HermitCraft: Much better together!

Ladies and gentlemen
welcome to the HermitCraft panel here backstage of MINECON Live. My name is Iskall85
and I think I'm most known for burning
diorite and laughing. My name is Mumbo Jumbo. I've been a member of the
HermitCraft server since season 2, so around about 2013. I think I'm best known
for Redstone projects, building farms and causing
a little lag on the server. My name is Stressmonster101
and I've been on since season 5, and I mostly build and I've started doing
Redstone projects. Well, hello there
Goodtimeswithscar here, and I've been on this
HermitCraft server since season 6 and been
landscaping ever since.

I'm Falsesymmetry. I've been
on the server since season 2. I have been doing a lot of building, pranking and doing
immersive projects. Cool. We're here today to talk about the experience of
playing Minecraft together. So I think we can all agree, Minecraft is better when we play, it's much better when we
play it together it's fun… Minecraft is fantastic but it's much better when
we play it together. Currently, we've been on the
same world for one and a half, I try to work it out. I think it's about
one and a half year.

Let's call it one and a
half year for this season. A long time. Yeah. That's our longest season. Yeah, longest season. Longest season, and so
many things have happened and it's just another level of Minecraft when you
get to play together. So Scar, what's your
favorite moment this season? It has to be my persona Captain Angry Eyes and the area 77 storyline. It's why Minecraft's better together. It's all these incredible
HermitCrafters of all skill types
building the Redstone, creating this massive
fun storyline. We have the secret military base. We've got the hippies trying
to come in spread love, and then we've got False made this absolutely massive town
and you're selling some things. Yeah. I'm trying
to make money from this area 77. People love aliens. They love weird things in Minecraft. So why not try and make
some money from that. My favorite thing is TinfoilChef's hat as the tin foil hat. Yes. That's perfect. It was
amazing. It was meant to be.

He said that the
hippies are sending love, they're also a bit smelly over there. Oh, the hygiene. Also they're a little
sneaky. We were done with it. That place looks
absolutely amazing. It's like one of
these things now that we've been on the same world
for one and a half years, because things doesn't disappear, things will stay forever. So if you walk around,
we get the pleasure of walking around on the
server and just seeing all of these amazing things
and sometimes flying render distance don't happen on a flying to your full swell and die.

That is your own fault. You can't blame me, I'm
not liable for that. Yeah. No, you're right. But it's definitely an experience
to play Minecraft together, and I think we should
talk a little bit about this season specifically. Now, we all know or people
like us who play on an SMP, we know that the whole shopping
idea. Shopping for diamonds. You were talking about it
making diamonds in false well definitely a big deal and definitely a big thing that
we're going to talk about.

But I want to touch on the
little weird shopping things. I'm thinking about the chicken coop. Yeah. Yeah I'm talking
about the chicken coop, that's not really a shop. No, well basically
you adopt a chick, you give me diamonds and the chicken then poops out resources basically. So you have to feed them
and then they poop for you. Everyone well, apart from you, have had chicken, these
twos are still alive. Somehow mine still, I don't quite understand how mine has
managed to hang on.

Yeah. Yeah. She's very expensive as
well like a common block. Like a common block. For 20
stack's of ice I think it is. Fantastic price. Yeah. I rarely seem to
feed little fEDORA there, but yet she's still
hanging on somehow. How many cycles is she gone
through now, maybe four or five? I don't think it's
that much to be honest. So I really don't
feed her very often. My comments are right then,
that's all I seem to get. Yeah. Lisa is still alive you tell me. Yeah, Lisa is still alive. She's hiding on the scaffolding. I thought she was dead because I can't find her but I can hear her.

How many times have
you fed her now ? Oh, zero. You've fed her zero times? She's got one cut
companion, right? He's over there It's a long way to go to be fair. I've made a pool now. We've got no excuse then. Now you've got no excuse. But it is a very weird thing and you can't do that
in single-player.

We could but it
would be a bit weird. It would purchase a chicken
from yourself and then they. Yeah, you could. I like the fact that you can be so creative in a multiplayer aspect
that you can get involved, and let's talk about shopping. Shopping in Minecraft is just, how long now Sahara? Sahara has been in our
imaginations for like a year. We came up with the concept
probably about a year ago. You just send me a message
saying Amazon in Minecraft, what do you think? I thought, Matt. We for some reason decided
actually let's go for it and try and create something
where we had a warehouse, where we can deliver items from
the warehouse pre-packaged to the player and they pay diamonds for it and then
they can take the items out.

