Shadowbringers UPDATED! How to level up Fishing Quickly!? Confsupplied via Fishing Levequests? Looking for FIsh & Fishing Spots? Power Level your Fisher!


Ah, earlier to the rod in Stormblood, I see? Well, you pertained to the ideal location. Hopefully whatever in our Fishing Leveling Guide will aid you press forward!

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First of all, get your search going right into Stormblood Fishing – Whither Wawalback Wanders (Quest from Limsa, provides 3 design manuals) in the Fisherman’s Guild.

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What next? Well, now all you need to carry out is buy some bait. Pot Salmon Roe – it originates from many type of NPC’s but I guess the a lot of generic one is in Rhalgr’s Reach (13,11).

We will start this web page by posting the collectible table, as you could desire to describe it often:

Easy Reference: FSH Collectibles and Levequests

FSH Collectibles (All 60+)
LFishReqMapFishing SpotXY
60Velodyna Grass Carp690The FringesVelodyna River1711
61Butterfly Fish115Ruby SeaShoal Rock337
64Yanxia Koi451YanxiaThe One River (East)2025
64Killifish9Azim SteppeNem Khaal3330
66Tao Bitterling49Azim SteppeTao Khaal1617
66Samurai Fish14YanxiaDoma Castle169
68Daio Squid1034Ruby SeaIsle of Zekki926
68Cherubfish267YanxiaThe Sunken Junk (!)1035
68Silken Sunfish767The LochsLoch Seld Central Lakebed (!)1717
69Eternal Eye40Azim SteppeAzim Khaat Eastern Lakebed (!)2523

Fishing Level 60 to 62

References right here for straightforward access:

FSH 60 Levequests
FSHLvlLevequest FishQtyLocationAreaXY
FSH60If a Leaf Falls in the WaterSFallen Leaves3The FringesDimwold1028
FSH60Slow Wash, Rapids JumperSRapids Jumpers3The PeaksSlow Wash238
FSH60Tbelow can only be oneTHighland also Perch3The FringesMirage Creek2815

FSH Collectibles
FSH Collectibles (All 60+)
LFishReqMapFishing SpotXY
60Velodyna Grass Carp690The FringesVelodyna River1711
61Butterfly Fish115Ruby SeaShoal Rock337
64Yanxia Koi451YanxiaThe One River (East)2025
64Killifish9Azim SteppeNem Khaal3330
66Tao Bitterling49Azim SteppeTao Khaal1617
66Samurai Fish14YanxiaDoma Castle169
68Daio Squid1034Ruby SeaIsle of Zekki926
68Cherubfish267YanxiaThe Sunken Junk (!)1035
68Silken Sunfish767The LochsLoch Seld Central Lakebed (!)1717
69Eternal Eye40Azim SteppeAzim Khaat Eastern Lakebed (!)2523

FSH 60 to 61 gaining over the bump

Just for some perspective – I tried to perform this in “Serpentskin 3.0 tier” via the L60 Birch Fishing Rod. If your gear is less than that, I suggest picking up the Birch Fishing Rod and Serpentskin Vest.

Your goal is to get amethod from this “scrubby feeling” ASAP. Which implies hitting 61 and also obtaining gear upqualities. So how carry out we perform that? Unfortunately, given your stats, your options are super limited. While I tried assorted things, here’s the best all at once thing I discovered at the time.

Get your Commercial Survival Manuals. Go to The Fringes – Mirage Creek and also farm that fishing hole. You will gather some pile of NQ and also a few HQ Highland also Perch – which is a fish compelled for levequests!

Other approaches - for the curious

If you think you have the stats to attempt the Velodyna Grass Carp collectible, which is in The Fringes – Velodyna River; unmuch less you have actually (estimated) 470~+ Perception, this isn’t an excellent concept.

The other levequest fish, aren’t as well good appropriate currently. Fallen Leaves is unnervingly rare in the short time I tried to capture ’em. Rapids Jumper is decent to reach 62, however through your present stats now it’s simply really ineffective.

HARD STOP ONCE YOU REACH L61: Unlock SPEARFISHING, and various other things

Spearfishing - where, how, why

How and also where perform I unlock Spearfishing? Go to Ruby Sea (Tamamizu Aetheryte), in Rasen Kaikyo. NCOMPUTER name is Sumitsubo and also quest name is “A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience”. The pursuit itself is just talking to a male external.

Spearfishing? Gigs? How? Spearfishing isn’t that special. It’s sort of like Mining and Botany other than you need to time your strike as soon as the node bubbles up. You deserve to additionally choose the dimension of your gig head (it’s complimentary, unlike bait. And it never before falls off or gets lost).

You deserve to try out spearfishing, yet there’s not much worth to be gained from these lower level nodes right currently.

