ffxiv you can sense something swimming below

This is my little guide for fishing in FFXIV:ARR. It is incomplete, but I will add more as I learn more. It”s not the greatest, but I think it”s a good start. I am open to any questions or feedback.

First I”ll start of by going over the skills and traits. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, so I won”t go into details on those. I”ll mostly share the not-so-obvious details of the skills and traits.

Bait – Bait up that hook
Cast – Cast your line
Hook – (There is an audio and video cue when you have a bite)
Stealth (lvl8) – Allows you to sneak past enemies that would aggro. There is a level limit on this that will be increased as you level up (see Traits below). It will also significantly decrease your movement speed (you will walk really slowly). However, you can use Sprint to walk a little faster while in Stealth.
Mooch (lvl25) – You must catch an HQ version of a fish in order to use it to mooch. Not all fish are able to be used to mooch. Also, mooching is just like any other cast in that you”re not guaranteed to catch a fish. Often the last fish in your log for an area will be caught via mooch. If there is another fish in the log after the mooch catch, then I believe it requires double mooching (lvl40). Double mooching requires you to catch an HQ fish on your mooch cast. (ex. Catch a HQ Moat Carp, mooch it to catch a HQ Big Shark, then mooch that to catch Super Shark. Just an example I made up. To my knowledge, “Big Shark” and “Super Shark” are not fish in this game).
Dunefishing (lvl35) – Fish in dunes. This does not mean that you can just go cast your line into the middle of the desert. There are still fishing holes. It”s hard to explain, so here is what it will look like.


Skyfishing (lvl45) – Fish in the clouds. (pic coming soon)

Enhanced Stealth – Three different levels. Each increase the level of enemies Stealth will work on. Very important to know your limit. If your Stealth is good on enemies up to level 40, then you will be attacked by anything 41 and above. Be careful. I’ve gotten myself into some sticky situations. Be prepared to run.
Gulleye – Three different levels here as well. Allows you to discern the location of fishing holes up to level XX. This one doesn’t give a good explanation. You can pretty much fish in any water, at any time, except for at the “legendary fishing holes”. If you try to fish at one of these, you may get the message “You can sense something swimming below, but are uncertain where.” That means that it is a legendary fishing hole, and you need Gulleye to be able to fish there. Gulleye I lets you fish in holes up to level 15, Gulleye II is up to level 35, and Gulleye III takes it up to level 50. Note: You get them at the corresponding levels (15, 35, 50).
Double Mooching (lvl40) – Explained above under the Mooch skill.

Next I”ll throw out some tips from my personal experience:
Fisherman’s guild is in Limsa Lominsa Perception is your friend. Perception is what allows you/increases your chance to catch HQ fish. HQ fish will give you 300% experience. Gathering is what affects your odds of reeling in the fish after a bite. If you lose the fish, then your gathering was not high enough. Lures can be used multiple times, but you CAN lose them.

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I’ve only lost one so far, but it is possible. Bait/lures are under the “Tools” category when buying from merchants. The level of bait corresponds with the level of fish. Example; If there are three fish in the hole, and are level 5, 40, and 50, then lower level bait will catch you more of the level 5 fish. You can still catch level 50 fish with level 5 bait, but the level of bait should change your odds of catching fish around that level. Fishing leves
You can turn in HQ fish for an additional 200% xp. I have also confirmed that with some fishing leves, the client will let you give them additional sets of fish for more reward (without having to use extra allowances). Let”s say it is 3 fish. You give them 3 of that fish, then they will ask if you”d like to give them extra. You select 3 again, and then repeat. I believe there is a limit on this. I turned in three sets before they stopped asking for more (I actually turned in two HQ sets, and then a NQ set.) I am not sure how many leves this is possible with. It could be all. I will do more testing in the future, and then update this post. Now I”ll go over the FSH quests:

Level 1
Fish: 5 Lominsan Anchovies
Fish Location: Limsa Lominsa
Bait/lure: Lugworms
Bait/lure Location: Given to you when you join the guild. Purchased from Fieldcraft merchant in Hawker’s Alley

Level 5
Fish: 3 Harbor Herrings
Fish Location: Limsa Lominsa
Bait/lure: Pill Bugs
Bait/lure Location: Purchased from Fieldcraft merchant in Hawker’s Alley