It's like a high-tech shop. The original idea would
have been to have drones, fly them over to the player. Yeah. We need drones in
Minecraft basically. That's what I'm going to say, we need drones in Minecraft. We're still on Sahara right now. It's still being upgraded. It took us about six months to get
Sahara to a state where it was actually working just using Minecarts traveling 100 blocks. So for starting drones. Oh I suppose. It would still be one brown one. That would be pretty crazy. But there are a lot of shops.
What shops do you run Stress? I've got my shop obviously. Yeah, that's been
around for a long time. Yeah. I did start trying to sell gold armor as well
but greens kind of, irony in that business right now.

I sold one to TFC who needed a chestplate because
he doesn't use elytra. Yeah. Yeah, he didn't get chestplate. I know False. I am probably the biggest customer of
the shop that's never stopped selling ink since day one. Yeah, it's stocked now though. Is it? Yeah, you have nothing
to complain about. Do you have any other shops
still running because you know. I have a whole
bunch of small shops. I have one selling leather
or things like that but it's only not like underground mall
that no one goes to anymore. I had no idea you sold leather. Yeah. Exactly. I didn't know it
either, leather is one of those items that's hard to find.

That's one of those
things are playing on multi player server as
you say things stick around for ages and then to a certain extent it almost
works out real life. The mall was booming at one
point and then for some reason people build shops outside and then things scale up and then the most
common thing forgotten about. I'd actually forgotten
that that was even there. We need to bring it back. Yeah we have to bring it back. Sahara came and the
mall became obsolete.

Yeah. But shopping in Minecraft is also, when you play underworld
for so long it's just the, you do landscaping, right? Your ability to go and buy gravel. I shop at Sahara. Sand and all of these things. What we do we couldn't do
without the shopping district. It would take us hours to
do something like that. So having the ability to
go and buy something, use the economy that creates fun interaction amongst other
hermits and stuff like that. Yeah. Wouldn't be able to
do these massive landscapes without doing any shopping. That's the thing I think
that comes back to playing Minecraft together as a group because we're all talented
at different things. You have your Redstone lag meister. Thank you. That's
my official title now. There you go. You
get that on screen? Yeah. We have the landscape
master and False you just undertake these massive building
projects and it's just.

Thank you. I don't know
what's wrong with me. I'm like I got to build up this
project until the very end. What drives you
in that? In general. I don't know. Just
a satisfaction of seeing the build at the end
and going I built all of that. Yeah, and knowing
that it sticks around. As well. Yeah. For sure.

Your base is like Sahara. It's a castle that keeps. It keeps expanding. Keeps expanding. Yeah. I do new things. But all of these things I think it's important with
the shopping district and it's funny because there are still things
that are not being sold. I know. Concrete for example. Nobody wants to do that. We're doing it. Yeah, we're there. So you built up a gigantic concrete crafting system then I built up a blast chamber so we can easily get large quantities of concrete
in a short space of time. We're working together there, and that's going to be coming soon.

Yeah TM. Coming soon TM. Yeah, exactly. That's
Sahara's slogan at that point. Yes. Then we have the rivals, the Concorps, also
sell a lot of things. Yeah. I've been taking
a bit of notes here. Oh yeah. You're talking about
drones and stuff like that. Con air maybe, a new shop coming. I have been wondering, I
want to put a quantity to this, how many diamonds roughly
does Concorp currently have? So in my wallet, I can't fit anything else in it. Oh my god. I have seven stacks
of diamond blocks and then maybe another
stack with maybe like 30. There's some diamonds
some of them are named, one of them just impulse. I have those. I keep that my- Of course. Yeah. He names his diamonds That's crazy. But
it is fun because in a way diamonds aren't really that useful when you
have mending etc. You don't buy that
often, some people do. But some people don't. Then diamonds become this
thing that we can instead use for shopping and to me recently, only recently I've started to
get some diamonds, finally. Because the amount of
diamonds we've invested in Sahara to build our
mega shop is just.