At this point, you might desire to craft/use the basic DoL equipment upgrades I recommended for MIN and BTN. Here’s the table:

SlotItemLevelFrom?Cheap Meld ICheap Meld II
MainMuudhorn Fishing Rod62BSMGuerdon IVAny
OffSpearfishing Gig61BSMGuerdon IVAny
ChestGaganaskin Vest61LTWGuerdon IVGuile IV
HeadGaganaskin Shrub Hat61LTWGuerdon IVGuile IV
GlovesGaganaskin Gloves61LTWGuerdon IVGuile IV
LegBloodhempen Trousers of Gathering61WVRGuerdon IVGuerdon IV
BootGaganaskin Fringe Boots61LTWGuile IVGuile IV
BeltGaganaskin Belt of Gathering62LTWGuerdon IVAny

It’s the specific very same upgrade collection I recommfinished for the other DoL.

FSH 61 to 62: Nearly on there…

Now that you have actually SOME equipment upgrades, you deserve to Fish a tiny more reliably to get with to 62. Remember, no issue which technique noted listed below that you pick to perform, ALWAYS KEEP COMMERCIAL SURVIVAL MANUAL UP. This is the absolute best time to usage them. I’ll list 3 decent means to obtain EXP.

Rapids Jumper (levequest fish) was the best method I found to push previous this mini rate bump. You can catch these directly and also off of mooches which is excellent. You have the right to go ago to excellent ‘ol Highlands Perch but this is what I argued doing from L61 so you can be sick of it. Overall it’s about equal to the Rapids Jumper fishing hole.

Grinding on the Spearfishing Node with Commercial Manuals on is decent EXP and even more “active”. At about 80k per node via manuals, you can’t go wrong via this either.

Other Methods - for the curious

Same point from the previous “tier”…

Velodyna Grass Carp is just as well random for me… I would favor to say this is legit but I had actually terrible luck through it. Try it out, but don’t get too excited…

Fallen Leaf (levequest fish) is a poor concept. I never before appeared to fish them up. Could be personal bias, yet I dischosen this hole.

Fishing Level 62 to 64

FSH 62 Levequests
FSHLvlLevequest FishQtyLocationAreaXY
FSH62Lighter WalletsSGlass Manta6Ruby SeaTamamizu2811
FSH62In a PickleSEastern Sea Pickle6Ruby SeaSui No Sato1821
FSH62Perhaps Not-So-CommonTCommon Whelk4YanxiaThe One River S Riverbeds2237

The initially point you need to carry out upon getting to L62 is gaining the new rod: Muudhorn Fishing Rod. Pick up 99 Live Shrimp (it’s a new bait) for your stockpile.

Grinding on Usual Whelk up in Yanxia is most likely the best point to perform. It’s around a 50/50 chance with Armored Crayfish. You deserve to fish them up in The One River S Riverbeds (22,37). This is a levepursuit fish (a triple, too!).

Other Methods - for the curious

Looking at the information on ff14angler, it’s gotta be Eastern Sea Pickle, right? What I FOUND (Note: I, me, myself…) that GLASS MANTA has a massive drop rate (approaching 50%), and also Eastern Sea Pickle at approximately 30%.

However, EASTERN SEA PICKLE IS DISGUSTINGLY CHEAP off the MB (NQ ones anyway). If you’re lazy, or have actually a ton of leves – go for it!

The collectibles… man… they’re right trash. They’re as well unreliable. But I simply felt they weren’t as well hot in comparison to Common Whelk. Maybe I should go ago and attempt harder? But dude… the Usual Whelk grind EXP is also genuine.

Read the over clicky around Veteran Trade. Now, go ago to Yanxia and also attempt the Common Whelks again. If you capture an Armored Crayfish on the first or second spear, usage Veteran Trade, AND ALL REMAINING GATHERS WILL BE COMMON WHELK (considering that it’s 50/50, you eliminated the opportunities for the crayfish).

Value. Do this till you 64.

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Fishing Level 64 to 66

FSH 64 Levequests
FSHLvlLevequest FishQtyLocationAreaXY
FSH64Catfish SchemeSLonghair Catfish3YanxiaThe One River (East)2025
FSH64Curtains for PlecoSCurtain Pleco3Azim SteppeHak Khaal2722
FSH64Marooned MinnowTTall Mountains Minnows3Azim SteppeUpper Yat Kal1717

At 64 you unlock Calm Waters, which grants an additional attempt at spearfishing. You might be familiar through equivalent skills from BTN and also MIN.

You’re much better off recycling your technique from the previous tier, which is farming Common Whelks and using Veteran Trade on Armored Crayfish… It’s a small unamazing, I know. But it is the fastest way going forward.

I don’t desire to spearfish! I want to AFK fish! The ideal alternative in this tier is in Yanxia – The One River East (X:20, Y:24) utilizing the bait Nightcrawler. Use Patience > Powerful Hookset as frequently as you can. I won’t lie though, also though this is the “following best thing”, I still found it garbage tier compared to the Usual Whelk spearfishing.

