Fastest Way To Level Up Pokemon Oras ? : Pokemon How To Quickly Level Up Pokemon

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Levelling up Pokemon can be a gruelling and an annoying process especially when you have beaten the elite four. Well look no further, this your guide to levelling your Pokemon as quick as you can…

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Ways To Level Up Number 1

You can train your Pokemon using the Lucky egg. As you have seen in my last blog which can tell you how to get them, they give you more XP per battle which can be quite useful when fighting against people. You can get as many possible which can be quite helpful


Ways To Level Up Number 2

Training Pokemon that you have received from a trade is a good way of levelling quickly. This is because they have a different Trainer ID so that means they will receive more experience points per battle than the one that you have caught in your game


Ways To Level Up Number 3

It can help to have the Exp Point power. This increases the experience points even more after the battle. This can be found in the Mauville city Pokemon center. You can keep using it again and again which be a big bonus.

Ways To Level Up Number 4

You increase your exp points by playing and being affectionate to your Pokemon in Pokemon- Amie. You can play games with it, pet it and feed it as well. This will make it more friendly to you. You can check their stats when you switch Pokemon on the Amie menu.

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Ways To Level Up Number 5

You could always rechallenge the Pokemon league to get quite a bit of Exp. You could also add the exp point power and lucky eggs to increase your Exp. Also you could challenge the different variety of trainers in the Battle Resort. Add more items to increase you chance of more Exp.


Ways To Level Up Number 6

You can find mirage spots where wild Audinos are from. Audinos can give you a lot Exp especially when combined with the O-power and lucky eggs. This could get you a lot of Exp.

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Ways To Level Up Number 7

This is most common and used way of quickly levelling up Pokemon in the game. You can find, in secret bases, some people that you can battle. The Pokemon they use are Blisseys. Blisseys give you the most Exp out of any Pokemon. You can battle them once a day when they are your friends. But if you want to cheat, you can not add them and battle them once and then add them as friend and you can battle them again.

Each of them use 3 Blisseys which only learn Healing wish which always fails. The way to find the bases is by using the areanav. You can add them using QR codes on your secret PCs. These are the QR down below:

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