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Minecraft shaders are mods that players can download from secure sites to enhance their playing experience.

Shaders can alter the players' world to make it look more realistic. They can also add items into the game that would not usually be seen in the vanilla version of Minecraft.

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Players can download shaders to add new biomes, weapons, resources and more into their world. Some shaders can't take up a good amount of space on the players device. Sadly, shaders will not work on consoles.

Players should make sure that they have an adequate amount of space when installing shaders. Sometimes if the device is low end and the shader is too big, it can cause the device to crash.

Since there are a myriad of shaders for Minecraft players to install, in this article players will learn about the five best shaders for Minecraft 1.17.1 edition.

Top 5 1.17.1 Shaders for Minecraft

BSL Shaders

Beautiful BSL Shader that can be installed to Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

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This shader will make the player's Minecraft world look extremely beautiful. Players will notice that the lighting in this shader is extremely crisp and the water looks like something that would be seen in real life.

The clouds and sky look as if they are real as well. This shader adds realism to the player's world and makes it look much better.

Oceano Shaders

Oceano shader makes the water look amazing (Image via Minecraft)

As the name suggests, players can tell that the oceans in this shader are going to be beautiful. This would probably be the best shaders that players can install if they are huge water lovers.

This shader makes Minecraft oceans look very bright and crystal clear. It will be much easier to see underwater and find underwater loot.


Nostalgia shader with graphics similar to the beginning (Image via Minecraft)

For players who have been playing the game since the very beginning, this shader will unlock a memory from long ago. The Nostalgia shader is designed to replicate the graphics of the original Minecraft, when it was first released.

This pack is meant to give players a sense of nostalgia when playing it. They will see most of the old graphics and it will remind players of how far the game has really come.


SEUS shader makes everything look beautiful (Image via Minecraft)

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Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders are one of the best shaders for players to download in Minecraft. This pack will enhance the player's world to make everything look extremely realistic.

The sky, ocean, trees, and even resources will all have a smoother finish to them and a more realistic look. The catch is that since this shader includes so many features, it can be hard on the player's device and cause it to be a bit laggy.

Vanilla Plus

Vanilla plus shader for Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

This shader pack does not disappoint. The Vanilla Plus shader pack will give the world a high quality look, but does not cause too much lag.

From villages to blocks of cobblestone, everything in this shader will look polished and smooth. Even the villagers will look sharper and have more of a realistic finish.

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