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Jason Sargeant

Scott Stoked

Corinne Sudberg

Alex Rusted

Joel Louis Houghton

Paul David Everatt

James Hughes

Dan Lloyd

Gage Kimbrell

Jason played by Jason Sargeant

Steve and The Great and Powerful One played by Scott Stoked

Alex played by Corinne Sudberg

George and Zombies played by Paul David Everatt

Villagers and Endermen played by Dan Lloyd

Additional Voices by Gage Kimbrell

An Egg”s Guide to Minecraft is a series of animated YouTube videos from 2012 that tells the story about Jason, a character from Element Animation”s first video series, “The Crack!” inside a video game called Minecraft. Throughout his travels, he makes friends like George, a faithful pig, and Steve, the suspicious but protective default skin, but accidentally brings back The Great and Powerful One, a widely-feared legendary being, who takes Steve prisoner and hunts Jason. Season 2, of which one episode has been released, appears to deal with Jason”s capture and Steve suffering amnesia.

The story of how Jason got into Minecraft in the first place was explained in the first 3 episodes of season 2 of The Crack!, which are now grouped together as The Hacked Account Trilogy.

The series has had 18 episodes released and ends on a cliffhanger. Element Animation has announced Season 2, starting with Part 18, after almost 4 years of hiatus in which they searched for a new actor to voice Steve.

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1 Plot 2 Jason”s Group 2.1 Members 2.2 Characters before Jason got to Minecraft 3 Episodes before Jason comes to Minecraft 4 Episode guide 5 Trivia 6 Transcript 7 Credits

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Plot < edit | edit source>

Upon finding himself in Minecraft, Jason is introduced to the game by a voice inside his head. With its help, Jason acquires a pig named George and begins to build his first house, but at nightfall they are attacked by monsters. George dies and Jason flees them through the night until the next morning, where he is saved by Steve. Aided by a guidebook given to Steve at a village, the two set off to find Notch and ask him of Steve”s life”s purpose.

However, the book is stolen by an enderman, and Steve discovers Jason floats when he punches him. A vision tells him Jason ate an eye of ender along with a lot of diamonds in the village. The two fall into a minecart ride, which results in a crash near the shrine of The Great and Powerful One. The latter is summoned by a witch and sets off to hunt the pair. With the help of his mobs, he traps them on a bridge halfway down a ravine.

There, he captures Steve and reveals that he was the voice in Jason”s head that guided him. Jason escapes with the help of a respawned George and they enlist Villager #37 and Alex to help in getting Steve back. At Villager #37″s home, Alex trains the villagers to fight, but it ends in disaster when an army of mobs comes looking for Jason, who took George and ran away to get Steve alone. Almost all of the villagers die, and Jason and George are captured by a small group of mobs in a nearby forest. One villager saw it happen and reports it to Alex, who takes him to save them.

Meanwhile, Steve is taken to the End and tortured by The Great and Powerful One, and as a result, does not remember Jason when he is taken to the same location.

Jason”s Group < edit | edit source>

Jason”s Group was a group of individuals who aided Jason during his time in the world of Minecraft.

Members < edit | edit source>

Steve Alex George the Pig The Beast (briefly) The Extremely Flamboyant Creeper (briefly) The Villagers

Characters before Jason got to Minecraft < edit | edit source>

Dan Chrisi Mustache Guy Chatroulette pervert Cursor To The Cheek Egg

Episodes before Jason comes to Minecraft < edit | edit source>

Episode 1: HACKED ACCOUNT! Episode 2: HACKED AGAIN! Episode 3: We Weren”t Hacked!?

Episode guide < edit | edit source>

Episode 1: What”s Minecraft? Episode 2: Look at my awesome house! Episode 3: Who the heck are you?! Episode 4: You”re not a cube? Episode 5: Moo! Episode 6: Who”s Notch? Episode 7: He”s a BAD MAN! Episode 8: Where”d my wood go? Episode 9: Punch that pig! Episode 10: I want THAT one! Episode 11 (April Fool”s Joke): Yolo Episode 12: Yo soy el Rey de México! Episode 13: Hello Brother! Episode 14: You have one new message Episode 15: Nyah! Episode 16: The Spirit of Vengeance and Death! Episode 17: TO WAR! Episode 18: We”re under ATTACK! Episode 19 (upcoming): ???

Trivia < edit | edit source>

Ep.11: Yolo isn”t really an episode but a April Fools joke. The villager child in Ep 7 is also the voice of Dan (Confirmed by Chrisi). The tree in Bite-Sized Minecraft is the voice of Jason. Mustache Guy is seen as a spinning egg (Batman parody) in Episode 6. If you can see closely, in Bite-Sized Minecraft 3, in the Flying Players (replacing Squids) scene, a skin of Mordecai from Regular Show made a cameo. Testificate Man is hidden is Ep: 16: The Spirit of Vengeance and Death! According to a tweet from Element Animation, Herobrine is actually called The Great and Powerful One, so that”s not even the actual Herobrine, nor is he Herobrine”s clone. The first episode makes a cameo in Animation vs. YouTube. In Ep 10, the Creeper from Animationcraft makes a cameo appearance when Steve and Jason arrive at the train section. At the beginning of Ep 9, during Steve”s dream, you can see the entire series up to that point displayed in blurry images. In the 2016 video “New Studio!” Jason records the line “And then I said, “Steve! You”re back! Where have you been?”” implying that Steve was originally meant to escape the End without Jason going there. This is proven false, as Jason is taken to the place where Steve is still being held. However, Jason has yet to say the line, meaning it could still be used or was never meant to be used in Egg”s Guide at all.

Transcript < edit | edit source>

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Credits < edit | edit source>

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