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Today as you have guessed we are going to talk about the Enchantress. Enchantress is no doubt the strongest support in the game. If you pick Enchantress you already know that you won the lane, or at least secured complete free farm for your carry. Impetus alongside dominated creep allows Enchantress to zone away absolutely any offlaner.

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Role in the game

Enchantress is a very versatile hero. Most often Enchantress is used in the hard support position. However, she is also quite common in the offlane and as a soft support. Not to mention, she is actually not as bad in the midlane or carry position.

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The purpose of Enchantress in the game is to win her lane while applying maximum pressure on her lane opponent. Later, with the help of a few defensive items Enchantress becomes an unkillable monster that can deal quite a lot of damage in fights.


Impetus is your tool that provides damage. Impetus deals bonus damage based on how far the enemy is from you. The further the enemy is, the more damage Enchantress is going to deal. Even though that dealt damage is pure, Enchantress is not able to attack magic immune units with this ability.

Enchant is your key tool in the lane. This spell allows Enchantress to dominate any neutral creep for the duration of the ability, giving the creep bonus health and armor. Later in the game, you can use creeps to split push or improve the pushing potential of the team. When used on the enemy hero, Enchant slows him, also applying basic dispel. It makes Enchant a very good counter to spells like Surge, Ion Shell, Windrun, and more.


Nature’s Attendance is a very powerful healing spell. On use, it summons wisps that heal you over time. The spell gets ridiculously strong with the addition of level 25 talent.

Untouchable is your defensive tool. This ability passively provides the attack slow debuff on enemies, who try to attack Enchantress.


As your starting items, you should get yourself two sets of Tangoes, Circlet, two Iron Branches, Faerie Fire, and Sentry Ward. Sentry Ward is very important, as Enchantress benefits a lot from having a big neutral camp unblocked.

In the early game, you need to purchase two Bracers, Power Treads and Magic Wand. With these items, you are going to become a lot tankier and harder to kill.

In the mid-game, you should purchase defensive items, which are going to improve your survivability. The best items you can get are Force Staff and Glimmer Cape.

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In the late-game, you only have to finish Hurricane Pike and follow it up with Black King Bar, Scythe of Vyse, and Monkey King Bar.


The gameplay of Enchantress differs drastically from the gameplay of other supports. First off, Enchantress is very dependent on having a neutral creep in the lane. For this reason, make sure to come to the lane with a Sentry Ward to deward the big neutral camp in case the enemy offlaner is going to block it.

Skill Impetus at level 1 and start harassing the enemy offlaner. Once you reach level 2 move to the big neutral camp and use Enchant on the big neutral creep. Use the creep and his spells to harass and zone away enemy heroes. With level 2 Enchant you can consider moving further away to the jungle finding good neutral creeps.

Unlike many other supports, Enchantress should rarely leave her lane after the laning stage ends. Safelane is the most dangerous lane to stay at in this patch, but Enchantress can do so since she can push the lane with the help of enchanted creep. This allows Enchantress to get the necessary levels and items.


In case your team is in lead, you can take control over the enemy jungle or triangle. The strength of Enchantress is that she has a very high movement speed and is hard to kill thanks to Untouchable.

Once you get your defensive mid-game items you can start playing actively with your teammates. Keep in mind that Enchantress is very good at killing Roshan, since he deals very little damage to Untouchable.


In the late-game Enchantress becomes a true core, who deals a lot of damage. Keep good positioning, that is going to allow you to deal the maximum amount of damage.

Allies and counters

Enchantress is a versatile support. She can benefit a lot from laning with active carries, who has the potential to make a kill, but can also work as a lane securer for a late-game core such as Spectre.

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Best counters to Enchantress are illusion based heroes, such as Phantom Lancer or Chaos Knight. Ench can do very little to stop them.




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