkmasterChallenge Master: Siege of Niuzao Temple: Siegebreaker
<Name> the Undaunted is rewarded to players who complete Challenge Conqueror: Bronze. This achievement”s progress isn”t account-wide, but the title is account-wide.
For getting one of the realm-best Feats of Strength, Mistwalker was given to players at the start of 6.0.2

Warlords Challenge Mode

There are Feats of Strength for holding the realm-best time for a Warlords of Draenor challenge mode. When you currently hold that time, you are granted a special title:
Challenge Master: Grimrail Depot: Grimrail SuplexerChallenge Master: The Everbloom: Violet GuardianChallenge Master: Upper Blackrock Spire: Lady of Blackrock, Lord of BlackrockChallenge Master: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: SpiritwalkerChallenge Master: Skyreach: Scion of RukhmarChallenge Master: Auchindoun: Soul PreserverChallenge Master: Iron Docks: DockmasterChallenge Master: Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Mine Master


<Name>, Champion of the Naaru was awarded to players who completed the attunement chain to Tempest Keep, Champion of the Naaru. You can still do the quests, such as Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon, but no title will be given.<Name>, Hand of A”dal was given to players who finished the Black Temple attunement chain; completing The Vials of Eternity and A Distraction for Akama. It used to be that holding onto the old The Vials of Eternity and completing it much later would still grant you this title, but that has appeared to have been fixed.Scarab Lord <Name> was a title given to players who completed the quests in Veteran of the Shifting Sands 12 hours after the opening of the AQ gates in vanilla. Back in Wrath on EU servers, some players got the title by opening the gates on a new server, but now the questline has been removed.Battlefield Barrens was a Patch 5.3-only event showing the impact of Garrosh”s actions in Orgrimmar and Northren Barrens. It awarded <Name> the Hordebreaker to Alliance players and Darkspear Revolutionary <Name> to Horde players. This event is no longer active, but we”ve got a guide to it for nostalgia purposes.<Name> of the Iron Vanguard is awarded for completing The Iron Invasion, a questline tied to the Warlords of Draenor prelaunch event.<Name>, Legend of Pandaria is awarded for completing the Mists of Pandaria legendary questline, Chapter V: Judgment of the Black Prince. This quest was removed at the launch of Warlords.


<Name> the Flawless Victor was a reward for the removed achievement Hot Hot Hot Streak requiring players to win 10 arenas straight at 2200 ranking or higher.The Arena Master requires players to hit 2200 rating in all arena brackets, as well as win-related achievements like Hotter Streak.Vanquisher <Name> is given to players that participate in the yearly Arena Tournament Realm who rank in the top 1000 after the first qualifier. This title will be given to all characters above level 71 on live.Southshore Slayer/Tarren Mill Terror is a reward from Victory in Hillsbrad. This requires you to win a battle in the special 10th Anniversary battleground, Tarren Mill vs Southshore. is rewarded to players that link their Twitch/Battle.net accounts and then watch special Arena Championships.Several Rated Battleground titles were retired:
/ for ending a PvP season in the top 35% of the rated battleground ladder./ for ending a PvP season in the top 10% of the rated battleground ladder./ for ending a PvP season in the top 3% of the rated battleground ladder.
At the end of each PvP season, the top players get a special seasonal Gladiator title that nobody else can ever obtain.

Solo Challenges

Brawler <Name> is rewarded to players who hit Rank 8 (out of 10) in Brawler”s Guild. To learn more about the Brawler”s Guild, check out our event guide. This content is removed at the start of BFA but will return in Patch 8.1.5. is a reward for completing Field Medic – farm areas of Legion for quest drops which ask you to heal different adventurers.Completing Wave 30 on Endless difficulty in Proving Grounds awards titles for each role: The Proven Assailant for dps, The Proven Healer for healers, and The Proven Defender for tanks. To learn how to succeed in Proving Grounds, check out our strategy guide. This content was present in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor.