Oh it's just unbelievable. Unbelievable. Yeah. I still don't think
we've broken even yet. We made, have we made 1,000
diamonds yet from this? Yes. Okay. Yeah. From the Sahara now because
all of these are well. False you are not member
of Sahara now currently? No. 100 diamonds guys, I
think it is a lot for me. It is quite expensive.

But you can get so good deals of Shulker boxes and
all of these things. Okay. We won't turn this MINECON panel into like a Okay. Fair enough. I'll think about it. But I think in general, for me, having shops on a multiplayer server makes the diamonds a valuable block. I don't know about you. I like taking my diamond blocks
and making a shower out of them. I did that, I made a shower.

That's a weird thing to admit. Yeah. Showering in diamonds? I
don't know if it's weird. Does your diamond seven stacks
you said there are of blocks, they're just sitting in a yellow- Sound like big shower
with multiple rain heads. Yeah. You can make a mansion
out of diamonds that's got to be- Yeah that's got to be done. But one of my favorite things
with those diamonds is like the deals we've been making on
the rainbow, or rainbow deals, where I spend like 200
diamonds for Shulker Boxes, or start out memberships.

I bought one for myself
and for my cat, Jelly. Yes, she's a proud member. She is? Yeah. Spoke with
her last night and she was very, very, very happy. But it adds I think in
single-player Minecraft. I have a single-player world
that I play more of that I want to admit behind the scenes, and yeah it's still fun to collect
diamonds even in single-player. Of course. But it gets it even more
fun when you do it together, when you can show off a little bit
thinking about you there, Scar. Well, I'm a diamond man now. You are. It's a new persona.
Captain Anger has retired. He hung up the uniform,
and the Diamond Man. Well, I think, a lot of it is
also the rivalries that come up from these things like the
Concorp versus Sahara. The one thing to have more
diamonds to the other people is just childish as it seems.

You just kind of trying to compete with one another in strange ways. Obviously that's happened a number of times on the HermitCraft server. We had quite a lot of silly competitions that it seems
kind of picked up out of nowhere. I mean, there's a few
that I can think of. Yes, I'm thinking
of those as well. Yeah. Currently competing and
who has the biggest chair. The chair Sahara clash
seems to be escalating, so that's going to go out of control. But we had the when we
moved into Minecraft 1.14, we did the build-off. The build-off? Which is just ridiculous. Yeah. Yeah, I waited to see who
could build the biggest house. I waited for you guys to build
your houses, and then I thought, I'll wait and I'll build the biggest one because
I'm childish as I say, and then you guys didn't take that lightly and you kind of
built yours out little bit.

Then I immediately got
just completely out built. So I almost put up my surrender
flag instantly then Scar got involved and then an entire battle just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. I came in on a rocket. Yes, you did, yeah. Shot the rocket up in the
air but that's with Minecraft, there's no gravity, so the
rocket stayed up in the air. The reactor got left in the ground
and that grew a plant monster.

That plant monster became a wizard. Yes. With a wand and everything. Everything made sense. Twenty blocks was
a vex feather core. Yeah. Everything made sense. I mean, I ended up having
a dabbing penguin. Yes. You are part of
that. What happened- I was part of it.
Yeah, I was like, no I'm not going to, I'm just going
to stay with my little house. For a long time, it looked like you were
building a long house. I had a long house, and
actually it does go down to like Bedrock. Oh wow. I had a beacon but then I
was told, that doesn't count.

Right. It is a smart solution. But the beacon didn't
count apparently, but yeah. Weird competitions and
how that sort of triggers like what we can do together is just Minecraft is the
perfect game for it. There's no other game like that. So we had another big competition. That wasn't really a competition. Talking about pranks. Started at
your base folds. I don't know. It had absolutely
nothing to do with me, but it started at my base. Yeah. A giant chicken appeared one day pooping loads
and loads of diorite, and it had a weird
like Grian face sort of. Yeah. I still don't understand it. I don't either. The hair though on that Grian, the hair was really nicely done. It was impressive. Yeah. The oak strip logs
was Grian's hair. Yeah. Absolutely. I built that, and I was looking at his skin for the longest
time, and I was like, what can I use this for
the man's hair? Wood.

Yeah, wooden hair. It turned out to be wooden there. But that then escalated. There was a cake. I mean I can't even remember what were
we even doing? I mean we- It was back and forth
all over the servers. Everyone getting
everyone pranking each other and no even
knew who pranked who. So at this point, this sort of thing of like, "Oh
so and so must have done it. No, so and so must have
done it", and it was just confusing and it obviously. But it involved the whole server, every 15 active players that we had.