Level 10
Fish: 1 HQ Princess Trout
Fish Location: These are in a few different places in the La Noscea area. Rogue River seems like it could be the best spot for them.
Bait/lure: Crayfish ball
Bait/lure Location: Reward from level 5 FSH quest. Purchased from Fieldcraft merchant in Hawker’s Alley


Level 15
Fish: 5 Navigator’s Daggers
Fish Location: Brewer’s Beacon in Western La Noscea (The quest says around Skull Valley, but that’s not exactly right. Skull Valley is a fishing area, but there is a fishing hole at Brewer’s Beacon. You have to be up by the lighthouse.)
Bait/lure: Rat Tail
Bait/lure Location: Purchased from Merchant & Mender in Aleport


Level 20
Fish: 5 Warmwater Trout
Fish Location: Oakwood in Upper La Noscea (Go to Upper La Noscea through Western La Noscea past Sastasha. It is Northeast from there.)
Bait/lure: Crow Fly
Bait/lure Location: Purchased from Junkmonger in Oakwood


Level 25
Fish: 1 Shadow Catfish
Fish Location: Fallgourd Float in the North Shroud
Bait/lure: HQ Striped Goby via Mooching. Use crayfish balls to catch an HQ Striped Goby, then use Mooch to recast your line with the Goby as bait.
Bait/lure Location: Crayfish Balls can be purchased from Fieldcraft merchant in Hawker’s Alley in Limsa Lominsa.


Level 30
Fish: 10 Fullmoon Sardines (NOTE: These can only be caught at night)
Fish Location: Bloodshore in Costa del Sol
Bait/lure: Spoon Worms
Bait/lure Location: Purchased from Merchant & Mender in Costa del Sol


Side Notes: In the image, you can”t see it labeled as Bloodshore, but you can see where I was standing. The whole shore that I was standing on is Bloodshore. Where I am standing is actually technically Costa del Sol (If you stand in Costa del Sol, then you are in a sanctuary and will get a little xp boost), but you”ll be good as long as you”re on that shore.

Level 35
Fish: 1 Desert Catfish
Fish Location: Sangolii Dunes fishing hole in Southern Thanalan (See image below)
Bait/lure: Sand Leeches
Bait/lure Location: Purchased from Merchant & Mender in Forgotten Springs


Side Notes: I labeled Forgotten Springs. Also, make sure that you are fishing from Sagolii Dunes (on the right), and not Sagolii Desert. The quest will tell you to go South of Byregot”s Strike (the red pin in the middle of the desert), but don”t listen. Directly to the south of it is technically Sagolii Desert. Make sure to fish right in the Sagolli Dunes area to be sure (right where I was standing in the screenshot should work). Also, mobs in the area may aggro, so you may want to use Stealth. Last thing; just keep fishing. They seem to be the least common fish in the hole. I caught 5 with 70 casts, so that”s about 7%, and there are only five fish in the hole (excluding the one that you need to mooch, and the one that you need to double mooch).

Level 40
Fish: 5 Raincallers
Fish Location: Jadeite Flood in New Gridania
Bait/lure: Stem Borers
Bait/lure Location: Merchant & Mender in Camp Overlook in Outer La Noscea. There are a few other locations, but that is the one that I know of.


Level 45
Fish: 5 Cloud Cutters
Fish Location: Sea of Clouds in Coerthas Central Highlands
Bait/lure: Hoverworms
Bait/lure Location: Merchant & Mender in Whitebrim Front


Level 50
Fish: 1 Mazlaya Marlin
Fish Location: North Bloodshore in Eastern La Noscea
Bait/lure: HQ Ogre Barracuda (Have to double mooch this one. Goby Ball > HQ Harbor Herring > HQ Ogre Barracuda > Mazlaya Marlin)
Bait/lure Location: You can purchase Goby Balls from Merchant & Menders in a few different locations. The one I know of is Crescent Cove in Western Thanalan.


That”s all I have for now. I will be editing in the future to fix typos/formatting, as well as hopefully adding more information. I hope this helps. Again, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

If you are having trouble with any of the quest fish, please feel free to message me on here or in game. I”d be glad to help with any advice, or even fish up the fish for you if it”s really giving you a hard time.


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