These titles are only granted for a short period of time.

is awarded upon completion of Moonkin Monitoring during the Moonkin Festival. It lasts as long as Moonkin Hatchling. is awarded as part of the content to unlock Nigel Rifthold, a special pet vendor. The first time you loot Adventurer”s Society Loot Stash, you will get the title and some Stolen Candy.<Name>, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions is given to players–Nefarian buffs you with Master Adventurer Award–who have defeated Maloriak without personally dying. It lasts for 30 minutes and is removed upon death. Maloriak is one of the easier hardmodes–check out the Dungeon Journal or our article if you want tips on how to survive. is only visible under the effects of Ivory Talon.<Name>, Blessed Defender of Nordrassil is given to the caster completing Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa”s Rest who has just defeated Volcanus for the quest Delegation. It lasts for two hours and also gives the recipient an trail of flowers.Gob Squad Recruit <Name> is given to a player zoning into The Secrets of Ragefire, a level 90 scenario. Players in this scenario are also given goblin disguises, complete with PvP armor.The Paragons of the Klaxxi encounter in Siege of Orgrimmar has nine possible temporarily titles. Each Paragon has a special spell that can be looted, and the player who loots it gets a title for an hour. Different roles can pick up select buffs:

Kaz”tik the Manipulator: Master of Puppets, the ManipulatorRik”kal the Dissector: Mad Scientist, the DissectorKorven the Prime: Master of Amber, the Prime

Kaz”tik the Manipulator: Master of Puppets, the ManipulatorRik”kal the Dissector: Mad Scientist, the DissectorXaril the Poisoned Mind: Vast Apothecarial Knowledge, the Poisoned MindIyyokuk the Lucid: Ingenious, the Lucid

Kaz”tik the Manipulator: Master of Puppets, the ManipulatorRik”kal the Dissector: Mad Scientist, the DissectorSkeer the Bloodseeker: Bloodthirsty, the BloodseekerKa”roz the Locust: Strong Legs, the LocustHisek the Swarmkeeper: Compound Eye, the SwarmkeeperKil”ruk the Wind-Reaver: Angel of Death, the Wind-Reaver


In the Wrath beta, realm firsts for races, classes, and professions had titles linked to them. While the achievements were acquired by players, the related titles were removed at live, but one surprising day in the middle of tier 9, some players found they had temporary access to most of these titles!

Realm First! Level 80: <Name> the SupremeRealm First! Northrend Vanguard: <Name>, Hero of Northrend

Click the tabs to see the Realm First class, profession, and race titles.

Realm First! Level 80 Death Knight: <Name> of the Ebon BladeRealm First! Level 80 Druid: <Name> of the Emerald DreamRealm First! Level 80 Hunter: Stalker <Name>Realm First! Level 80 Mage: Archmage <Name>Realm First! Level 80 Paladin: Crusader <Name>Realm First! Level 80 Priest: Prophet <Name>Realm First! Level 80 Rogue: Assassin <Name>Realm First! Level 80 Shaman: <Name> of the Ten StormsRealm First! Level 80 Warlock: <Name> the MaleficRealm First! Level 80 Warrior: Warbringer <Name>

Realm First! Grand Master Alchemist: Grand Master Alchemist <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Blacksmith: Grand Master Blacksmith <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Cook: Iron Chef <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Enchanter: Grand Master Enchanter <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Engineer: Grand Master Engineer <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Medic: Doctor <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Angler: Grand Master Angler <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Herbalist: Grand Master Herbalist <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Scribe: Grand Master Scribe <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Jewelcrafter: Grand Master Jewelcrafter <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Leatherworker: Grand Master Leatherworker <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Miner: Grand Master Miner <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Skinner: Grand Master Skinner <Name>Realm First! Grand Master Tailor: Grand Master Tailor <Name>

Realm First! Level 80 Blood Elf: <Name> of Quel”ThalasRealm First! Level 80 Draenei: <Name> of ArgusRealm First! Level 80 Dwarf: <Name> of Khaz ModanRealm First! Level 80 Gnome: <Name> of GnomereganRealm First! Level 80 Human: <Name> the Lion HeartedRealm First! Level 80 Night Elf: <Name>, of EluneRealm First! Level 80 Orc: <Name>, Hero of OrgrimmarRealm First! Level 80 Tauren: Plainsrunner <Name>Realm First! Level 80 Troll: <Name> of the DarkspearRealm First! Level 80 Forsaken: <Name> the Forsaken

Several more titles have been datamined in Legion, but have not made it to live servers. These include:
(added in 7.0) (added in 7.0)

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