That's just another example
of playing together. It creates things that doesn't
exist and it was just hilarious. I mean, that battle went on for
how long? How long did it go on? That was two or
three months, I think. Yeah. But then obviously the
headquarters got built. So there was two sets of
massive headquarters. We had weapons pointed
at one another. I was somehow involved as a mole. I'm still not a 100 percent
certain what team I was actually working for but I was a
little bit on team G, a little bit on teams Star, kind of going back and forth. Not doing a whole lot
of anything useful. Then Concorp was obviously involved
in the shop in the sensor. Oh yeah. He got us to Cub. Cub held it down while I was gone. Yeah. I come back. Cub's
got this shop in there, he's making diamonds, he's
profiting from this whole thing.

It was crazy. Then Cub
and I, we'd broadcast. So from our perspective, we saw the whole war take place. Yeah.
It was quite something. So shout out to Cub for holding it down. Just the idea of immediately, immediately there is a
big prank war going on. We built a giant chicken. Let's build a shop and we love it. Let's make some diamonds. Let's make some diamonds.
This is why he has seven diamond blocks
whereas we I think we were messing around with the
floating llamas that were coming in right down
carrying charge creepers.

Oh yeah. One of the floating witches. Yeah. Then I'll get blown
up by a charged creeper. Yeah. Oh my goodness I
forgot about that. That was the Docm77 the genius. The genius Redstone man. Yeah. They [inaudible] Oh, they did? Yeah. I forgot about that. It's hilarious. See so much happens in the season, you kind of forget by all of these
events that have taken place. Yeah. Minecraft gives us
levitation potions, it gives us llamas. Yeah. Some genius puts it
together and all of a sudden we got an air
strike coming in. Floating down. Slowly slowly. It was very sinister, just a llama with
two assassins riding on it just watching them come down.

They were doing very well as well. It was a highlight.
It was definitely a highlight of my Minecraft
playing experience. That was incredible. Then it all ended up
like we just decided, I guess, okay, well, let's fight. Let's fight in Minecraft. Because obviously, I think
a lot of people that play this game enjoys the PvP aspect, and I'm certainly, I
love the PvP aspect. You are probably the
best PvP on the server. Used to be, maybe. I feel like the PvP
has changed so much, and I don't really do
it so much anymore. I'm just no good anymore. But I give it a good shot. All right. We'll find it.
I'll take the worst PvP on. I was going to give
it out to you anyway.

Okay. We want that clarified. Yeah, I'm alarmingly bad. Yeah. Yeah, I press "Shift"
with my thumb still. Thumb under hand. It doesn't make any sense. I don't know why I do it. It doesn't make any sense at all. No. Yeah. But so, the civil war, I think we had the big fight. The funny thing is, we
talked about it before. But the power of having this
one world for such a long time.

I mean, we get the pleasure of running around in
the world every day, and I fly over that when I go from the shopping district
back to my i-Space. Every day I see the flames and
you're reminded of these things. Do you have any- anyone has any favorite moment from
the civil war types? I mean we talked about the llamas. Mine was when Doc and
Ren chased me into the, what was that room that I
made with the zombie pigmen. Yes. I locked them in. Dropped the zombie pigmen on them. I think they were invisible as well. Yeah.
They were invisible and they just murdered them because
they were trying to hit me, and I just run out
for a secret door and just watched them
die. It's very good. Yeah. I enjoyed that one. That was good. The phantoms being
released as well. Oh yeah, the phantoms, yeah. That went horribly wrong. That did go horribly wrong. I think I got killed
by my own phantom. There's something like that, yeah. I'm terrible at PvP
or PvE or anything. Yeah. Anything with Pv
at the start of it.

It's terrible, yeah. Would we all agree that
on a multiplayer server, some friendly rivalry
is actually good? Friendly. Friendly. Oh, yes. There was never any ill feeling. There was any- we
didn't hate Team Star, we didn't hate Team G. There
was no actual hatred going on. It was in the spirit of the
game, we were just having fun. You can shake hands afterwards. I loved Team Star's base. That weird maze. Yes. That was very cool. Yeah. I mean. Well, well. Okay, that wasn't one of my best. I am the only one
here on Team Star. Oh, fair enough.
Okay. Fair enough. We did have the best Ghast Cannon. Yes. You think that was crazy. The weapons were
pretty impressive.

