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The third hokage was signing paperwork just like usual when all of a sudden, five people warped into his office. His Anbu guards came out of their hiding spots, watching the strangers' every move and ready to attack or defend if necessary.

Meanwhile The Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen just watched as the people in his office showed many emotions on their faces.

Naruto for one was happy to see his old man again.

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Sasuke didn't really care about the Third Hokage, instead he was watching the Anbu. If they attacked then he would defend.

Shikamaru and Sakura were relieved that the jutsu worked and that they got to the Third Hokage safely. But they also noticed that most of the Anbu were staring at their Hokage. They were ready to act if necessary.

Kakashi also felt relieved and happy to see that they were all safe but didn't like the fact that his students were being threatened. However he did understand why they were on guard.

The Third decided to speak first, “Who are you and what do you plan to do in my office. I recognize one of you but that can't be him since he is much younger. However I also can't dismiss the fact that the chakra is on point with Hatake Kakashi.”

Naruto began to smile, “We will answer all of your questions however, I request that you ask your Anbu to put away your weapons.

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We will not harm you. We simply wish to help you.”

Interested and curious, the Third did as he was asked. The Anbu reluctantly went back to their hiding spots. 'If they tried anything then I can probably handle…them… or not! What's with that young man's chakra. It's more than ten times my own and I'm known as the God of Shinobi! Not to mention the others! They all have at least high jounin to kage chakra levels at such a young age!'

Naruto sighed, “We will explain everything as soon as you bring Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina, Jiraiya the Toad Sage, Senju Tsunade the Slug Sage, Uchiha Mikoto, Uchiha Fugaku, Uchiha Itachi, Nara Shikaku and the White Fang here. We won't harm them, we just want them to hear our story too.”

The Third thought about it, 'While it is suspicious, it is also an advantage for us. If they try to harm anyone then we would have the upper hand.'

“Alright then however, it will take a while to bring Tsunade and Jiraiya since they tend to travel a lot.”

Naruto thought about this, “Sasuke, do you think you can get them?”

Sasuke nodded his head, “Just give me their locations and proof of summoning to the Hokage's office.”

The Third quickly did as he asked and said, “This scroll will be enough proof to bring them back. Jiraiya will most likely be in the Rain country. He's been teaching some kids there apparently. Tsunade should be with Dan somewhere near the border of the Fire Country. The last time we talked they were on their honeymoon near the wave country.”

This surprised Naruto and everyone else, 'Didn't Dan die during the second war?'

Naruto quickly asked, “Just a question, what was the last shinobi war again?”

The Third looked at them confused, “It was the Second Shinobi War.”

This made everyone else confused. Shikamaru spoke up, “We are confused because we had heard that Dan Kato had died during the Second Shinobi war.”

The Third nodded his head in understanding, “It is true he had died however he was revived. Apparently the Sixth Path Sage restored him, at least that's what Dan himself claims.”

Naruto gasped while the others hit their foreheads, 'Why didn't you tell us you were going to do that?!'

Naruto sighed after he regained his composure, “Then Sasuke, I want you to bring Dan as well. He might know about us.”

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