I”ve seen that mobs can be trapped within glass pane fairly easily, and would love to make a nice green house with a glass roof to let sunlight in during the day. But I can”t seem to cajole my glass pane to take any shape other than the T-intersection shape that allows me and mobs to walk in through the roof.

Am I stuck using glass blocks, or is there a way to create the glass roof I desire?

You cannot, glass panes are only vertical.

Đang xem: How do you make a glass pane in minecraft

You”re gonna have to use regular glass blocks unfortunately.

Unfortunately as the other answers say, this isn”t possible in vanilla Minecraft. But you can install a mod to achieve this.

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Horizontal Glass Pane mod


Well if you have microblock instaled you can make glass covers, they look almost exactly the same. You can place them anyway you want

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