But I loved the fact that when
you walked into that base, it was like a big maze of
darkness and just impressive. Once again, like massive bins. Although, speaking about pranks, because I don't know about you-all, but I love pranking. I'm the type of prankie
though that likes the more, settle weird, like changing a book that changes the entire
outcome of the prime war. Or building a snowball
with a mustache- I do like my mustaches. -on top of it you call it, what was it? Bumbo? They all have- They
start with Bumbo. All of them start with Bumbo. How many are there?
There must be like 17. They are many. I think there's like 17.

One day they will make an exhibit. Yes, an exhibit. We'll walk through big halls. Okay. So fair enough.
I do like to make, but they are glorious. The
mustaches are glorious. Yes. I know they are
very beautiful. It stayed that is still there. It's just in
the center of my base. It's actually a great center point. You actually improved my base of the prank and its stayed ever since. Thank you. That
can happen as well.

Yes, of course. Favorite pranks then, thoughts. I mean, all of them are
favorite pranks, right? But I think this season me and Grian
did a prank around ReNDoG. He's got this big railway station, the HRN network, he calls it. The Hermit Road Network,
I guess, it stands for. Instead of just riding
the rails like normal, we decided to build
a big roller coaster around it with, of course, lava at the end, so that ReNDoG could have a nice
little ride with it.

Remind him that there
was lava at the end. You have to take his armor off
but it was a nice surprise. I think that's key.
You can't prank someone and actually make them lose
their items. Because then it's- Yeah, I know. That would be awful. What about you? You
were the prank master last season Every active member on the server. We also wanted to try to add to it, like Tango's got the evil base.

So we built a frozen
castle next to it. Because it embraces inner
frozen queens, so it's perfect. Yes. But then this season,
my favorite has to be the mushroom, I said it. I cut that out of my
video like five times. Mustache Hall of Fame. Yes. That was glorious. Yes. So my Minecraft character
has a mustache. I clearly do not I know that is always something that
guys pointed out to me. But yes, so Mustache Hall
of Fame was constructed. I remember there was a Pringles Man.

Monopoly Man. Monopoly man. With the Monocle. That was it, the Monocle. It was made out of
gold and that was the early days of the
service that we did. When that returned and you did a
few months later but it's okay. There was Mr. Potato Head, I think. Yes. That was hard
one on the bill. Yes. They were enormous as well. When they say, yes, they were gigantic structures. Very impressive. It was the first time
I've ever made pixel art yeah and they were absolute giant. So how was it then to log on
and instead of seeing the ocean, instead of seeing the
nice things in front of you, you've got a Mustache Man. Well, this is the thing.
I remember actually, I was flying in towards my base. I think I had logged out in the shopping district and I was
like, "Okay. I'll go home." And then I just come in and
the Monopoly Man renders in, and I'm, "Wait a minute.

This doesn't seem exactly
like how I left it". Then you look around and you spot everything
that's being constructed, and then you see, normally just like a chest and a sign that's been left, just referencing what's happened. We don't usually do signs, but I think we did it
in that case as we like people just to be bewildered. "Why is there mushrooms
everywhere? Oh, mushrooms." Mustache. I don't know
the difference, I guess. I am definitely building a
giant mushroom with a Mustache. We should all collaborate for
the biggest mushroom mustache. Yes. That was an
awesome prank covered. We spent a lot of time on that one. Yes. That was very cool. So I
mean, pranks are fantastic. I realized as we're
sitting here that I don't think Stress has
been very pranked. I mean, I can't see a target. Yes. Yes. No, I don't
think I've actually had a prank done to me apart from
the little minigame thing. This is dangerous to say. Yes.
Yes. I know. You brought it up, but I can't just sit here like- Yes, purposely.

On purpose. We don't know what we're
doing when we get home. But I think it's a great way too. Personally, I don't want to
know if someone pranks me. I just like to get that shock. That shock. Yes. We did some stuff last season, I would not get into too much, but you made Bumbo Cactoni ill once. Yeah, I know. I
actually destroyed him. Accidentally. Well, no. Not accidentally. I thought you would solve the
puzzle to save Bumbo Cactoni, you didn't solve it and he died.

