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Đang xem: Grand staff of charming stuck in my inventory

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This topic has spoilers on a Winterhold quest item, if you read anything past this you were warned in advanced!I ‘m going off my bad memory, of what I just did, I hope this information helps others, even if it is a little confusing, sorry.I had something called, the “ Staff of Charming” in my inventory, but couldn” get rid of it, it was a quest item, no idea where I picked it up. But looking at the few quest I did have, nothing mentioned it at all.I did some looking into it and this is how I fixed/removed the staff from my inventory..I don” know how far in the quest-line you have to be for the Colledge of Winderhold, I was Arch-mage at this time and Karliah was back in the thief’s guild in my game.1 – Go to “ College of Winterhold”, and find Enthir (I found him in “ of Attainment”, walking around).2 – I selected the option that basically said, “…I heard he was someone that could get things for people…” He said, shh not so loud, hold me to meet him in his room.3 – I also talked to Onmun in the same room, he had a quest to get an amulet from Enthir that he wanted back.4 – I went to Enthir room and talked to him, I don’t know exactly the option I selected, but basally it was about the amulet and that he could get things others couldn’t.5 – After some dialog, I got the a quest to get a staff for him (radiant it looks like) and in return he’d give me the amulet that belonged to Onmund.6 – I got the ‘go get the staff’ and ‘Completed :Get the staff’ at the same time, talked to Enthir again, without moving and had the option to give him a staff…he took the ‘Grand Staff of Charming’ from me and gave me the amulet, I then gave the amulet to Onmund…add done : )I know this might be a bit confusing, sorry, but I hope this information helps others 🙂

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