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Texture packs in Minecraft are hugely popular and allow players to add their own sense of design and style to the game.

Although there are thousands of great texture packs freely available to download on the internet, players can also opt to create their own personal texture packs and design even the smallest details to their liking.

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It's relatively easy to make a texture pack for Minecraft, requiring very few tools. This guide will explain everything players need to know in order to create their very own Minecraft texture pack in the easiest way possible.

How to make a custom resource pack in Minecraft?

Step 1.) Open .minecraft folder

The first step of making a texture pack in Minecraft is to open the Minecraft directory. On windows, open the start menu and type %appdata%. After this, hit enter and open the .minecraft folder.

Step 2.) Extract texture pack files

The next step is to open the .minecraft directory, before opening the “versions” folder. Inside this folder, players should now open a folder with the name of the Minecraft version they want to edit the texture pack for.

Players need to open their preferred Minecraft version folder

A jar file should be found inside this folder, and players should right-click it and press “copy”.

Players need to copy the jar file of the Minecraft version they want to use

Players must now create a new folder inside the main .minecraft directory. This new folder can be named anything. Inside this folder, the copied jar file should then be pasted.

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After this has been done, players need to right-click the freshly pasted jar file and press the option titled “extract to.”

Now, players must right-click the pasted jar and click the

Step 3.) Open textures folder

After everything has been extracted, players need to navigate to the textures folder. This can be done by going to assets -> minecraft -> textures

Inside this textures folder, players can select specific textures they would like to edit.

Step 4.) Edit textures

Players can now edit any texture they would like simply by right clicking the image file and opening the file with any image editing software. Microsoft paint will do just fine in most cases, however.

After players are done editing the texture as desired, they need to be sure to save the updated changes made.

Step 5) Create wtbblue.comta file

Navigate back inside the folder with the base directory of the recently unzipped content (the folder with the version number only). A new file needs to be created inside here.

This can be done by right-clicking inside directory -> New -> Text Document

The following must be written inside the new text document:

Players need to copy this format

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The pack_fomat number should be kept at 7 for version 1.17, 6 for 1.16, 5 for 1.15 and so on.

Step 6) Save wtbblue.comta file

Now this this file must be saved with the exact name “pack.mcmeta” and with the type “All files” in windows, as seen below:

Pack.mcmeta must be saved with the

Step 7) Compile the resource pack

Once the wtbblue.comta file has been successfully saved inside, it's time to compile the final product.

This can be done via holding the “ctrl” key and clicking the “assets” folder and then (while still holding ctrl) clicking the mcmeta file. After this, players need to right-click on either file and press “add to archive” using their zipping tool (7 zip or winzip for example).

The final product needs to now be zipped

That's it! If everything has been done correctly, players should be able to install the newly zipped file just like any other texture pack out there.

For those unaware how to install a texture pack, a helpful guide can be found here.

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