We noticed that many kind of First Aid success have actually been relocated over to Legacy in Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26032 and started speculating about the feasible removal of the secondary profession in the upcoming expansion. Blizzard now confirmed on Twitter that First Aid recipes will certainly be added to Alchemy and also Tailoring and have to be re-learned. Are you still utilizing First Aid?


Can I get my gold earlier that I invested on learning these skills? 


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I doubt it. They"ve rerelocated a lot of content in the past that you can still keep your title for. It simply becomes "feat of strengths" and also such

I do not really understand also why they should remove the whole profession. Sure, gauzes are made of fabric, and potions are an alchemist thing, however first assist is still logically speaking a ability much removed from simply crafting stuff. I wouldn"t trust a tailor to patch me up.

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I think it"s safe to say it"s a fairly archaic profession that receives less and also less use eextremely growth. I for one will be happy to not feel the urge to level it anyeven more, mostly for the sake of leveling it.

What does this suppose for the first aid search in Darkmoon Faire? I"m not shedding tears for the profession going ameans yet I"ll be pretty unhappy if they remove those extra tickets, I still have actually points to obtain.

I think they have to simply make First Aid right into a default ability for all classes and races, wright here it does not consume anypoint, and heals the character for about 25% of their maximum health over 5 secs (any type of damages will certainly interrupt it), through a 4 minute cooldown or somepoint. Just a neat cooldvery own to aid during leveling.

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It kind of is a waste, seriously, once was the last time you heard of anyone utilizing bandperiods to heal ago up, as soon as food does the very same thing?

I do not really understand why they should remove the whole profession. Sure, gauzes are made of cloth, and also potions are an alchemist point, however initially aid is still logically speaking a ability far rerelocated from simply crafting stuff. I wouldn"t trust a tailor to patch me up.

I honestly don"t understand why we ever needed the profession to begin with lol, eexceptionally course has actually some create of self heal and party heal, I have been playing this game considering that Wrath of the Lich King and also I do not think I have actually EVER offered First assist for ANYTHING other then acquiring the related accomplishments. It"s as redundant as rolling a Dranei Priest for there racial lol why execute you need a race through a 3 min heal spell as soon as your already a heal course with lots of immediate ones?

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