VAN-sama (Japanese: VAN様) is a respected nickname provided to the Vietnamese American gay porn star/perdeveloping artist Van Darkholme<1> by the fanatics of Wrestling Series.

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His superior F-word voice in a video acquired called Fercussion (ファ楽器, Fagakki) as a one-of-a-kind vocal percussion, being commonly reprovided in MADVERTISEMENT videos on Nico Nico Douga (NND).






Van Darkholme showed up on NND as the first Oriental actor in the Wrestling Series with a video posted from one of the series on April 21st, 2008,<2> which was taken from 1999 Amerihave the right to gay porn video LORDS OF THE LOCKER ROOM. This video shortly recorded much attention among Wrestling Series fanatics bereason of his eccentric costume and his superior F-word cuss.



Mark Wolff: "Hey buddy, I think you"ve gained the wrong door, the leather club"s two blocks down."Van Darkholme: "Fuck You!"Mark Wolff: "Oh, fuck you leather guy. Maybe you and also I should work out it right here on the ring if you think you"re so difficult."Van Darkholme: "Oh yeah? I"ll kick your ass!"Mark Wolff: "Ha! Yeah best male. Let"s go! Why do not you gain out of that leather stuff? I"ll spilgrimage dvery own out of this and also we"ll clear up it appropriate here in the ring. What carry out you say?"Van Darkholme: "Yeah, no problem buddy!"Mark Wolff: "You obtained it. Get out of that uh, jabroni outfit."Van Darkholme: "Yeah, smartass."Mark Wolff: "I"ll display you who"s the boss of this gym."

Following this, many type of videos featuring his bondage costumes and also fetish play were uploaded continually. Those videos came to be to the renowned sub-series in Wrestling Series named "BONDAGE M
S for short. In those days, he additionally had one more nickname: TDN Kosugi (TDNコスギ)<3> or simply TDN. This was bereason his looks resembled Kazuhito Tadano,<4> that was dubbed TDN in the other online gay porn phenomena A Midsummer Night"s Lewd Dream and Japanese Amerihave the right to martial arts actor Kane Kosugi<5> for their sensibilities.


His F-word voice is the essential reresource for MADVERTISEMENT videos along with Billy Herrington"s Hip Drum, also well-known as Fercussion (ファ楽器, Fagakki),<6> which is a pun for F-word and also Percussion (打楽器, Dagakki). Many kind of of Wrestling Series videos set his Fercussion right into their major subject. In addition, Darkholme himself gets much respect from the fanatics by his earnest attitude against the service and fetishism told in the intersee video titled "Intercheck out with the VANpire", which was uploaded on October 1fifth, 2009.<7>


Nowadays, He is generally dubbed VAN-sama respecttotally as the true seeker of Deep Dark Fantasies.<8> As of July 2012, the amount of videos regarded him in NND is more than 900.<9>

Darkholme"s Response

Darkholme noticed his popularity in the MAD video fad by a fan letter, and posted around this to his blog on November 28th, 2009. In the short article, he made a decision the favorite video and appeared to obtain his popularity in Japan favourably though he didin"t recognize why he was dubbed TDN.

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I acquired this email and also I assumed I share it via you. I had actually no concept and also it"s so funny. I don"t recognize why the Japanese contact me TDN. Can you someone explain this to me? Well, I looked at a bunch of them. It takes a lot of time and also initiative to put a video clip favor this together. I"m flattered. My favorite one is by Keisuke0000000001 "TDN (Van Darkholme) x Evans X Dj Yoshitaka". It has actually pretty much all of my work-related. You deserve to view it at the bottom of this page.

dear Master Van,

i"m creating you in the wishes of hearing your thoughts on your current popularity in Japan. tright here is an entire neighborhood (some would certainly speak to it a universe) devoted to mixing and also editing videos you and also other pornstars (the majority of notably billy herrington) have actually starred in. do not ask me. this world is well-known as the Gachimuchi world. aacquire, don"t ask me. you are well-known as TDN in this universe. by now you can be dizzy with confusion if this revelation isn"t a huge moonlanding to you.

i scoured your website in order to uncover something on this, yet sadly tright here was nothing. tright here was a bunch of interesting stuff to review on your site though. store it up. you are god.

below are "some" (lol) example videos. tright here are literally hundreds of videos prefer these on the internet. hearing what you have to think would be exciting for both me and your japanese fans.


sincerely,(name withheld)

And the winner is….

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Many type of NND users exulted to his response, and also the video apshowed by Darkholme in this short article, which supplies Evans for its music resource, has been watched over 1 million times on NND as a type of the main MADVERTISEMENT video.<11>

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