How Do You Make Diamond Horse Armor In Minecraft, How To Make Horse Armor In Minecraft

A armor for horses made with netherite, more resistant with the actual diamond armor for horses.

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It can be crafted when you add a netherite ingot beside the diamond armor for horses.


Maybe the horse armor would add an extra resistance to fire/lava, similarly to what people have been suggesting for player armor.

This was honestly the first thing I looked for when the new snapshot came out related to a new armor.

I like it but it shouldn”t be craftable. it would need to be super rare item found in a generated structure in the nether.

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maybe you could obtain it by bartering with piglins, or using the smithing table to combine a diamond horse armor and a ntherite ingot together.

The Armor should have a horn resembling ones of a unicorn and can ride your horse to slice through enemies. It would cost 2 hearts of damage but can help you escape through hordes of monsters or just help in a mob farm.

Maybe you can have a unicorn horn on it to clean through enemies, and you can only like WolveReigner781said find them in chest of Nether Fortresses and Bastions or maybe through bartering with the piglins

An obvious step into consistency, I applaud this idea, but apart from leather, horse armour is not craft able. At first I thought it would be logical to get from bartering with Piglins, but horse armour is supposed to be a treasure item, so it should be added in a non-renewable fashion (e.g. fortress/bastion chests).

This should be added because I hate wearing netherite armour and not being able to match my horse while riding it. Netherite armour doesn”t look good with diamond horse armour.

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I think it musnt have more resistance,It should have +2 Knockback resistance with fire protection for horse,If you agree vote my comment

I think it should be crafted through the smithing table, diamond horse armour + netherite ingot = netherite horse armour

Smithing tables should have the ability to upgrade diamond horse armor to netherite horse armor, given that all other diamond items can also be upgraded. I don”t think it should be able to be found in chest loot, because netherite tools and armor were removed from bastion remnant loot tables in a recent snapshot, so netherite horse armor should not naturally generate either. Don”t our horses deserve the same protection as we do?

Perhaps in addition to the extra armour points, it should also make the horse immune to fire and lava (Not the rider though!)

I can”t imagine anyone loving their horse enough to do this after the elytra came out, but I do think it would be nice to have this, as it would be more consistent.

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