He died. So that's the end of that. Yes. Another aspect that
we haven't spoken about, that you also do when you play multiplayer Minecraft with it,
because we've done it for years. We've done it for so
many years and for me, that keeps the game very fresh. Yes. Would you agree? You have to come up with
stuff. You have to think of new things to do and yes,
you have to just go. You get the power of
everyone no matter who you are. It's like someone is always going to be good at something and
they contribute on it. But another thing that
we haven't talked about is the gaming minigame. Like this season, we've
had some cool things.

Server-wide mini-games.
That's the first, I think, that we've done that. Yes.
We have had the Tag Game, early on, and we now have the Hot Potato, which you have built a fantastic, I have seen the video. You made a fantastic Anti
Hot Potato Chamber of Doom. Yes. I did. I did. So my ink farm because after FK, I made a little thing
with a polar bear a guarding it that you need
a key for to get in but then on the other side
as well there's like I stand somewhere and there's a- I probably shouldn't
tell you-all this.

[laughter]. Hot Potato. That's not allowed. Hot Potato, by the way, is just a minigame where
you are trying to get this Hot Potato into the pocket
or inventory of another player. Without them noticing. Without them noticing and if they don't notice,
they get a punishment. For example, start your
next Minecraft video by walking backwards for two minutes. I mean, I had to do the intro to my video in Swedish,
which I think- That was funny.

[SWEDISH] Hej allihopa, det här är Mumbo. I've forgotten
the rest. I remember that, you had to spend a bunch of time. We spent the day. I was going
to say that's well done though. Nice. It's hard in there now. Yes. But we also, I mean, this world is so massive right now. Since 1.14 we have this new Hermit Valeria and we
started up a gaming district. Have you all got mini-games by now? You don't. I have like a little
guess-who mini-game. Oh, I haven't played that yet. No, I have. You've got different
heads and hermit heads and you've got to narrow it down and try and figure
out which one it is that the other person has. Oh, I like that. It's like the thing where you
put a thing on your head. Yes. Okay. Yes. Scott, do you have
a mini-game there yet? Diamond Drop. Back
to diamonds again. Of course. Yes. I don't take a profit.
So you go up to the plane, like Tom Cruise or something, drop down and you try to catch as many diamonds as you can
as you fall to the ground, then you've got to
activate your parachute, Elytra before hitting the ground
and keeping those diamonds.

Okay. Now, the
light job makes sense. I was like, "Why don't
you just kill us?" But I see. That's the whole game. I played it a lot. I made a lot of diamonds from it. Yes. Do you have, yes? A Jousting. A Jousting? Yes.
That's a really cool way of using the lands or the- what is it called? Yes. The lands. The Tridents. The Tridents. Yes. I love that. They smell good. The logs. I lost the Longs. But they are quite a few. Was that you? You finally admit it. So the logs go missing. Yes, and I didn't know who it was. It's open reveals. It's like the chicken.
I haven't fed the chicken. I haven't brought the
lamps back to you. There are clearly so
many things that can be done and are you planning
on making a minigame? Yes. No. I went over
there the other day, I saw how massive the area
is and I thought to myself, I need to construct something here because mini-games have
always been my thing.

Did you get overwhelmed? I did a little bit. I was like,
I don't even know what to do. Everything it's just a, that was my reaction. Big shout out here to
ReNDoG's race track. I have been so addicted
to his race track. If you haven't tried it. I need to. I haven't. Yeah. It is so fun. Yeah. ReNDoG has done a
fantastic job at that. But clearly, you can do a lot when
you play Minecraft multiplayer. Yes.
We've got to wrap up here, but yeah, we would say, all right, I'm speaking for all of us, I think, that if you've got a chance
to play Minecraft in the multiplayer aspects
with your friends, take it.

Yes. There's nothing better. It's the best. It's absolutely fantastic. We'll say this as well. If you have any
questions or anything, use the hashtag MINECONQA for
any questions about this panel. But thank you so much for this chat. It's been cool. Yeah I know, it's been fun.
It's been nice to chill out. Yes. I'm ready to get back
though and prank Stress. Yeah, I know. We're going
to prank Stress now. Thank you very much for
watching our panel and goodbye..

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