First point to perform when you hit 65: HQ Pine Fishing Rod. Meld Gathering III+ on it, and also overmeld it with whatever (trash materia if you must) so it Spiritbonds faster. Your next rod is at 67 and it can not bond in time…

Other approaches - for the curious

Fishing Level 66 to 68

FSHLvlLevequest FishQtyLocationAreaXY
FSH66Tip By SteppeSRedfin6Azim SteppeAzim Khaat E Lakebed2523
FSH66Peculiar De-lightSSea Lamps6Ruby SeaThe Kobayashi Maru398
FSH66UnbeliebubbleTDoman Bubble Eye4YanxiaThe Sunken Junk1035

66 Truth of Oceans and also Stealth XII. While we’re all familiar through Stealth, Truth of Oceans is basically Ephemeral Nodes for Spearfishing. They’re pretty terrible… Don’t problem if you’re confused – it’s component of your L68 class quest and you’ll experience it initially hand also.

As for leveling up – thankfully we have actually excellent Spearfishing Levequests again! Better yet – TWO OF THEM!

If you desire to carry out the triple leve: Domale Bubble Eye from The Sunken Junk (Yanxia X Y) Small Gig Head. It’s a “50/50” so utilizing Veteran Trade on Yanxian Tiger Prawn for value of the heavens.

If you desire the single leve: Sea Lamps from The Kobayashi Maru (Ruby Sea X Y) Small Gig Head. It’s a “50/50” yet aget – something somepoint Veteran Trade on Bashful Batfish.

Other Methods - for the curious

STOP ONCE YOU HIT level 67 and also pick up the L67 Fishing Rod – Gazelle Horn Fishing Rod. As constantly, primary hand upgrades are remarkable. Cheaply meld it through Gathering so it bonds faster.

67 unlocks Salvage: Occasionally finds treacertain maps while spearfishing. Meh.

Fishing Level 68 to 70

FSHLvlLevequest FishQtyLocationAreaXY
FSH68Blood in the WaterSSteelsharks3The PeaksHeather Falls316
FSH68To the TeethSTawny Wench Shark3Ruby SeaThe Isle of Bekko3315
FSH68Pre-octopiedTKoromo Octopus3Ruby SeaThe Isle of Zekki926

Before you set out to leveling in this tier, perform the optional upgrades and course pursuit first!

SPOILER FSH Optional Upqualities

How to capture HQ Dafangshi

Go to the fishing spot in Yanxia – The Sunken Junk (It’s in the lower leftmost location, same area you get Domale Bubble Eye).

On your Truth of Oceans.

Equip Large Gig head.

There are 3 possible fish below. By rarity:

Yanxian Tiger Prawn > Cherry Salmon > Ichthyosaur

Preferably, usage Veteran Trade to toss out prawns. After farming 10 (or so) Ichthyosaurs a brand-new node will certainly spawn. Think of it choose Ephemeral nodes for fishing.

Once in this new node (it has a huge % bonus to HQ gathers) switch to Small Gig head and also go to tvery own. Use Veteran Trade to toss out Bubble Eyes. Use Calm Waters to increase your gathering possibilities – try to obtain all 3 in one go, bereason the spawning procedure sucks…

God… that search was pretty devastating. Let’s go onto leveling aget. Finally, in this tier we gain a truly handy STANDARD FISHING METHOD, and also a nice fallearlier spearfishing approach.

I desire to use basic Fishing! Isle of Zekki in Ruby Sea is by far the best grinding spot in this tier. It yields both a levepursuit fish (Koromo Octopus), and also a collectible fish (Daio Squid) utilizing the exact same bait – Bream Lure.

HOWEVER – you have to usage Patience II + Powerful Hookset. Using that nets you a ton of Daio Squid and Koromo Octopus. Sadly, the effectivity of this hole sucks without the Patience + Powerful combo so lug Cordials (and also possibly watch that series you’ve been wanting to catch up on).

This is a good choice, as submitting Daio Squids offer Red Scrip, which you’ll be needing quite a little of.

I desire to Spearfish! Then you’ll need to go earlier to the previous tiers options, Domale Bubble Eye or Sea Lamps. Although I’m pretty certain you’re sick of spearfishing by currently. The typical fishing strategy listed prior is actually really really excellent.

L69 Skill Nature’s Bounty: I’ll be hoswarm. I have actually no clue what this does for you in a leveling perspective, offered there’s just 1 level left. It’s worded very poorly too. I ASSUME it helps out with collectcapability rating?

L70 FSH Class Quest - Giant Plesiosaur

How to catch Giant Plesiosaur

I HIGHLY SUGGEST UPGRADING YOUR GEAR TO WHATEVER L70 GEAR YOU HAVE, or buy up / craft your L70 DoL equipment. This one have the right to acquire frustrating through sub 700 stats.

At the extremely leastern make a L70 Rod – Zelkova Fishing Rod.

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This is a directly catch. Old school fishing.

Fishing Spot: Onokoro (go to the pier nearest that Aetheryte) Bait: Live Shrimp

Well, congrats on hitting L70 Fisher and hopetotally our Fishing leveling guide assisted you out! The only thing I can enhance on is “non spearfishing node options” however they’re sindicate too good to not use! Have fun reeling!

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