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Hey there! I recently recieved a comment from AverageCreeper,
asking if he could send me some skins! As always, I'm open to showcasing stuff that
people create for Minecraft. So, I of course told him he could send me
the skins if he wanted to and, well, obviously he did. I recently did a video showcasing 10 skins
created by a viewer named Noah. So,
I figured why not show off these skins from AverageCreeper! If you have anything you ever wish to send
me, I can't gauruntee I'll be able to make a video about it but feel free
to send it to me! I link ways to contact me on my website. So, without anything more, let's check out
the skins that were sent to me from AverageCreeper. I hope
you enjoy! *Music* To start off, we have this black and purple
skin that Creeper calls Ender Science. This is a part of his skin pack that he calls
Mine Science! So this skin actually reminds me
of a duo skin which I recently created a video for. The skins are split in half and have two different
colors on each side.

This is a similar concept with it being purple
and black. Of course, this one is ender themed and features
an enderman eye on the black side. I actually like this skin quite a lot. It's pretty interesting and I think it's pretty
well done. The next skin I have is what he calls Sliny. I don't know if that was a typo or not. Maybe he meant sling, or slimy. I'm not sure. And I'm going to be honest about this one,
I'm not 100% sure where he was going with this skin. I'm not really sure what it is suppose to
be. If anyone could let me know, that would be
cool. *laugher* Regardless of
not knowing much, I'll let you know what I do know.

This is a part of AverageCreeper's skin pack
that he calls Toys Get a Job. So, perhaps this is a toy. And it must be
getting a job. The next skin is what he has told me is called
Weird Cube. Now, he also told me "Shhhh its seceretly
a fidget cube…" Which I'm probably not supposed to tell you
now that I'm talking about it. He did say it was secretly a fidget cube. I guess I let that secret out. My bad. But yeah, a fidget cube, huh? Interesting. Those aren't nearly as popular as
fidget spinners. At least, I don't think.

Perhaps I'm wrong. I really have no clue. Are fidget cubes really popular? Again, please let me know these things. I'm so out of the
loop here! Educate me. Please. I just really need to know. So, next up we have what he calls his Pro
Striker skin. This skin is apart of his skin pack called
PROS! And I said it like that because his skin pack
called Pros in all Capital letters and has an exclamation point on the

So I can only assume that it is supposed to
be yelled when you say it. At least, that's how I read it. It is univerally known
that when somebody types in all capital letters, it means they are are yelling. If you didn't know that, well know you know. Anyways, yeah. This is Pro Striker. I actually
think this one is pretty nice.

I really like the purple colors. The colors just really mix well together on
this skin, in my opinion. This next skin is actually one of my favorites
of the skins that AverageCreeper sent to me. He calls this one Pro Flyer. Again, this is apart of his skin pack PROS! I don't
need to explain to you why I'm saying it like that again. I think you get it. But yeah, this one one of the skins that I
like a lot. This is the only female type skin that
was sent to me and I have to say…

I really like the pink hair. And, like the last skin, I actually just really
like the colors that were used for this skin. I think the
pink is actually a pretty cool choice, even for hair. Next up, we were sent a skin called King Grass
Creeper. This skin is a part of his skin pack Elemental
Creepers. If I were to guess, I would say that the pack
is probably a lot of different types of creeper skins. Ya know, based off of elements. So maybe like a water creeper to go along
with this grass creeper. Though, creepers in the water would
be a bit pointless. Anyways, yeah. You get it.

If I'm being honest here, I think this skin
may need a bit of touching up. It's a cool concept and I actually like it
in total, I just think a bit of refurbishing would help
this skin really come together. Just my opinion. Not saying it's bad at all. So, now we have our final skin from his skin
pack… Wait for it… PROS! I just like saying it like that. So yeah, all the skins in this pack have their
jobs. We've
seen the Pro Flyer and we've seen the Pro Striker. This one here is the Pro Miner. So, I suppose if you're a miner, and you're
a professional at mining….

Well, this is the
skin you should be wearing. It only makes sense to me. So yeah, unfortunately we don't have anymore
PRO skins but we'll have to live with it. In the end, everyone can't be
a PRO! That's just life. Some of us have to be something else. This next skin is a skin that AverageCreeper
calls AverageCreeper. Isn't that creative?! No, but as you could have probably
guessed, this is AverageCreeper's main skin. At least, most likely it is. He uses this one as his YouTube skin! So, as you can see it's a pretty normal looking
skin. It is very green. It's got a green creeper
hoodie. I mean, of course it needs to be creeper themed. The name is, after all, AverageCreeper. You can't just not have it creeper themed
and be named that. Although, I have
Kirby in my name and I'm not pink…

Never thought of that. Alright, so this one is my favorite skin that
I was sent. The only reason I don't have it last is because
I love the last skin. It's odd… I like this skin the most but for
some reason I just really wanted to show the next one as the last one. I usually put my favorite as the last one. Anyways, enough of trying to explain that.. This is a rubix
cube skin. I think that the suit that this skin has really
fits well with the skin overall. For whatever reason, with that rubix cube
head, the suit just really fits well, I'm not sure why that is.

I also just really think that they rubix cube
head was really well made. The rubix cube looks awesome. I really like this skin a lot. It's really
cool. The final skin is called Noob-O-Gum. AverageCreeper just says that he got bored
and made this skin. Well, noob skins are always amusing to me
in the fact that they make me laugh at least a little bit.

I don't really know why. Perhaps that's why I decided to show this
skin last. It's just a little bubble gum noob skin that
I wanted to share last with you! So yeah. There's not much else to say about it. I mean, it's pink, it has a darker shade of
pink as the ouside outline, it's supposed to be gum, and it's a noob skin. That's what I got to say about it. I actually really like it. So, that's gonna do it for this one guys! Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas
for videos or anything you'd like to see! I'm always looking for new ideas and things
that you may want to see! Also, if you have any skins or mods or texture
packs or something that you want me to showcase on my channel feel free to let me know! If you go
onto my website there are ways listed there on how you can contact me and where! Email is usually the best place, or twitter! Comments can get a bit flooded and I may miss

Anways, I hope that perhaps you may have seen
a skin that you like! Maybe one that you want to use! I've added some links in the description for
you to get the skins if you want to try them out for yourself! If you enjoyed this video, feel free to check
out any of my other skins video or any other videos on my channel! I work hard on these videos
and I love the support the channel has been getting recently. It's been awesome and thank you all for that! So that's gonna do it for me guys! Thank you all so much for
watching! I'm outta here! See ya!.

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